CILD--BenDrummin58's Method

ok…im just putting this in so it is solid to everybody. i just came up with this method and mixed it with a few others. making it one huge method. here are the steps. The method CILD stands for Counting Induced Lucid Dream.

  1. Set your alarm clock for 4.5 hours after you go to sleep.
  2. Sleep
  3. Once you wake up from the alarm clock, turn it off, and lay still in your bed. Do not move anything. Just relax all of your muscles in your body and close your eyes.
  4. After fully relaxed, slowly move to your sleeping position and start counting in your head to 400.
  5. While counting, note to yourself that when you reach the number 400, you WILL do a reality check. [For this one, I used the Nose Check, which is where you hold your nose and see if you can breathe. And if you can, then you are dreaming.]
  6. Try not to count too loud in your head, if that makes sense. Just be calm.
  7. Once you have reached 400, do your Nose Reality Check, or any other Reality Check, and see if you are dreaming or not.

This method worked for me the first night. When I realized I was dreaming, I was in my bedroom and could roam my room in my dream. It’s pretty cool.

If this doesn’t work the first time, either try getting up before/after 4.5 hours, or count to a higher/lower number rather than 400. 400 just seemed good to me. Post your results here! Happy Lucid Dreaming!!

so you do some relaxation method before you get in position for sleep and before you start counting?

yeah thats what i did…but u could get in to ure sleep position and start relaxing too.

Sorta like the HILD method… which requires you to move your fingers to keep your mind consious while your body falls asleep. I seem to like your method better because I’m lazy when it comes to sleeping… I’d rather keep my mind active instead…

Oh yeah, I haven’t tried your method yet… but in theory…

well…it didnt work for me last night because i didnt wake up when my alarm went off…poo. o well…but it did work for one of my friends. i got him in to LDs and last night was his first night to try a tech…and he used mine…and he claims to have had a LD. so hes happy. so yeah…hopefully ill do it right tonight!

I think this is just a form of WILD, but whatever, looks like it works.

it is a form of WILD

heh I tried this method last night and I didn’t get the idea from this topic.

last night I had a poor night to say the least. I was sweating so much and was super hot. I couldn’t get more then 1 to 2 hours of sleep in and when the alarm went off instead of going back to bed it woke me up.

I counted to 400 but saying “I’m dreaming” after each number.

I didn’t get anything except 1 HI which was the most absurd image ever yet incredibly vivid.

I only saw it for a second.

It was the picture of the last supper but instead of Jesus there was Hitler there in his place… odd.

But maybe I’ll try again tonight.

gonna try that tonite :smile:

well garlic…if u had a bad night and were sweating…thats not very good to dream good. lol. hitler thing sounds…weird.

i would’ve tried it last night but my internal clock woke me up about 15 minutes before my alarm should have… and i forgot to try the technique because i naturally woke up. sucked, oh well… i’m thinking i’ll set my alarm way earlier in the day today so it won’t be so fresh in my mind what time i plan on getting up.

only problem is, if i do that i have to pay attention to what time i go to bed… pretty much eliminating the purpose. oh well, i guess i’ll just have to try again tonight and hope my internal clock doesn’t screw things up for me.

heh…i have no internal clock…lol. i never wake up before 10 hours unless i have an alarm

counting method is how I started my wbtb+wild practice
it is an ok method to learn the point where logic and consciousness drift off and the mindless sleep mind takes over

Im gonna try tonight, Ill post the results tomorrow!

you, my friend are truly ■■■■■■ up.

tried this method twice. Both time failed :sad:

i tried this method last night, but instead of counting from 1 to 400 i counted from 400 to 1. Before doing that i said a couple of times i’m going to do a RC when I reach 1.

sometimes, i counted like; 234. 233. 232. 231 230. 239. 238. 237… oh i had that… 226… 224.

or i drift a little away, and it goes like; 234. 233. 232… (silence) … where have i been? oh i think i must be by 225 now… 225. 224. 223.

at last, i had very much trouble counting good,… but then, i found myself at the point to do an RC. I did an nose-RC and i could breathe. It felt like i was moving an “ghost” arm to my nose, and that’s why i could still breathe. anyway, i said to myself; “hey, i’m dreaming” (in dutch :tongue:). I got up, so i was sitting, at least, that was how it feeled. But i couldn’t see anything! i said: light! there will be light so that i can see! But nothing happenend… i lost consciousness and (fell asleep, or i woke up,… don’t know.

but i had succes… the only problem was that i only had a “ghostly” sensation of my body, i could breathe to my nose with my arm on it… but i couldn’t see!

Does somebody have any tips what i do wrong?
I’m going to try tonight again.

oh, and btw, never had an LD before (well, one accidentally) and there was no technique that worked so well the first time :smile: (other techniques don’t really seem to work, only the the HI-wild-technique brought me somewhere… but not so close as this time)

Isaac - I think you where in non-REM or also called the black void :smile: I’ve been there once and then I went into a LD from there, I was in the void for maybe a few seconds. Or it felt like seconds, it could have been much longer though. I don’t think you can do that much in the void, you just have to wait there until the next REM begins.

/edit/ I thought that I would try counting while meditating just for fun. I visualised the numbers while I was counting. I took about 10 minutes and I had counted slowly up to almost 200 when my body started feeling very strange :bored: When I reached 200 and started over again from 0 I found it very hard to stay calm since I haven’t had this feeling in years :cool_laugh:

My hands started feeling like they sort of wheren’t there and my body seemed distorted and strange. I can’t really describe it but I will deffinately try counting when I go to sleep tonight :cool:

i didnt work for me last night. When I woke up I think I did to much movement, and my mind fell back alseep with My body when I reaced about 100 or so.

so some success and some failures…o well. lol. ive had mostly success with it…but im getting tired of waking up in the middle of the night…i no like it. lol. so im going to try another method…ill quote it here.

it doesnt require any waking up early stuff. and there has been a few success stories. so im up for it :smile: