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Hey There :3 So far, from the people that have reported here on all of the CALD thread-parts, about 4 or 5 have had reported success-- As you can see from Kitty, it does work for some people. But if a lot of people are like me, then at first they’ll just see the thread as a reference point, and may not even join to post-- they just breeze by and do the tech without me even knowing it… that’s how I came accross it on other sites!

But the report that CALD doesn’t work so well for some people does have a foundation, since the technique is so character-development heavy, some people just don’t click into it, and it doesn’t work… Some people lose interest in the lucidity all together and prefer just to engage with the other CALD users!
CALD is more useful in conjunction with other techs-- but one of our users… Tribemaker, if I remember correctly, said he was able to use CALD for nightly LDs.

Even I can’t boast having that much success! But it works for me :3 So it’s really up to you whether or not it works :3


Thanks for updating! It’s great to hear it’s worked for you, I don’t get much in the way of updates as you probably read above :stuck_out_tongue: Keep at it! Haha, a lot of the times when I ‘summon’ my characters into dreams, they act quite differently… Though looking so different doesn’t happen like that for me! It’s quite striking when they look realistic and are right infront of you in a dreamscape-- I hope you get one realy soon! It’s quite a startle, I felt :3

Keep us updated! It’s great to hear about all of them! :3

~Happy Lucids!

yeah, it was tribemaker. -read all the past topics :razz:- he had a lot of success, and some very nice DC’s.

i haven’t had a LD with Jack and Bobby yet–i keep trying to do the FILD, but i always fall asleep because i’m too lazy to move my fingers; how sad is that? :lol:

but i’ve been talking to Jack and Bobby a lot more. we had a horrible substitute teacher in math, and Bobby couldn’t resist adding his two-cents. :razz:

but yeah. will concentrate on LD’ing tonight…talk to Jack and Bobby more…might even role-play, as soon as i finish evil homework.

very nice Crooked! I’m impressed-- that’s some serious reading! By the way, I love FILD< I’ve wanted to try it for about forever!

I’m glad you guys have fun commentary, Naknus mostly declines to make comments in my daily life, as do most my characters :C

Keep us updated on what goes on! It can be quite a fun challenge to struggle against sleep and try to get some LDing done :wink:~

well, i’m a book worm, and CALD is very interesting/fun, so, add them together, yeah. :razz:

whenever i try to do FILD, the alarm goes off at five in the morning, and i say to myself, “time to do FILD,” but then when i get back in bed, i just get KO’ed. don’t even have time to think.

i am going to absolutely try tonight. lol, it’ll be the last night of peaceful sleep for me, so i want to see if i’ll get lucky.

Yeah Crooked is right and C.A.L.D is fun~!

I let out the secret that I talked to two dream characters to my very-interested-and-curoious-in-lucid-dream-cousin. :tongue: Feels kinda good to let it all go telling her the stuffs I talk and do with them together. She even commented at the end that for a moment she thought they were actually real lol :wiske:

So I hypnotises her with wonders you can do with Lds and stuff till she finally actually created her very own DC which she named her Faith. :woo: It’s a good start and my cousin says that Faith is a really shy person. When she first created her, Faith just wave and blush without saying anything lol. I can’t wait to see their progress XD So far no dreams with them in :sad:
I gotta try the audio induction method tonight… it worked once and thats the LD which Thunzar actually turns to an elf lol :shy:

It’s nice to hear that everyone seems to be having a good time :3 It’s so nice you have someone to share with! There’s nothing more valuable than someone to listen, and I mean that! I’d be nothing without my best friend to confide in.

Keep up the good work everyone! :smiley: Let’s all hope for lucids tonight! ^^~

I have an idea, speaking of someone to confide in. What do you think about starting up a CALD DJ for anyone to post dreams where their characters were in, TA? It would be nice to have a place to go post and read dreams that are CALD related, and it would probably help some of us out as well.

Wow, That sounds like an amazing idea! I’ll start one right away. :3

Thank you Wolven: You’re creditted for one of the best thread-helps for CALD :3

I was originally going to fill this space with an over-the-top, spazfest about meeting other people who have the same ideas independently of each other, but when I do drama, I tend to go overboard, so I’m keeping my elation under control for now :razz:

ANYWAY, I’ve been working with characters like this for an ungodly number of years now, and always wondered if anyone else did things the same way (But been too worried about other people’s reactions to me deliberately creating voices in my head to actually up and ask anyone) So this feels like a massive weight off my shoulders. I’m sort of in love with all of you right now :happy: (In a purely platonic way of course)

ANYWAY2, I’ve got a handful of characters that I regularly talk to, different reasons for each, but only a couple of them have been spotted in dreams. We have see: Pesky Independent Thoughtforms…, and see: WILD is a Pain in the Arse in my online dream journal. One or two others appeared in dreams I haven’t recorded here on LD4all, but you get the idea.

You’ll notice my use of the term ‘Independent Thoughtform’ in those excerpts. All that really means is ‘A recurring DC with a distinctive personality’. All but one of them (Maridadi) are characters I’ve developed using essentially the same process you’ve been working with here.

I don’t want to ramble on, but I also don’t want to leave this post without mentioning some of the characters I referenced above, in order of appearance.

Lairuna: As mentioned in the excerpt, she’s one of my early characters, and she’s gone through a LOT of changes since her introduction to my subconscious. Most of them unintentional. She thinks the idea of me in an erotic situation is hilarious, and tries to force them on me on the few occasions I see her in a dream. Never appears in the same form twice.

Kimor: I absolutely love Kimor. (In a purely platonic way of course 2) She acts like a key to a library of information that my subconscious guards jealously from me, not to mention she makes good conversation. I’m the sort of person that always asks questions, so it’s nice talking to a character that’s got answers. She appears as a small opaque…well sort of a head…but not a human head, like some sort of alien or odd creature or something…and then a short tail…and…maybe I should draw it or something, I’ve never tried describing her appearance in words

STOLID: Speaks bluntly and formally, but is secretly a prankster. He’s a permanent resident of the personal dreamscape I’ve been working on for the past…almost two years now. He’s sort of like a tall, bulky, anthropomorphic circuit board.

Maridadi: The one ‘Independent Thoughtform’ that wasn’t a result of lots of hard work on my part, she first appeared in a dream I had seven years ago and never left my head. I’ve only seen her in one other dream, but we talk often in waking life. She’s a ferret with an intense survivalist mentality, believing we should all just ditch society and technology and just live off the land “like nature intended”. Her current angsting is toward ice trays. (The idea of ‘sparring’ with a ferret I mentioned in the reference may sound odd, but I’d learned a lot about dreams and lucidity since the first dream I saw her in, in which She basically beat me to a pulp! XD I wanted to see if I’d improved enough to handle her )

There are some others, but these four are the only ones mentioned in the Dream Journal references so I’ll stop here for now.

ANYWAY3, I need to mention again how awesome this feels, about to talk to people who work with characters the same way. Thanks for…well I dunno, thanks for existing for starters.

:ok: It’s nice to meet another of us. I think that all of us say just about the same thing though when we first get here, and whether or not we become inactive on the forums, it’s nice to just know that there are others out there like us, isn’t it?

That being said, what’s your dreamscape like?

EDIT: -=GACK! Mye links are broken, hold on…=-
EDIT2: -=Nope…as usual I fail at linking to anchors. I’ll just edit the link names to point you in the right direction=-

It is, definitely.

So far the dreamscape has three distinct areas. On the surface, it’s an old run down theatre building in the middle of a desert. (Inspired by see: Internal Conflict ) The big double doors open into a sort of vacuum space with a sphere orbited by two oblong platforms each on a different axis. The y-axis platform carries portals (doors, windows, portcullises, ect.) to other random dreamscapes, while the x-axis platform carries portals to areas important in some way to me, such as the bridge I first met Maridadi by and the see: The Lost LD .
The sphere is sort of just there for now, but I plan on having it have some purpose sometime.

I’ve been there about three or four times now, and I always love it, even though it’s really simple

That’s pretty cool. Mine is an island, covered by a dead forest, in the middle of an ocean. It’s pretty plain, and when I say dead, I mean other than my characters nothing there is alive. There is a house that Crystal (my closest character) and I built there though, and another house that a traveler or an independent built there. Both of the houses are pretty large, and even still it is just below the point where we’re deciding when to add on to the house to make more room for people to be because of how many people there are crowding the house. XD

I can only imagine the view, that sounds great!
Also I’d rather not imagine how crowded that place must be. thankfully, most of my characters have their own world to live in, there are only two permanent residents in my dreamscape and they tend to keep themselves occupied with their own business

Yeah, well, Crystal tends to have a good heart and take in a lot of Stranded DCs, so we have a big ‘family’ that hangs around the forest.

Sounds like both a lot of stress and a lot of fun C:
I’m better with smaller groups. Half a dozen people is about as crowded as I can take without getting lost in a sea of unrelated conversations, hahaha.

Sort of makes me think of one of my other old characters, Myelin. He’d be best described as a compulsive altruist.

It just occurred to me that I’ve never talked about this in such detail with anyone before. I’m grinning like a fool over here!

You miss a lot by not having anyone to talk to about it where you live. I got my brother into the CALD stuff and we’re constantly hanging out with them. Between the two of us we must have at least thirty characters. What’s sad though is when some of them slip under your radar and you forget about them. It’s almost like you killed them because you just let them slip into the night.

Ha! Don’t I know it. People here are…well I’m not in a particularly upscale area if you know what I mean. Survival is the predominant mindset. I’m lucky enough to be able to juggle my responsibilities and my hobbies though (and have a couple well-off relatives over east), that’s why I love talking (so to speak) to people here. There’s a whole lot more open-mindedness.

I’ve lost characters here and there, I know what you mean…One of them came back pretty angry, though that might have been completely unrelated. For all I know he’d be just as hateful toward people even if I’d spoken with him every day. It’s eerie how real they can appear sometimes.

Yeah, I know what you mean.

Back in the forest, whenever someone comes back that I’ve lost, they’re kinda gasping for attention in the same way someone who almost drowned would be gasping for air. I asked one of the more solitary characters if she was alright when she came back, and she said, “oh, yeah, I just fell into the couch in your living room and got lost for a year. I wish someone had pulled me out though.” So now I refer to characters that have disappeared as being lost in couch.

Yay Phi! It’s definately a very greatx 1000 feeling to know your not the only one talking to other forms in the mind! XD
Seriously, I don’t know what I can do without my two main guardians, Thunzar Ricardo Von Athemis and Desmond <33 Love them to bits XD
Their ALWAYS there for me… {as seen in my few previous posts about them} especially the dream where they spoke to me in order to calm me down during a nightmare <33 ahh… okay I got to stop here hyper
Seriously, I can go forever about them because there’s so much to say lol XD I bet everyone here feels the same way as I do too~ having characters are fun and I somehow treat, us, this small group of people trying C.A.L.D very special XD and I mean it in a very good way~ <33 Go go guys! Our we and our characters rock!

-ending this in a very hyper note<33

Oh my! Welcome Phi! I’m glad you take relief from CALD :happy:
I hope for all of us to make great progress and take joy from our coming days of interactions with our Chars :3
It sounds like your characters are quite interesting! Thanks for updating us! :happy:

Any interesting Characters interactions lately?