Dream Companion

Try to create him in WL so much that the dog almost has to be just as you imagined it. just an opinon

No but yes Fallout was my inspiration. I didn’t thing Dogmeat was very useful though. Also I figured any dreamscape I explored, why would someone question someone just walking around with a dog. If he/she growls(Haven’t decided on sex of the dog) I’ll know someone is about to try and harm me.

Nickle: What do you mean by saying create him in WL?

I thought that Fallout was kinda what it was based off of :wink:

anyways i mean create the dog in waking life (when your still awake) so that way he will be just as you imagined him/her when you go into a LD

Well my inspiration has been discovered. I just hope I get this down. I have always loved post-apocalyptic movies, games, and books. I have had plenty of post-apocalyptic NDs but I haven’t tried to enter a dreamscape like that. Keep the answers coming though, any help would be great.

Also Nickle you are saying that if I choose what species of dog, name, and the look of the dog I should be able to make him in a dream?

Exactly, create him/her in your mind, then continue to the point where it is almost real, then have a dream and call for him/her and that should work well (at least it does for me)

Well let us hope this goes good. I haven’t been able to have any LDs lately because of the stress of finals but those are all done as of today. YAY! :woo: How long does this take? Is it something I could do in a couple of days or weeks or what?

Also do you think creating a puppy in a safe environment to grow and to train would be ok to do?

could easily have an idea within 10 min, it didn’t take more than half an hour for me to make Nickle, (although the finer parts of a personality will develop naturally over time) just imagine talking (or something like that) to the animal to make it seem more real.

when you notice that who you are talking to starts to respond without feeling “puppitish” (when you don’t feel like you are forcing responses) that is usually when it is almost done

although in a dream this will be much easier to talk to (or something similar)

Hope this helps

Nickle you have been more than helpful. I have decided on what type I want:

Breed will be black and white Siberian Husky
Sex will be female (My experience with dogs it always seems my female dogs are less aggressive but not to friendly and they seem more faithful.)
Name will be Aurora
I am going to try and make her eyes the beautiful blue of this picture
(The link was not working but if you want a picture search google for aurora and it is the one in the second row next to the red/blue one)

I will also be training her from a puppy.

I will also post my results with this. I really am getting excited about this. I am happy to have gotten some answers. I couldn’t find anything through the search about creating DC animals or DCs at all.

Glad i could help :smile: i still have a ton of information, if you join the chat i can talk about it some more if you want.

And the dog seems really good, i like the idea of training her from a puppy :smile:

Thank you and I just figured what better way to gain trust between me and her than training, but yeah I’ll try the chat (never used it before)

Chat keeps giving me Java errors but oh well. I have only had 3 LDs (Well what I consider LDs) I have become lucid on I think 13 separate occasions but lost it after a few seconds and just let the dream go (I was training for a space launch in one. I was denied though. :sad: ) My last one was an hour and a half. :happy: So I am getting better.

Edited double posts together. :mattias:

I’m actually trying the same thing, but on a grander scale.

I daydream a lot, and very deeply. Whenever I’m not doing anything, whenever I’m in class, during dinner, etc. I’ve been doing this ever since I was 14. Since then, I’ve created a very detailed world, with a working government, and cities. My place in it is as an adventurer, with 5-6 followers, each who’s personality has developed over the years. Each one has special powers, and a detailed background.

Through the years, I’ve met them through my “adventures”. I want to go to this world in one my LDs. I’m afraid that if I meet them all at once, they will act “puppet like”, and not like they really are.

What I’m planning to do is to meet them 2, or 1 at once. I’ll meet them through my lucid adventures. Another problem is keeping the world static, or starting where I left off. I’ll need to figure those out.

Well with the help from Nicklebrick I was able to create Aurora. She is just as I hoped. Black and white with nice and bright blue eyes. I chose to make her a month old to speed up the training. I left her in a gray carpeted room with white walls. The walls had various murals on them. I made her a food and water bowl big enough to last a few days. I did this during a WBTB attempt. I was imagining her and all of a sudden she came out of the darkness all happy and cheerful. I played with her for 20 mins before waking up. Next is to add a treadmill and make a never emptying food and water bowl.

Wow, congratulations :open_mouth:

Yep, it is exciting. The training will commence the next time I have a LD. I would like anyone to keep this going just because I could’t find a topic on this already on here. So if anyone has tips on creating people with actual personalities, please put some info on here. I can’t be the only person that has thought about these things.

wow congratulations soon I’d like to make a thing called MentalEnigma I’d like to see what he or she or what would look like. I picture mental enigma and a shadowy figure and a deep voice. And very Intelligent soon I hope I can get my dream companion :happy:

I’ve been reading through this, and it’s very interesting to see your progression and I’m wondering if this might be the method for me, as I’ve never succeeded in WILD. Does anyone have a link to a CALD thread?

I would like to say this all happened in one night but I actually have been thinking about this for a week. I’m just glad I posted this when there was good helpers browsing the forums.

Enigma : I wish you the best of luck in creating your companion. I can’t begin to explain how awesome it was for her to show up on my first try. It was funny when I started waking up though. I was actually talking at one point. People would of thought I was crazy talking to myself about how fluffy something was :smile:

The CALD Tutorial
The current CALD part
Other links can be found here

Good luck Smiley, way to go! :smile:

Auora (sorry, forget how to spell it if that was incorrect spelling) has given me inspiration to create my own dog as a companion in dreams :grin: For keeping her in the dream, maybe keep a remote on you at all times and put a little transporter chip on her collar, then press a transport button whenever you want her? And also, i like training her as a puppy! Imma use that. Here is my idea.

White shih-tzu with streaks of green through the hair
Sex: Male
Name: GreenStreak
Ability: Sense danger, transport to me when I call his name, and elasticity ( :woo: )
Green eyes
1 Month old
Personality : Fun and silly, but serious and dangerous when needed.
Steps in training

  1. Jump through hoop
  2. Do a flip
  3. Play dead
  4. Fighting (when using elasticity to be big, this could come in handy)
  5. Make it follow my commands by my thoughts
    and i’m gonna make it so its already potty trained :tongue:

good luck on training auora!!! (again, spelling.)

It is cool that I have inspired someone but I thought I would post some things about my experiences with Aurora. She has popped up a few times in my dreams since her creation. She seems to be learning tricks and commands with me not there. I have gotten half lucid because of her showing up in NDs. I have noticed that her aging is a bit odd. When she first showed up again in a LD she was quite a bit older than she was at her creation. She had grown about I’m guessing a month in a few days. It is still fun when she shows up though. Playing and training is a blast when you don’t have any distractions in the room. Good luck with GreenStreak Overseer Aurora has been a blast to have with me in my dreams. (posted on an iPod so mind the grammar and spelling)