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Hopefully you’ve had an awesome LD after that TeraFlare C:
And yes, the Theta waves are supposed to help-- I personally love observing hypnagogic imagery, and when I was little I liked to watch the cartoons that showed up turn into those trippy colours, the final one was always a series of circles inside of one another formed out of the letters of a foreign language-- then darkness… I have never gotten to have HH or SP :C Hopefully tonight though C:

Wishing you all well!

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Unfortuntely I did not complete the WILD. However, I have tried WILD over the last week and have made some progress. I have had the urges to move and some weird tactile sensations. I’ve even tried VILD but haven’t got that to work for me yet (although I do believe it works).

Over the last few nights I’ve had frightening SP episodes. The first one included growling, and the second one was full of scary tactile sensations…this clown sat on me and tilted my bed 180 degrees. I fell out of my bed, but continued to fall instead of hitting the floor. At the time I forget about transferring SP into a LD so it is a lot more frightnening for me.

After one episode of SP I’m likely to experience more that night. However, I did WBTB tody and had a lucid dream, but it was very, very unstable (I even tried stabilising). Mornings are the best time for lucid dreams!

When I meet up with my characters in a LD I will visit a futuristic city and help defend the city from huge demons. And I will keep on trying every method I can in order to have a LD involving my characters. I will report the dream here when I have one.

Actually, from what I’ve heard, those urges to move are ‘tests’ from your brain to see if the mind is disconnected from the body properly, if you can get through those it should be good? I’d like to try it more right now too.

Wow! Those SP episodes sounded… really cool. Frightening, but cool. I’d like to make as much progress as you C: Should work on it more. But I’m getting off topic ^^;

As for your characters-- in my dreams, I just wait until I become lucid, and summon them in afterwards, it worked well for me to just concentrate on the intention, close my eyes, and will them into being-- Coolest thing ever. However, once, I summoned my best friend instead by accident-- so I just changed her into two seperate characters of mine C:
Good luck with your character adventure! Hoping it goes well tonight/tommorow morning!

very interesting topic indeed! I think I may find answers here, close to my quest in LD (meeting a character I love).

I want to see if calling his name out loud after becoming lucid works. Well, I’ve always had LD from time to time since I was little but it’s only been one week since I discovered this forum and found out I could actually work on this and try to enter a lucid state on my free will.

I plan to develop an entire relationship with that character, so I am really motivated to test WILD and meet him in my LD…

That’s great C: Welcome to this forum!

I’m hoping people are helping you out where ever you’re posting.

Please feel free to come and tell us all about it. I personally visualise my characters in the place I want them, close my eyes, and usually they’re there. C:

I hope it goes very well-- Also, WBTB works wonders with almost every other tech. for lucid dreaming. C:

Happy Lucids!

Yes, this night was the first night since I joined the forum that I recall some of the tips I read here, and could have an LD :smile:
I may need your advice there ! I WILDed, then made a reality check, and became lucid. Unfortunately, when I thought " ok, now that I know I’m dreaming, I’m going to meet my loved character ! But I felt the dream was vanishing and couldn’t think of what to do to change the surroundings (since I was in a parking, and the character I want to meet is by the seaside), so I wake up. It was also because my boyfriend entered the room and made some noise.

But if you have any idea on how I could change the landscape in my next LD I’d be glad to hear about it :smile: I should have tried calling him outloud also, maybe !

I haven’t had a lucid dream for ages, but hopefully I should be able to induce one so I can meet my characters. I’ve planned out an epic dream that I want to have, and if I manage to pull this off then I will report here.

LDing is easier in the morning. The thing with WBTB is that by the time I go back to bed then I’m fully awake.

Colors, about the changing landscape thing. I heard that if you spin during a dream, then the landscape will change. You might have a false awakening, but you need to remember that you are still dreaming (the hardest part). Alternatively, you can incubate a dream scene with the VILD technique.

Another thing that you can do to change the landscape is to close your eyes and “change” it. This can be whatever works for you, from wishing you were where you need to be, knowing you are where you need to be, or forcibly morphing the landscape. With your eyes closed the dreamscape should be more fluid and easy to manipulate due to the fact you aren’t focusing on any of it.

Also, Terra, you just may find that once you get lucid it is easier for you to have that dream. From what I’ve been reading, it’s easier to successfully pull of what you want to do in a lucid if you’ve practiced it IRL first, be it by actually practicing or by visualization/meditation.

Hey Colors C: It seems TeraFlare and wolvendeer have beat me to you!

Congratulations on the WILD, and Tera and wolven are right-- Spinning and closing your eyes are both good ways to will your dream environment into stability/ changing.
Spinning usually stops the dream from fading, and closing the eyes will send you somewhere new-- I think it may be better to stabilize your environment, and just summon/ go to your character from there. That way, you won’t wake up once you get to the new place.

Personally, though-- when I spun last time, the scene blurred and I woke, and the closing eyes sent me to a new place that melted–

When I want to stabilize a dream, I find that it works best for me to just verbally command/ask the dream to become more clear. I said: “Greater clarity. Now.” And it works every time, it’s also direct and easy to remember. pasQuale’s (our admin) did this, I think, and I followed suit.

If you want to go new places, going through doors or mirrors can be a fun way of doing so-- also flying. C:

I hope that helps! If you ever want a more in depth description on how I’ve personally gotten my characters to appear in my dreams, just prompt me to do so here. Or if you’d like a private discussion, please don’t hesitate to PM me C:

Good luck and if you have more questions we’re more than happy to help! C:


I got very close to having a character lucid dream! My characters appeared in a non LD, and I became lucid but woke up :sad: I’ve given some of characters more details (about their history etc) which keeps the thought of characters on the brain. Hopefully this will transfer over to my subconscious while I’m dreaming. I’ll try CALD again aswell.

Wolvendeer, thanks. I have to try visualising/meditating sometime so I get to grips with what I want to do in a dream.

The ‘increase clarity’ things works. In my previous LDs I said it and it made the dream more vivid. Shouting it makes me wakeup, so I just utter the words like I would do in waking life.
Also, the opening door trick is what I plan to do to enter the futuristic city. I’ve changed where a door has lead in one of my epic lucids a few months back, and it sure is strange! I’d better avoid a mirror though, my reflection is often creepy in dreams!

Hopefully this will get me into a character lucid dream. I’m ready!

The biggest dream killer is excitement. If you get excited (eg because you finally get to meet your characters face to face) you’re almost guaranteed to wake up. Best advice is to stay calm and keep yourself focused on something in the dream.

It’s nice to see you’ve met your characters in a dream, though. I didn’t meet my character Crystal for a year and a half after I met her for the purposes of CALD. Whenever you meet one of your CALD characters in a dream, feel free to stop by the CALD DJ and put it up for everyone to read, if you’d like.

thanks to all of you, this forum is so inspiring :smile:

I wrote in my DJ about last night dream, it was so long :smile:
I was lucid third times : the two first times, I was looking for the character, so in fact all the dream was revolving around “finding the place where I could find him” and of course I never reached that place ^^

The third part was more interesting, I completed a WILD (yaayyyyyy!!!) and I was lucid at the beginning of the dream (and back to the same place I was in the 2d dream). I was smiling because I knew I was lucid and I touched the wall in front of me to see what it would be like. Then I remembered my quest, and I called the character out loud ! and as soon as I said the first syllab out loud, he appeared from under the sea on my left (the dreamscape was a green island with a rock house at the top).
So, this really works !! I can’t wait to be in my next LD to use this more often, instead of spending the all dream looking for a place to find him !! hahaha just have to call him out loud ^^

Well my problem now is that I have the same problem as in two of my previous dreams: the first time, the character I see is a fake (do you know COSPLAY ? the character appears as a real person disguised (often an ugly girl…lol I don’t know why, maybe because he has long hair…) and when I finally see the character (I know he has to appear in a cartoon appearance) he is far away from me, and I have tons of problems to approach him, he always gets away, I can’t go closer to him.

So I have to think about this: why can’t I approach him ? I am not clear with myself, maybe I need to write down a precise adventure I want to happen…
What I plan to do, since I read that new wonderful post in the LD4all knowledge section, is to use the “call for help” trick…and ask another character from the same movie to help me, maybe I can understand better what all of this means ^^

Thanks again and sorry for writing about my life here ^^;

Perhaps you don’t have your mental image of him/her worked out well enough? (Or, perhaps you and (s)he have a different idea of the way (s)he wants to look.) In either case, one thing you can do is spend some time with that character during waking hours. Think about what he looks like, and make sure you have a clear mental image of him. One thing I do that works well is meditate on your characters. That gives you a conscious world you can control and enter. From there, you could talk to that character face to face and work the problems out at the source, so to speak. (The trouble approaching him could be a number of things, but I’d do that first and see if that doesn’t fix it.)

An example for meditation the way I do it.

wow, this thread has grown quite a lot. :tongue:

i’ve been spending time trying to bring bobby, jack, and end back. i actually had a dream about them a couple of nights ago, so i hope to hear fromm them again, if i can.

and i gotta say, i love reading about all of your experiences – very interesting. :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking in. :smile: I’ve noticed that sometimes there’s an ebb and flow of my contact with my characters as well. ometimes I have a hard time contacting them and others I could almost feel them standing in front of me. I’m sure with a bit of effort on your part they’ll come back to you.

yes, i absolutely agree. my mind has been pretty stressed lately, and – since they kind of live there – my contact with them sort of fazed out for a while.

and i really do hope they come back. i love Bobby when he makes fun of the mean kids at school. :tongue:

Lol. One of my brother’s characters would always yell at my mother’s boyfriend when he cam in early in the mornings and started talking [junk]. It was rather humorous to listen to him recount.

OT: Wishes he could draw his characters.

Ooh…that’s interesting, in fact I have usually a chat with that character just before sleeping, or an adventure I imagine, but recently I could not do it (being at my bf’s place), so maybe that’s why I could not get close to him. I had that problem at the beginning of my dream, near christmas time, but in the end I managed to catch him and hug him, and then the dream ended. So I also need to prepare something to do to prevent that ( I have ideas).

But I like the way you suggested it : as a share meditation, let’s try to see what the problem is. And the mental image may also be the problem, since he is a character very hard to draw, but I repeated how to draw his face in december…hmm yes I need to continue this art training as well (and put a picture on my wall haha).

Thanks for the advice ! I’ll see what I can do and report here anything that made me solve this problem ^^

This thread has grown the last time I checked!
Still haven’t had a Character LD yet, despite all the reality checks I did yesterday.

However, I can report one thing - a couple of nights ago, I became lucid and tried to change dreamscene, but all of a sudden forgot what the dreamscene looked like, and I found it impossible to visualise! I woke up shortly after, and moments later I remembered what the location looked like.

Summoning some of my characters should be easy, but summoning all of them would be harder. There’s a few characters I want to see in particular, because I want to see what they look like outside my daydreams (I can visualise them but can’t physically see them).

I know my characters pretty well since I daydream about them for 20 minutes a day, or longer depending on how quickly I fall asleep. If I have a character dream I will be sure to report it in the CALD DJ!

for those who don’t draw, the dollz website or avatar creators can be interesting to use. Then you can show how they look like to someone who will draw them.