how do YOU meditate?

yeah good find mew!!!

i’d say practice. if you can already sit there for 20 minutes and it feels like five you are on the right track

Thanks. I’ll practice some more. :smile:

I’m not really good at meditatinggg (yet! :grin: )

but, as callender55 said, it seems you’re on the right track! I’ll try tonight too. Good luck to us.

How are you meditating, Mew? While I don’t usually pass time that fast, I almost always get the peaceful feeling when I meditate. What I do, is I’ll visualize myself inside a forest or whatever helps to relax me and just kinda hang around watching the sky, or talk to the people there if there are any. I’ve tried the Zen meditations, but they don’t really have the same effect for me.

I’ll try something similar. Can you post how you do it in-depth?

Absolutely. I think it will be simpler if I post an example.

SPOILER - Click to view

I close my eyes, and a few stray thoughts pop into my mind, but I quash them by focusing on the blackness behind my eyelids. Once I am sure that my mind is still and no other distractions are going to float up, I imagine myself standing in a forest. It’s fuzzy at first, but soon I start to see my surroundings. The trees and grass here are all dead, and no animals are here either. It seems odd, but the place is serene, and I don’t mind the scenery anyways. As I turn to my left, I start to walk down a path that travels through the woods. I’ve been down it before, but not very far. As I reach the point where I left off at before, I turn and walk into a thicker area in the forest. [skip forward a bit for monotony] As I step out of the woods I come upon a small house that sits connected to a graveyard. Around the graveyard there is a brick fence that stands about a foot high, and in the yard, walking about the graves is a girl that looks in her twenties with shoulder length black hair. She looks surprised as I walk up to her, but smiles. She says that she is surprised that I am here, and that most people just come here as they are passing through to the next place. [And the rest of the time is spent talking to her.]

Basically that’s about how it is when I meditate. I hadn’t seen anyone before her when I went there, but she seemed to have been there for a while before, and she’s been there since. No one else was in the forest, but that changed when I found Talon’s CALD technique. I chose the forest because it was a place where I felt at peace, but you can choose anywhere you want. My brother uses a valley surrounded by mountains. A friend of mine chooses fields of sawgrass. Basically the point is going to a place that is relaxing to you, and being able to chill out for a while. I like this better because “no thought” meditation seems to be more of a chore for me. I hope this helps you some.

I use a lot of different techniques, and many times I use brainwave entrainment audios.

Sometimes I just concentrate on my breathing.

Sometimes I concentrate on inhaling love and exhaling peace.

Sometimes I concentrate on a mantra.

Sometimes I concentrate on something like an ocean or a flame.

Sometimes I concentrate on nothing at all. Emptying my mind.

lots of ways to meditate :smile:

And I love them all so much ! :content:

It sounds very interesting! :happy:

Just one thing:
Do you actually ‘see’ the forest?

Err, it’s kinda fuzzy, like if you held up a black cloth in front of your eyes, but yeah, I can see it. Also, sometimes I can see it clearly, and once I couldn’t see it at all, so vision will come and go.

Okay… so imagine yourself somewhere peaceful…

Doing this tonight, where I can actually concentrate.
Thank you! :handshake: :content: :mrgreen: :good: :clap:

My tecnique is that I close my eyes and let the imagination take me where it wants :content:

Am I doing right? I dont want to do wrong :sad:

if you are relaxed i’m pretty sure it is not wrong. the point of it for me is to quiet my mind. to stop the ‘waterfall’ of thought that keeps coming in my brain. to do this i concentrate on my breathing and count them to 10 then start over.


meditation is not about letting the imagination take you…

that can be nice and beneficial in and of itself.

However, meditating is keeping your focus on one thing…

Do what you feel like though…

I agree with relV on this one, ghostie. Meditation is an incredibly personal thing, and what works for each person may not work for the next. That being said, the purpose of meditation is to still your mind and keep focus on one thing, not let your thoughts run away with you. I tend to like visual types of meditation, hence the one in my earlier post, but even that takes focus to maintain and keep my head clear inside of the area. My father’s is a bit more complex and involves sitting back to back with four of himself and maintaining vision through all of them. Letting imagination guide you can be a good way to brew ideas, though.

I tried meditating today, but then my tmom just had to turn on the music really loud… :sad:

But… I felt really happy all day. :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy: :woo: :woo: :woo: :woo: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:

:eek: wow, that’s… very interesting.

EDIT: that’s cool mew! :smile: congrats

Well, that’s a good start. :happy: Post up when you get the chance to do it right and tell us how it goes for you.

wolvendeer, what do you mean by sitting back to back with four of himself, i dont follow.

mew - great :smile:

it will get easier , better and much more effective with time.

This is the closest thing that I can find to it at the moment. Basically like that, only he would see through each of the four’s eyes. Sit facing north, then imagine yourself sitting facing south behind you, then add another of you facing east, and finally west. According to him once you get good at it you should be able to feel and see through each of the four bodies.

oooo looks like fun ^^
thanks :smile:

by the way, mew,
dont be discouraged if someone turn on some music. Take it as a challenge.
Sometimes I deliberately put loud music on in order to overcome it, or maybe meditate to it (concentrate on listening and nothing more)
I meditate when Im in the street, when im having a meal with some people.
I dont mean to say I close my eyes and float away for a couple of hours, but maybe just for a few seconds, disconnect from the physical environment and get right back.
Those small sessions are very helpful for taming the mind and overcoming external physical stimuli.