Competition Rankings for April

umm lets see

4 and then 5, so 28 so far :happy:

Two! But they only lasted for seconds…

a WILD today :smile:
Total = 2.

I’ll join, with one LD so far :smile:.

I had one that I’m not sure if I was lucid or if it was a false LD :eh: it happened during the first or second REM so I don’t rememeber that much from it either :cry:

5 more

so 32 :smile:



none for me :cry:

Wow, how did you get to that point? I mean, I’m sure you get that question all the time, but man I would love to LD that much.

Oh, soooo close…

I woke up while I was starting to recognise that I might be dreaming.
(By the time I got to “Yes; I am dreaming”,
the correct form was “Yes; I was dreaming”.)

So that puts me at ‘0’ so far for April. :sad:

wel last night i had 5 so that brings me up to what…? umm… 42 :smile::):):):):):):):slight_smile:

I’ve had two.

ok last night i had 4 and then today i had one in the car.

also dream reacher i have no idea how i came to that point, it just happened one day :confused:

I had one more.

total = 3 LDs.

4 :sad: i have school now :sad: only had time for 4 REM dreams :sad:

Put me down for 2 so far please! :happy:

4 again :sad:

2 nice ones this morning :cool_laugh:


One more yesterday, makes 3 :cool:

2 last night, but in the second i was blind :meh:, and didn’t last long anyway.
so i’ll count them as one.

Total = 4.