Competition Rankings for October

one more. total = 10.5.

One more ! Total = 6

3 more :cool_laugh: and one of them was the longest I’ve ever had. I guess about 10 minutes or so :cool:

one more for me, it could have been 2, i had a FA and thought i was dreaming but then thought i cant be cos my digital clock had 9:17 i should have done some more RC :cry:

2 LDs so far. Hopefully will be more soon, as i got more time from now (hopefully) to rest.

Actually it was FA too, but after MANY different RCs i finally was convinced that it IS LD. Check my input in Big FA topic also :grin:

One short DILD last night.

one DILD last night. total = 11.5

Had a short one this morning.

One more :cool:

Plues uno for me :smile:.

19 ld’s

1 more

1 more LD.

One more here too :tongue:

A very short wild

2 LDs this morning :cool_laugh:

So it makes 4 total.

P.S. Please delete the second Cyrus from the list. It looks schisophrenical :tongue:

1 more

Sorry about that Cyrus :shy: it happens sometimes when I don’t think about what I’m doing :bored:

21 ld’s

One more for me :cool: