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Wow my mistake. Havn’t been on this topic since it was just created and since then It seamed like you where all just talking about timesones and I forgot what the topic was about and I remeberd wrong and tought you guys was trying some form of shared LDing. I’ll read the topic again to clear my memories :smile:

Ok I’m in again as long as I’m not doing something else at the time you are planing on doing this. Everything is starting to get back to me (kinda had a litle thinking problem at the time, its starting to get late)

never underestimate the power of your mind :crazy:

Hey everyone… has a day been set yet? If not, I want to be a projector! One of my close friends & I ‘experimented’ with seeing if we could guess the card (number & suit) that the other was holding. I was better at recieving, but I would like to try this!

Although i think lucidityx1000 has a good point…its interesting to do…
It would be good if all participants would at least have the skill to get into alpha mode…delta would be the best…lol…because then a person is really free from its ego or higher brain filters…
Or a game…where we all may guess…but from within a lucid dream only…so we all are in the same consciousness/awareness mode…


I don’t know anything about brain waves or what I’m capable of. Also, I haven’t had a LD yet. So it’d havta be when I’m awake for me to participate. :no:

ok Hayley c your point!
Then we can make 2 sections, one testing area within and from lucid dreaming and one from normal mode… :happy:


About going in alpha, this is not so difficult. Close your eyes, focus on a point between your eyebrows and relax relax relax.
Some people spend a lot of money on courses, devices, CD’s to reach the alpha-state… but reaching alpha is not difficult! Theta and delta, that’s another story :wink: .

So what’s going on? I was anxiously lurking this thread, why the sudden death?

As BrainHacker says, you should just try it in the attainable alpha state, at least give it a go! If you need another projector I’ll give it an honest shot. :alien:

Still curious…

Yes I also wondered where we’re going with this experiment…?

This is just a thought, but wouldn’t the fact that everyone is quite skeptical about it makes it less likely work? I definitly believe how powerful this can be. I’m an ex-christian, and I’ve seen alot of things that christians can do simply because they believe. And the christians that I saw do the most amazing things were the ones that believed the most. So I think, the more you believe that something will work, the more likely it is to work.

I agree. We have to believe in it if it’s going to work.

BTW: It’s not hard to believe you have been a christian when you come from Christchurch :grin:

opps, sorry. I feel so guilty for neglecting this thread. It has been a very busy … and fun … holiday :partying_face: :beer: and I wasn’t sure what :confused: time/date we have decided on.

So here it is. Saturday July 13, 2002 at 20:00 GMT

At this exact time all “mental projectors” will concentrate on our “colored shape” and focus it towards “Eric-the-ded.” :huh: For 3 full minutes focus on nothing but the “colored shape.”

During this time, hopefully “Eric-the-ded” look: will be asleep or in some form of “mental passiveness” and sucessfully receive the projected “colored shape.”

To help us project, send me an email or PM with the subject titled “MindGames” and I’ll send you an URL to the image we are projecting to “Eric-the-Ded.” :thumbs:

I hope to provide a link to all colored shapes later tonight, and then Sunday Eric-the-Ded can post his “guess” :wink: sometime Sunday. :cool:

Take-care! :yinyang:

Today is the day!
In 3 hours and 22 minutes, we will all concentrate on the secret “colored image” that I have emailed or PMed to you all.

It’s still not too late, if you want to help. Send me a PM or email from the links below my post. Good-luck and take-care!

Set you alarms, don’t forget! :thumbs:

So, 2 hours 6 mins. I assume eric-the-ded is asleep atm. He knows its today right?

He will have to take a nap. For him, it will be at noon. (san diego, GMT-8:00). Take a nap eric! :wink:

He said earlier in the thread that he goes to bed around 06:00 his time so hopefully he doesn’t have to get up “early” before 12:00. :smile:

Hah hah, yeah, he sounds like a San Diegan :content:

Alright! Time is up! Where is eric the ded?

I’m not sure. I wonder if this would affect results. I guess we’ll find out. :smile:

So time is up. That was fun. I tried to plan on lying in bed to concentrate on the STILL secret “colored image,” but I was just minutes from home driving my car. So my brother and I had fun making up crazy rhymes and tunes to send out our vibe to Eric-the-ded. :cool: I hope it worked.

I hope we hear from Eric-the-ded soon, but not until Sunday. Or at least until he gets a full nights sleep after this experiment. Maybe our intentions will affect his dreamstate and maybe incorporate this colored shape into his dream.

I’m currently working on an URL to all 5 shapes, to help eric-the-ded imagine … or recall … the images we seen.

I’ll post it soon tonight.
Take-care! :wink:

Should we get a head count for who tried to project?

I quietly meditated/introspected, thinking casually about the shape,it’s colour and eric(and what direction he was from me) for about 10-15min. My alarm went off at 1min to 20:00 GMT.Staring at the image I thought “See this Eric/See this eric-the-ded in California”, meanwhile visualizing what might form the coloured shape in a dream.

I guess we wait til sometime after this tommorrow. Eric hasn’t posted in a while, hopefully he still peeks in and will see this.