Coffee and dreams!

Hey, It’s me, nzzzme, back again. I have been experimenting a lot lately, and found coffee/caffine has helped me a ton with lucid dreams. I use it all day, and before I go to bed it helps me focus on entering me dream conciously. I have had three WILD’s and it was when going to bed for the first time. Also, these Element Energy drinks also seem to help, and you can get them anywhere…fire seems to work the best for me.

Thanks for the tip on caffeene. I’m not a coffee drinker but I suppose that I could try this with a soft drink.

wait, you drink the caffeine drink before you go to sleep? wouldn’t that just keep you awake?

yes, thats what I thought, but, caffine actually gives me a short burst of energy, and dies away really fast. Besides, you want to be awake before you go to sleep, right? you want to stay awake while your physical body goes to sleep

You don’t need any drug to aid u in the LD process. More likely it’s giving u a placebo affect. Just because u r thinking that by drinking coffee u r inducing LD’s and thus imprinting in your mind. Rather drink water and believe that it will aid u in LD’s. Thats what i do and i have been pretty successful with LD’s in the past couple of months.

:smile: Coffee can be good but its very dosage sensitive…so to find out the right dosage can take time…but it might help indeed.
Also the time when you take it…night…morning etc is important…so its takes a lot of experimenting …to fine tune that…


People have always thought that there is something wrong with me because I’ll drink a cappuccino and then be sleeping like a baby 10 minutes later. I think it’s that any warm drink puts me to sleep, caffeine or not. But I’ve never noticed any LD benefits. I’ll have to start paying attention. :neutral:

Lol Sage…first you have to c if it improves dream recall then a level higher u can c if it also gives u more lds!


I think there’s a good chance caffeine will help with LDing. I haven’t tried it, but every lucid dream I’ve had has been from too much sleep during the day prior to going to sleep for the night. Since I’m a deep sleeper, I think this tends to help me sleep lighter. If anyone else has had success with caffeine or any other stimulant, I’d like to hear more about it. :cool_laugh:

:smile: Hi kritterman, i experimented a long time with coffee smell!

And i never had such good dream recall wowowow
I put a coffee machine next to my bed all windows and doors closed.
And a timer set to few hours earlier then waking up and then before i would wake up a enormous strong coffee stench would be created in my bedroom. And the result was i good remember 6 dreams a night at a normal of 2 or 3. Coffee smell is awsome 4 dream recall.
Now i am going to experiment with a capuccinno at few hours before waking curious what that will do.


Peaceful Pete,

Do you have any idea what the correct dosage is or where we would find out? I dont think there would be a site showing how much mgs of caffine you need to stay awake…?

New Neo (hey that might be a good name cuz Neo means New and it means i’m not the old (matrix) Neo!)

I thought 50 mg is about one cup of coffee.
Dont know how strong you react on one cup of coffee?


lol u did what??? thats pretty keen. but one hell of a good idea.

I was a heaps heavy coffee drinker, and it didnt do much for my lding, but i had one last week and it made me sick ??? dont know whats up with that so i cant drink it any more :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

Very bad for me, now i drink tea, with more caffeen, that dont make me sick and it makes me live longer yer.

lol tell us please if the coffee works :smile:


I can’t stand drinking coffee, I think I just make mine to strong. I love tea, but if I drink it before bed, I’ll be up till 1 or 2 o’clock in the morning.

I could get used to coffee though, I’ll try it.

Technodreamer :cool:

I can see how coffee can help with at least dream recall and perhaps LD’s.
In my experiance and this is before I even started the hole hunt for a LD.
When I was in high school I would often stay up all night. And when i finnally decided that i had to go to sleep, knowing that i would have to get up for school in an hour, I would take anphettamines so that I would wake up soon after falling asleep. I had also done the same thing with verious dietary aids, Red Bull, Woop Ass, and other energy providers. And every time I would have the most vivid and intence dreams.

I no longer do that though, ANd don’t suggest it. Though waking up on anphettamines is the greatest felling in the world. It seriously screws up your sleep cycle and is a total system shock. Not to mention it is incredably unhealthy.

But i have found in my own experiance that stimulants do indeed creat more vivid dreams. And i know its not a placebo effect because like i said i did this before i had any interest in having more vivid dreams.

Has anyone attempted taking a pocket coffee after you
wake up during the night?

I think it might induce that state of mind required to go lucid…


God damned :smile:. I just noticed this topic and i wrote some time ago about this same thing in Finnish LD forum :smile:.

I noticed coffees effect about half year ago. My girlfriend is mostly sleeping my place and she usually go’s to school earlyer than me.
So when she wakes up for school, i make some coffee and enjoy it. After she goes to school i go back to bed.

My dreams are much more accurate and also it’s easyer to get Dild. I supose it could also help with Wild. :smile:

I’ll have to try this. I don’t drink coffee very often but I don’t mind it. I’ve had no luck so far with falling asleep conciously - I just fall asleep.

So I need not have tried mint tea, I could have stayed with my usual coffee :tongue:

OK, coffee contains caffiene. The caffiene works like a very mild herione. Anyway, it basiclly stops you from entering deep sleeps or trances. This keeps you in REM sleep longer and you wake up with more vivid dream scenes. This also contributes to the exuasted feeling whne you get up, because you have had little Non-REM. So when you feel exuasted, what do you do, go and drink another coffee or tea. Ofcourse the effects are mild, so you don’t completely loose out on non-REM.

I personally drink half a cup as I go to bed. And set my alarm to go off at 7.