cigarettes and dreaming

i was thinking today as i made the decision this morning to quit smoking cigarettes after a series of cool dreams… and then 5 hours later smoke a cigarette…

does smoking cigarettes affect lucid dreaming?

would we ever know…

maybe you guys have a theosophical answer to this…

yes, they make your maximum capacity for lucid dream decrease by killing you years early. Hence, if you did not smoke you would have more opportinity to have more lucid dreams.

heh yeah i guess…

Actually i hear it helps with lucid dreaming. The nicotine has something to do with simulating a chemical that helps the production of Acetylcholine (one of the neurotransmitters responcible for memory function). It also has to do with REM sleep. I usually have a cigarette before i go to bed and the only problem is i find the smell of the smoke to be very rousing. Thats why I make sure to wash up before and i have no problems.

actually a recent study (American Journal of Public Health 2003;93) shows that smoking affect the memory in a negative way. So even if the nicotine may be good for memory function there’s probably hundreds of other chemicals that easily weigh out the positive effects… :roll:

But if you really want to smoke because of the nicotine why not use nicotine replacement like gum, pills, plasters etc ???

yeah maybe i should try that…

Now this is an interesing subject, setting aside the question if smoking increases or decreases the ability to LD (personally I have never felt it to intefere) I was wondering if somehow you could in a LD give a physical form/shape to the habit and than just THROW it into some subconscious trash can. Kind of making you subconsiously FORGET that you are addicted. Is something of the sort possible? It would sure beat any of the existing tecniques! :smile:

I remember reading a SF novel (can’t quite remember the author) Where the main character had the ability to will ideas into peoples minds, making them believe it was one of their own thoughts. Well in a part of the book this guy enters a LD and rids himself of an addiction in this fashion. He imagines his addiction as a lump of matter and throws it down a trash chute. Upon awaking he still retains conscious memory of having been addicted, yet the urge is gone since subconciously it was as if he had never tried it… (he had lost that nagging urge in your mind)

Nicotine gives more REM. I have tried using nicotine patches during the night and they do give more REM but since smoking just gives a quick “kick” I don’t think the nicotine in them affects sleep. Unless you get up during the night to smoke.

But all the other stuff in cigarettes could affect sleep in some way, but I don’t really know :shrug:

Try mailing a tobacco company and ask them how it affects sleep :tongue:

but maybe the actual addiction does something to your lucid dreams…
having any kind of addiction

Well if you’re smoking because you need a cigarette thats one thing. I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night for a cigarette (Usually after I dream about smoking one or buying some). If the only reason you’re smoking at night is to test out the smoking and REM sleep/dreaming then you should just go get some DMAE. you can buy it at GNC. It will produce acetylcholine. ;]

i dont smoke that much… like once a day at the least… tomorrow i am going to try not to smoke… a bit hard when i am going to need to drink coffee

I don’t think so - the chemical addiction will stay. I read somewhere that the chemical addiction/dependence lasts a few weeks, but the psychological addiction lasts longer. Maybe if you stop smoking for a few weeks, then you can remove the psychological addiction through this idea.

Nicotine does effect dreams in a positive way. However, I think you need a slow release form, not cigs.

Thats a damn good idea! You could be like: “NOW NOW YOU DUMB EGO, IM THE BOSS, NOT YOU BITCH!” hehe

When I don’t smoke I have more dreams…but I haven’t smoked regularly in ages, and I haven’t had a LD in ages…ok, so the next time I have money I’m gonna go out by a lovely pack of Richmond Superkings and smoke them ALL before going to sleep…see what happens!

As near as I can tell, any benefits you get from using chemicals to induce LD ‘s seem to only work in the short term. After your in a very short time your brain chemistry adapts to it and you loose what ever benefits. However I am not speaking from personal experience just from what I read on different forums.

I totally agree milod… but the help you get can help you become lucid without them also.

I can see how using some substances in the beginning to help you get your first couple of LD ‘s or even hep you out of a dry spell could be helpful. I just caution against getting dependant on them to get lucid because it may not last long.

i tried a cig before bed and i couldent sleep at all except for sleep paralysis but i dont count that cause i hate it

Very interesting topic to me! I’ve smoked for about 25 years. I quit again and finally (my about 3rd time seriously quitting) two years ago. Having not lucidly dreamed for many years, for the past year or year and a half I have been LD’ing pretty regularly (and sometimes quite spectacularly). Now, nicotine helps many people have vivid dreams – that is a commonly reported side effect of the patch for those (like me) who wore it all night (since normally even heavy 2 pack a day smokers like I was don’t have a high blood serum nicotine level during the night), but vivid dreams are not lucid dreams, obviously.

I was wondering if somehow you could in a LD give a physical form/shape to the habit and than just THROW it into some subconscious trash can. Kind of making you subconsiously FORGET that you are addicted. Is something of the sort possible? It would sure beat any of the existing tecniques! :smile:

I had to chuckle at this idea. Great idea – I’ve often wished for it – unfortunately, what I, my husband who quit when I did , and other heavy smokers who quit have found, is that when you quit smoking –

YOU START SMOKING IN YOUR DREAMS! And whats worse, you feel GUILTY for doing it :happy:

I never smoked in my dreams until I quit, and every time I quit I started. And then in your dreams (which feel just like real life while you’re dreaming) you start wondering – did I quit? Did I quit but I’m just cheating? Did I quit but I started again? When did I quit? Was that really me?

So sadly, in my experience, the opposite is true. Your addictions haunt you in your dreams! Which actually is fine, even if its dream smoking, it feels real to me – but no lung damage. Hey, what a deal!!