Competition Rankings for October


I’ve been away for a while but I had one last weekend, so put me down for one.


WOOT just had one last night

One more :cool:

One LD. Total=8.5.

yay, another one for me :grin:.

sweet two nights in a row!

chalk one more up for me :grin:

12 ld’s

1 LD tonight. makes 9.5 for me.

I had 1 too :cool:

And Dark Sider, stop imitating me :tongue: No seriously I wonder why we are getting the same amount each day :eh: it’s kinda cool though :cool:

:shy: I’m sorry Jarod, I’m really not imitating you, the 0.5 thing: I didn’t want that lucid moment to go to waste. But it’s been almost a week I’ve been having 1 LD every night. It’s all in my DJ. Nothing changed in the techniques that I’ve been doing(RCs during the day, and intention before bed), but I guess my sub-c finally got the message. And yeah it’s really cool :grin: maybe these are shared LDs and we will meet in one of them :wink: .

Another for me, making it five :grin:.

It seems I’m back in the game :wink:.

2 more LDs, makes 5 so far.
Tried looking at my hands in order to avoid dream fading. Seems to work… :smile:

thanks Dark Sider :smile:
I had an LD yesterday

13 ld’s

3 more to add :smile:

17 ld’s

only got a couple of hours sleep the night before so i slept for 12 hours last night and had 4 high LDs one after the other using WILD

well, all my dreams are LD’s.

I’ve recalled 10 so far.

Need to massively update the Log.

wow I had a real long one last night. ill post it into my journal when I get back from school :grin:


18 ld’s