Competition Rankings for April

4 again

Oh noes! Sign me up with 0 LD’s, please!

I forgot…One more makes 4.

one moer for me

One more for me, that makes the total 3.

5 and then 4 :smile: so that would be… 73


One more last night - making 2 in total now :smile:.

One more here :smile:

6 :smile:

lots of sleep :smile:

Wow, R3TRO, if you keep going, you might break some records!

Jesus, how do you do it retro!!!?

ONE more higher level for me!



This Month’s Total: 2 :smile:

go go ben

YEah im trying to beat some records… But it will be easier in the summer when i can get some decent sleep, well actually ill proabbaly sleep less, but w/e :smile:

I had one LD last week (but it was weird at first and took time until i agreed that it was LD), and another today morning (this also was pretty weirdo and was in two parts).

So it makes 4 this month.



one more yesterday. seems to be a slow month :sad:

+1 earlier tonight, hopefully one later, though!

Had 1 yesterday and 1 today :grin: yesterday the alarm woke me up in the middle of it :cry: and today I got a FA after a short while :bored: