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this is a great idea.
i can’t wait to see if it works.
i’s also love to the guinea pig eventually.
since i’ve never been lucid.
if it works you’d all be my heroes.

I don´t think it is necessary that the guinea pic is dreaming while the others perform their telepathy (also it would perhaps be good).

I have another idea:
Perhaps we should announce a “project leader” (or whatever this is called).
All projectors could think of an object,and pm the leader with the object in the headline (green tree,black cat,stone)
I think it is easyer to do it with something like that than with numbers.But the chance to get a right one by coincidence is quite high.

So here is another propose:
The “project leader” sends messages to the projectors (perhaps this would be easyer via mail).Then they all concentrate on the same object(green tree,black cat,stone…).This will support higher “thought concentration” and less coincidence.

Ok,just some thoughts


Maybe we should try both…

I think this would be a great help to keep things coordinated.
Dreamaddict, you would be a great project leader! And - hey - you also started the thread!

I agree completely.
We can start with thinking simple objects during waking time and maybe try again during dream time. This is where the time zones come in handy
Maybe try it on me during dream time, since I have an excellent dream recall. And a try on Eric-the-Ded during waking time?

What do you think?

Let’s try it all. Numbers, shapes, letters, colors or whatever. Let’s try waking recipiants or sleeping recipiants. We can even try to test “projecting” in our dreams if some of us are able to obtain lucidity and carry out the task.

I think we should try visual objects or shapes before we try numbers. That sounds like a good idea.

This is why we need to experiment and test. We don’t now what is “necessary” or what may give us better results. It will be fun trying.

Let’s continue to discuss what we’ll try before starting our first experiment. We can have many projectors and 1 recipiant. Or we can eventually try 1 projector and many recipiants, and we may find 1 of our visitors are more sensitive to certain things. We are on a search for the elusive ESP sweet-spot. :smile:

As for a designated time; I’m available 24/7. I plan to set an alarm for whatever time. 2 minutes is not long for me to make time anytime. If it happens to be while I’m working or busy, I can use the alarm as an excuse for a break. If I’m asleep, I can just try a mini-WBTB method and hope for lucidity afterwards. So anytime is a great time for me, so I prefer finding a time that is most comfortable for the majority of participants.


This morning, as I was waking up, I heard a HH of a voice say to me “The mindgames are important.”


It said something else before that too, but I don’t remember.

So let’s get the ball rolling. I would like the first experiement to be simple and like this:

[size=92]I email* everyone, except the recipiant, a picture of a simple shape that is one color. 1 of the 8 colors of crayola :wink: ; blue, black, brown, red, violet, yellow, green, orange. 1 of 4 shapes; circle, square, triangle, wavy lines.

At our designated time we all look and concentrate on this picture and try to project our images into the recipiant, in anyway you feel comfortable. Stand on your head, spin in circles, Pray to your Deity, or scream it across oceans. The point is; use your “own” version of projecting your thoughts.

The recipiant does nothing. I prefer they be asleep, but it doesn’t matter. I do however require that they sleep before they “guess” an answer.[/size]

So, 24-hours after the moment of “projecting” should be sufficient. If we project at 20:00GMT 6/27, then I don’t want the recipiant to reply with a guess until after 20:01GMT 6/28

*If your email is not provided on your profile, I will PM you an URL to the image. You may want to print it out so it is easily available at the “projecting time.” If you are interested in participating you can either reply to this thread, email or PM me. If you mentioned your interest in this thread don’t worry, you are already added to the list. :smile:

I will not personally select the colored shapes, my handy dice will. I will assign the shapes and colors a number, and let the roll of the dice decide. Same goes for recipiants, I will not be the first one but instead let the dice decide who is our first. Sorry Hypnodude. :wink: good-luck! :smile:

Once the dice choose a recipiant, I plan to try a number of test before we move on to the next recipiant. Then we start over again and do the same test with a different recipant. BUT! some “test” require “role reversals” that involve the “recipant” becoming the “projector.” So we all get a chance to quickly try our psych skills.

Our first recipiant will be chosen at midnight tonight June 25th my time zone, so 4:00 UTC time Online UTC time

Congradulations to “eric-the-ded.” The dice roll has decided on him as our first “target.”

7 people were thrown into the “pool”

LucidityX1000, BrainHacker, Pantalimon, DJem, traumgänger, Hypnodude, and eric-the-ded

Sciurus replied to this thread, but his post was edited out, so they were not included.

Each person was assigned a number 1 through 7. 5 dice were then thrown three times. Mostly odd numbers were throw the first roll, so “odd numbers” one a round, 2nd round “even” were the majority. “Odd” won last, with 2 out of three “Odd-numbered people” were brought into a second round.

4 people; “LucidityX1000, Pantalimon, traumgänger, and eric-the-ded”
were also reduced to 2 with this process.

“Pantalimon and eric-the-ded” were then given 3 numbers. I rolled one dice and it landed on 6, Eric-the-ded’s number. Congrads! :thumbs:

I will have the colored shape available before June 27th. I only have 7 people to send this shape for “projecting.” If you want to help us “project” this shape into the skull of eric-the-ded, then you have to let me know. Private message me, email me with the “email button” below, or reply to this thread. I will send you a “secret” URL to the image.

No cheating anyone :wink:

sweet deal.
let me know when the plan’s gonna go down and if/how i should prepare.

I think this is exciting. What if Eric-the-Ded would tell excatly the shape and color we will project to him? Then maybe I would be much less of a sceptic…

Quote > At our designated time we all look and concentrate on this picture and try to project our images into the recipiant, in anyway you feel comfortable. Stand on your head, spin in circles, Pray to your Deity, or scream it across oceans. The point is; use your “own” version of projecting your thoughts.

Although I agree with doing it your own way if your going to be a projector and don’t know what you’ll do to project your thoughts can I suggest trying to get into a relaxed state very close to what you might do if trying to WILD. Then just focus on the shape but keep very relaxed almost drifting off prehaps put the shape above the Avatar Eric uses.

Just a suggestion @¬)

Hi LX1000 and all

Just wanted to say:
Don´t focus on having success too much.
This project won´t proof anything !

Think of it as a game,just do it for fun.This way you will keep some useful distance.As said before,i was in a Remote Viewing forum.Sometimes really strange things happened there,that make me believe something like clearvoyance is possible.
But more often the test “failed”.Or it was something in the middle (“Well,one thing he guessed right,but the other thing was wrong…”)
And even if everything works the way it should,you still have no proof.Believe me,as soon as the “guinea pig” gives the right answer,you start wondering "Hmm,could be coincidence… hmm,or the test could be faked… is anybody on the net trustworthy… "
There is no use in such thoughts.
So,again,see it as a game,but try to do all this stuff seriously.But don´t think about whether “6.sense” exists or not.

Traumgänger - lets play :wink:

Yes traumgänger, it is a game, and just for fun. Thanks for clarifying that. I’m not looking to prove or disprove any theory. Nor do I think that our results obtained here would be anything credible.

I would be happy if we got above 20% percent correct. I believe science holds “chance” at 25%. Supposly, anything more than 25% is more than “just chance.” So says Princeton University Which does a lot of amazing test like this, with positive result.

So, we are not proving anything. Just having fun. :smile:

To be quite honest with you. I got this idea after watching a short segment on TV of the days after 9/11. It showed the day everyone around the world at the same time lit a candle. I had forgotten about that until then. Hmm? :neutral: I had already forgotten about that rare and special moment, in such a short time. It’s really too much to remember all. :sad:

I don’t mean to get wishy-wooshy. But I found comfort in seeing how the world really does care about one another. It seemed that everyone who’s intention was on comforting the sore by lighting a candle really worked. It seemed to have the potential to do much good.

I know, more than I believe, that some forms of telepathy exisit. It is not far fetched. It is not crazy. It is can easily be scientifically explained. The body and mind are electrical. We do use frequencies, and perhaps frequencies not yet discovered. In fact, I read an article that mentioned our brains operate partially in the GigaHertz range, and that future computers may pose a risk.

:happy: Look at me. I’ve rambled on long enough.

But it would be cool if we could induce lucidity on a sleeping participant, or at least affect their dreams in some form. I guess we’ll have to try lot’s of mindgames to see what gives good results.

The colored shape has been selected and emailed or PMed to 8 participants. We will decide shortly what exact time we will “project.” It is still not late to email or PM me to help us take over Eric-the-Ded’s head. All brains accepted! :thumbs:

Isn’t the chance that the person will get it right 1in32 because of the 32 possible choices? That’s less than 4% that they will choose the right shape and colour. I would be happy if anyone on any of the tries managed to guess the right one.
As for the stuff about the GigaHertz computers, if we effect them, do they effect us? MIND-CONTROL, we might even have an effective LD inducer. CILD-computer induced LD.

i’m on a wierd schedule.
so keep in mind that i usually go to bed around 6AM pacific time.
don’t ask… wierd schedules just kinda happen.

6am? Not weird for me. :smile:

Sorry about the delay for arranging a date/time soon. My email server has been down. I have email sitting on the server that I can’t access. So I was waiting to see if I got any more request to participate. … but it has been almost 3 days since it has been down. If it is not available by midnight tonight, I will read through the thread and arrange a time for Sunday or Monday. :cool:

20 GMT time seems to be the most suitable time

lemme see, I think this is right.

Eric-the-ded is in California, so Pacific time for him then will be:
which he said he goes to sleep around 6am, so hopefully we can time it when he is asleep.

This will be 4pm for me on the East Coast… I think

I think UTC and GMT time are the same. To check out what time your timezone is in at 20:00UTC check out this link:
Java enabled online time
Disabled Jave Online time

We can plan for this to be tomorrow on the 3rd or after the 4th, maybe 5th or 6th.

After this first experiment feel free to appoint another “project leader” for our second or third experiment. My time will be limited pass this point for a while, so I hope someone can be a fill-in for arranging these experiments for a while.


i’d like to suggest making the time an hour or two earlier.
just be on the safe side.
sometimes things happen and i’m awakened early (sometimes around noon).

Well, according to the time zone list on my computer, Pacific time will be GMT -8 = 12am (or was it pm? This am-pm thing confuses me :bored: )

Well I checked your link, and the site showed 19:57 when my time was 21:57, but I am 1 hour ahead of GMT, so if it was the same as GMT time, it would be 20:57, so UTC seems to be GMT - 1 hour. Confusing? I am confused too… :bored:

Yes, it is confusing. I think some of us have to take “daylight savings time” into account. I think the best way would be to “sync” ourselves a clock from the link provided at
then we all will have a clock that is at the same time, maybe an extra wrist watch or something with a timer.

For us in the central europe we are in the CET (central europe time) GMT+1 and for me, I’m not gonna be in bed at the time you are planing on, so count me out.

If you am/pm guys could use the 24hr system it would be easier (0:01-12:00 is am and 12:01-24:00 is pm is that about right)

Djem, I think you misunderstand. Eric-the-Ded is our recipant. Only he has to try to be asleep, but even that is not a “requirement.”

If you are going to try to help us project, we need you awake. Unless you are a very talented LD’er who can LD at will, you can try to LD and project. :smile: