Christ: The Ultimate Lucid Dreamer?

This thought has crossed my mind many times, now don’t think I’m trying to be blasphemous here, just hear me out.

Now I believe that Holy Books refer to dreams much more than what people see. For example, Heaven is us dreaming forever after we die. Time has no meaning, and you can do whatever you want. Hell, being someone with twisted morals being in a nightmare that he can’t control after dying. Makes some sense, eh?

Now, what I’m thinking is what is Jesus then? Could he dream/take his concious mind so far as to see something higher? Same with other prophets, such as Mohammed that brought the Qu’ran. Alledgedly, he wrote it all himself and coming from a poor farm area (or so I’ve heard?) he had no way to write such intricate words. So maybe he broke into his subconcious and managed to… rationalize words of wisdom?

Who knows, do you? Tell me what you think.

Boy, I like the title to this one. :smile: I like the parallels you draw between LDs and heaven, hell and nightmares. If it’s true, we better start preachin’ to the people with nightmares and teach them how to LD. :wink:

I think Christ was an example of man at his full potential. He probably was the ulimate lucid dreamer. LDs could be “training ground” for all the miraculous things man is capable of.

I’ve read somewhere that Mohammed has “channeled” the Qu’ran as a sort of “transcription” of the visions that came from within. I think you’re right and assume that “holy books” are the transcription of those people’s subconsciousness - which doesn’t mean they are of less value, wisdom is wisdom as long as we do an effort to understand it for ourselves.

Yeah I think everyone kinda gets things that they’re unsure of where it originated from. For instance, sometimes I get rushes of poetic ideas (poem verses), or when I’m writing something I think of a very intricate word that I have no idea where it came from, as I can’t recall ever hearing/using it. Like today, I learned the word periphial, and used it in its rightful context. Now a word like that I might’ve heard somewhere, but other, more complex words have gone to my head :smile:

chosenone, the idea of dreaming and afterlife hav gone many time trough my head i was thinking about the fact, your brain lives some hours after your really dead. What if the time your brains still funktion is filled with dreaming , and the dreaming time in ya dream is so delayed that that few hours u expierience as 10000 years.

But if that were true, you would still completely die eventually. The afterlife would come to an end.

well it is a very long time , its better then nothing :tongue:
but , ok i get your point. but he it was just a thought :tongue:

Nice idea indeed chosenone. Idea of heaven and hell being dreams sounds nice too as they are such mythical concepts that they seem to exists only in idea level, or one might say only in our imagination/ether/astral level. And dreams have most likely played big part in receiving all those mythical visions from god/collective subconsciousness/human DNA/spirits/UFOs/burning bushes or whatever it might have been. And life turning into highly lucid infinite conscious dream would sure sound like heaven for me. :content:

And besides being probably LDer Christ seemed to be psychadelic hippie too. :tongue: … 73,00.html
And so seemed to be his early followers too:

Or maybe heaven was term used for good trip and hell for bad. :grin:

This thread reminds me of the movie, What Dreams May Come. Any of you seen it? It really displays the possibility of an afterlife similar to dreams. And a great storyline to.

Well I suppose there is some merit to what’s being said here on this thread. After all, Jesus said “The kingdom of heaven is not a place that is here or there. It is within you.”

Also, The Pope said, “The Kingdom of heaven is a state of mind.”
Make of this what you will. For me personally, I do not believe Jesus was a Lucid dreamer at all. There is no evidence to back up such an assertion. But on the other hand, allegories will always exist.

Well, asuming that the ‘real life is really just another dream’ is true, then perhaps he found a way to become aware of this, and became lucid in the real life dream. Which certainly explain some of the things he did.

but whey he didn’t do even mroe amazing things is something to think about. Maybe holding onto this state of lucidy is hard, or perhaps he just had a really bad imagination…?

Whatever… I’m gonna try walking on water in a dream now… fun :content:.

LOL, every one lucid dreams at leaste once in their life, most people just don’t remember. So of course he was a “ludic dreamer.”

This is an interesting topic, because it would imply that heaven and hell with relation to the after life are a dream or chemical state. Something interesting is considering that when you die your brain releases DMT. I’ve never done DMT, but I know it is an insanely powerul chemical. Additionally, I know it can cause outrageous loss of time. It can seem like days in a 5 minute intoxication. DMT has also been known to cause experiences of heaven and hell, as well as OBE and near death experiences, further linking it to the reason that we experience these things in true near death experiences.

So based on these few ideas: Your brain maintains some kind of activity for hours after you die. You would presumably either be in nothingness or be in a dream state as you become disconnected from your dead body. DMT is a schockingly powerful chemical that would be introduced into your brain at this time. Chemicals are much more active in dream states.

It is clear that if you mind does enter a dream state upon the death of the body, and the DMT is introduced into the chemical equation that is you. Your mind would be so active, even for a few milliseconds that you woulld most definitely have OBE. Your spirit would be thrust into a lucid state of heaven and hell, depending on the state of your mind you live with. Your mind would be so overwhelmed that you would not have control until the levels of DMT subsided. If you know anything about tripping, if you get started off on a bad note, this will continue the entire trip and probably escilate. All of these would happen in only a few milliseconds, but would seem like eternity because of the influence of the dream state and the DMT.

Eventually, those who did not experience hell would gain hold of their trip and be in a lucid wonderland like nothing they could every imagine, but those who are on the bad trip would spend eternity in a state of fear and anxiety like none they could dream of.

I’m not saying this is what actually happens, but this makes lots of sense to a person who is a lucid dreamer and has had some entheogenic experiences.

I also wanted to comment that a few nights ago I had my first true OBE. I was laying in my bed and I started floating upward and then felt intesne vibrations and was thrown against my wall like Jesus on the cross. I knew I was dreaming, but I had no control of what was happening. I hung forever, and then everything faded to black and I started falling. I thought I was falling to hell. Then like a blink of an eye I was back in my room sitting on my bed. It was like I had died and risen. I’m sure there is nothing special about this experience, but it was nuts, and then I read this thread.

I guess you could say that lol. After all he is God.

What does DMT stand for?


Well, maybe dreams aren’t actually dreams, they are hell or heaven or places between here and there that our soul sees when we sleep, so when we die those are the places we’ll go. Think about it, world that make absolutely NO sense or have any relation to ours, and what is better than a wonderful dream? what is worse than a nightmare? In my opinion they could be heaven or hell.

i love that movie! :smile: i’v wacthed it soo many times

Only thing is that man cannot do miracles without God’s help.
I do agree that Christ IS an example of man at his full potential. By dying on the cross he showed what true love is about. Unselfish. And he IS God too.
Christ is still alive today. But I don’t see LD’s for that. I see LD’s to help one learn how to improve one’s self, lessen one’s egoism etc…

Heaven will be to this existence, what 3D is to 2D, only perfect and without evil, illness and suffering. Better than a wonderful dream.

You would presumably in a different place - either with God (heaven) or separated from God (hell). No nothingness there. And if your brain is dead, DMT won’t do anything.