Competition Rankings for October

Finally i got enough sleep to get my first LD in October :happy:

First LD of the month, too.

One more :cool:

7 ld’s


Had a short WILD this morning.

10 ld’s

I had a LD last night :cool:

This could be a good month

I had a 2 sec LD so I will only count it as a 0.5 LD

1 more LD for me.

2 more LDs, makes 6 so far.

1 more (5mn this time :smile:). So it makes 3 in October.

13 for me so far :smile: 5 last night

O my God ! What a dangerous competitor !
Lucidity_Master, Monitor199a, beware of Emjay ! :grin:

And, as it’s your 1st post, welcome to LD4all, Emjay ! :wave: I hope you will teach us your techniques… :wink:

:smile: Welcome emjay.

11 ld’s

hi everyone, sorry i can’t give you any good techniques i just use the usual, ive been able to LD since i was young but only found out about LD the other year when my mate talked to me about them and have been only really trying them properly the last month or two . So I thought I better keep a record of how many I have. Im still only just learning the techniques, last night it was the first time i managed to change a FA into a high LD.

I think it will take me a long time to be as good as Lucidity_Master and Monitor199a :tongue:

dream on

Welcome emjay, looks like you’re a talented LDer.

One last night, makes 7 so far.

Had lots of LDs last night, but most where only a few seconds long. So I count them as 4 LDs in total :grin:

just one, I can tell I’m not going to have many this month :sad:

Don’t be discouraged whispa, I hope you have many LDs.

I had a brief period of lucidity, but I immediately woke up. so count it as 0.5. makes my total 7.5.