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What do you think about “collective minds” games?

  • Awesome! Lets start right away!
  • I’m skeptical, so lets do some test.
  • Interesting, I’ll just watch Thank-you!
  • Does not sound reasonable, but I will watch the progress.
  • boring. yawn I’m never reading this thread again.

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Welcome to my mental Laboratory. Our lucid dreams have been a type of “personal laboratory” where we experiment with dream life on our own. It would be nice to be able to collaborate in that realm instead of being forced to do it in this one. But we haven’t been able to get “fool-proof” methods of “dream sharing” techniques to make this possible. So here is a different idea.

Our history as humans and recent scientific studies have shown us examples of our minds and the power of our “intentions.” Prayer would be a good example; In prayer a group of people focus their minds on one intention. A sports game would be another; a fan stares willfully at the ball hoping his “desires and intentions” have some effect on the ball entering the goal.

A computer’s “random number generator” is said to be effected if a person directs their attention to it. Think of high numbers and it produces high numbers and vice versa.

Those are just a few small examples, but it shows that the majority of us either hope that our “collective minds” can influence the physical or that we actually do have some influence.

What does this mean for the lucid dreamer???

This is why I posted in the lounge, I want to bring my speculations to the forum and discuss what experiments we might can do. So they don’t have to be towards a “quest 4 lucidity”, they can be any mindgame we want.

Here is my first idea:

To get a large number of people to concentrate on topic for about 2 minutes at the same exact GMT time.

topic could be:

  • help nickname obtain lucidity
  • make nickname dream of subject
  • help nickname remember many dreams with details

Another game could be:

  • We choose 1 person to be our “Guinea pig.” All the others participants will get a PM, private message, of a number. Lets say 1 through 100. The “Guinea pig” will not be told the number. Everyone then concentrates and try to send the number to the “Guinea pig.” The next day the “guinea pig” guesses a number regardless if he seen the/a number in his dream.

If you want to play along reply with what role you would like to play; Guinea pig/recipiant, Mental projector, or either/both? Also what GMT time would be best for you?

It would be cool to have a designated day and time of the week to concentrate on increasing lucidity for everyone, say 11:30pm Sunday night for 2 minutes. But we need to find a time that may be comfortable for everyone, and then be determined to keep that short appointment.

Well, generally I am very sceptic to this. And that we don’t know each other in real life makes me believe even less in this. I mean, we don’t know each others name, face, and real life person. If there is telephaty at all, I don’t think it will work with anonymus nicks. And since clocks can be different around the world, even if we agreed about a certain time at a global time measurement, the different “thoughts” would be sendt with maybe 20 minutes between the first and last thoughts. If the goal is to make the “thoughts” so strong as possible by sending them at the exact same time, I don’t think it would work.

Okay, in spite of all this sceptic talk (Sorry if I let you down DreamAddict. We’re still mates, okay?), I wouldn’t mind anticipating in one of the experiments if it is only talking about two minutes. But I am afraid that my sceptismn maybe would transmit negative thoughts in stead of positive thoughts :shy: . But, if you were to do one of these tests, and the test would have positive results, I would of course be much more positive to this. So let us do one of these tests, okay?

EDIT: In this “Guneia Pig” experiment, I wouldn’t mind being a mental projector, so here I am ready for projecting a number :wiske: .

Well , another skeptic here who is willing to participate =>=> now you see, those skeptics are not really closeminded :wink:

If I had to be a guinea pig, then you better do the number experiment on me because results can’t be trusted if you focus on making me have more lucid dreams - I am having more and more LD’s these days :cool: so how would you know that I have more success with it as a direct result of the experiment :eh: But of course, skeptic or not, any member here is welcome to use all his mental powers to help me have more LD’s :gni:

Parapsychologists claim that psi-effects can be produced by subjects who are able to reach the “alpha”-brain state (8-12Hz) very quickly, and also lower brain states are very popular in psi research. Well, I have some meditation experience and I have learned to reach the alpha state very fast, and theta state (4-7Hz) is also attainable with a little more effort (or better “non-effort”). So I’m willing to be a mental projector, why not! Just clearing my mind, reach alpha/theta, and focus on the message to be send, can’t be a problem.

Hours: 18h-21 GMT on weekdays, in the weekends 11h-21GMT, depending on my weekend activities :wink: . Normally I practice WBTB somewhere between 2h and 3:30h GMT so we can arrange something then too (would be an extra incentive to get out of my bed).

well, I’m skeptic also. That is why I want to try a few experiments. I do not know if it will work, how it work, or what might “prevent” or “cause” our results. No harm in testing this out on our own.

LucidityX, If we all go by UTC time we should be “thinking” at the exact moment. Check out or better yet here is a direct link to the UTC online time We just have to sync our watches or clocks.

I suppose I will let this thread ride through the week-end and we may start experiments sometime next week. We may hold some “lottery” for the “volunteer” to select our first “recipiant.” I’ve already devised a numerical method to select our “winner” using the volunteer’s content of their post. Shh! it’s secret :wink:

I came to lucid dreaming via investigations into Psi events that I seem to be prone to.

Personally I agree somewhat with LucidityX1000, I have had shared dreaming with another person but I knew them very well and for years. Its possible to do what you want but I think the results will be poor.

I posted a psi test on the last forum and this was run by scientists, I posted it in order to see if lucid dreamers were more able to use psi. The results seemed to suggest we are the same as the rest of the population (and as lucid dreaming can B experienced by all its not really supirsing).

I have experienced Collective consciousness with a group of freinds but we were in the same room and had drunk weak mushroom tea. We all sat in the dark and discribed the enviorment we all saw untill we began to see the same thing. It was pretty cool as we “claimed” we could see each other and see the same enviroment.

I’d suggest that if we discribe (even post a picture) of an enviroment that all on the forum could meet up in when lucid. The theory would be people might make that space exist in the collective consciousness of the people in the forum and so people would eventually bump into each other.

I’d suggest that the enviroment would be an open intresting space that has some portoles or doors that you can use to bugger off into your personal lucid dreams, i.e it would be a waiting room or crossroads.

I think It would work best on the new lucid dreamers who come to this forum with no preconcieved ideas about lucid dreaming maybe it should be the first thing we all see when we open the forum page??

P.s I’m an illustrator so I might be of help ¦¬)

Sorry about the rant but psi is my the thing that makes me tick about lucid dreaming. :confused:

In the image of the waiting room / cross roads space there could be a blackboard to leave messages on :alien:

Sorry keep coming back with updates

It should have a bar or reception counter manned or womaned by a dream character and sign in a very prominent part of the image saying “your dreaming become lucid” or something. :content:

I like the idea. I have a theory that all our minds are connected in some way, and that dreaming is where we are closest to each other. This is something new in our way of thinking, so beliving it will be hard. But think about the possibilities, this has to work, we can alter the future. Maybe we can develop a place where everyone share the same dream and have a matrix like alternative world (would stop all the drug use i think). This is some awesome thinking and I expect must of you to set a big questionmark over this reply. But if the Idea you are talking about works, then we are a big step closer to a future noone ever thougth would be posible in the 21th century. I think leaveing this idea untouched would be the dummest thing we ever could do in the history of men.

We could develop cool strategy war games from this idea in the near future. combinding this whit memmory implanting (an Idea im working on) would take out the playstation console.

Think about how the future can be, and then live the future.

Interesting thread!
I was in a “Remote Viewing” forum for a while, they did similiar tests.
I don´t believe it will work,but i don´t believe it will not work either
->I don´t know if it´s true and i don´t think test will proof for the one or the other side

Still,such tests are amazing,and (proofs or not) you can learn something.
So,if i have the time i´d participate.I like both parts,but i don´t know how to say “german-time” in “GMT-time” at the moment :shy:


Traumgänger: I can tell you, since I am in same time zone as you are. GMT time will be our current time minus one hour. Like if it’s 18:00 here, it will be 17:00 GMT. It’s because GMT means “Greenwich Mean Time”, and Greenwich is in UK. And as you maybe know, we’re one hour ahead of the British :grin:

And for you Americans:
East coast time = GMT - 5
Mid West time = GMT - 6
Rocky Mountains time = GMT - 7
Pacific Ocean coast time = GMT - 8


I am very sceptic about these things; maybe that makes me a perfect “Guinea pig”…

My time zone: I am in the Netherlands.
I have time at most evenings/nights.

I think German is the same as Nowegian time (GMT+1 / CET)
At the clock on the desktop down in the right, dobleclick on it and you’ll see your GMT time at the timesone (for Windows users, SuSE users can use the yast)

Edit: Uärhrg never mind.

Thank you guys
So,perhaps around 20:00 GMT Sunday-Thursday ? (except monday,most people are tired this day anyway :wink: )


Okay with me

20:00 GMT = perfect :smile:

Hmm 20 plus 1, that would be 21… Yes 20:00 GMT would be perfect to me too :smile:

EDIT: Yes I made it! 100 posts! Hmmm Somniologist, cool title :smile:

So, next Thursday 20:00 GMT I’ll be the Guinea pig?

Do you want me to take any preparation?

I’m not gonna sleep at 20:00GMT Can’t U guys wait until like 6:00GMT that would work for everyone from central/western europe (7:00CET) I never have dreams before 4:00GMT

Maybe I just have to watch this experiment :sad: