Confronting your deepest fears in LD's

Eh, I guess I don’t have any fears… maybe I have necrophobia… is that even a phobia? Because I guess I’m scared to die. Actually I’m not scared of actually dying, but more of the impac it will have on others emotionally. (Does this mean I care for other peoples feelings?)

Hehe, speaking of spiders, a funny thing happened today in my last hour class today.

We had a speaker from the Navy talk to us today, you know, your common recruiter if you ever met one. Well, it’s a nursing class in which you become an LPN at the end of the course… well you didn’t ask, but what I’m getting at is that it is a class of 28 and 3 of which are males… but 12 of the 25 females are Varsity Cheerleaders :cool: , hehe, it’s a 3 hour class too :cool_laugh:

Any who, I’m sitting there thinking random thoughts and letting my mind wander, not paying attention to anything and occasionally knocking a pencil on the floor to ask a girl to pick it up for me :wink:

Next thing I know I’m knocked out of my trance by a shriek. I look to the table infront of me and it’s a TARANTULA!! A huge furry tarantula with nasty fangs. Next thing I know everyone looks back, sees the spider, and damn havoc breaks loose as if the Soviets set off an uncontrollable nuclear reaction.

I realized today my true non fear of spiders. All the girls in the class are backing away looking and even petty officer Barbosa is back with the girls looking at the spider. I’m sitting there all alone, well Victor the person next to me didn’t move either. I get eye level with the spider and just look at it’s fangs and little black dots of eyes.

Well, anyway, to make a LONG story short the spider escaped from a biology class on top of us and it literally fell through the vent right onto my table. I winded up getting the spider onto a packet the teacher gave to us and I walked it to the office. I wanted to handle it with my hands but the teacher would not let me, I told her I had one at home which was a blatant lie, I’ve never seen a tarantula in person.

It was all in all a FUN day, I just got back from a night at South Beach with four of my friends, I went to my first strip club, and my friend Josh got in and he only turned 17 yesterday.

^ one time someone found a tarantula looking thing, except it looked like one of those deadly asutralian spiders, it didn’t look like a tarantula in terms of coloration

well this one insane kid he takes it (he has a bald head) and he puts it ON HIS HEAD and he walks around school with it on him for quite some time…


If I had a bald head I’d do that, but I’m actually a native american and have quite long hair for a male.

I still haven’t really found something that really really freaks me out. Today I was squealing like a little girl in the car but does that count as a phobia.

My friend was going 60mph on a 35mph street and was swerving from lane to lane making the jeep feel like it would flip. I screamed and grabbed the passenger seat.

The guy in the front had a coke with out a cap and it ended up spilling all over my friend, the driver.

But I don’t know if I was scared.

^Maybe you just had second thoughts about his driving skills and whether it might really flip … i don’t think that’s fear

kick your friend in the crotch, or punch her if she’s a girl… and never ever ride with him/her again… there’s no reason to ever DOUBLE the speed limit, jesus… and swerving everywhere is just asking for accidents, some asshole got me into one by doing that.

*now to be a hypocrite here today I went about 20 over to beat a light and make a wel calculated lane change ahead of a semi truck… but I mean, it was not a reckless manuever, no swerving involved, much turn signaling… no one was in my way at all.

and then… well, i went a little too fast on the way home, but again no one else was there… probably shouldn’t have gone quite that fast as my car felt like it was floating up in the wind… but usually i’m only about 10-15 over on a highway if it’s empty.

swerving while speeding is asking for death though… especially through TRAFFIC and through resedential areas…

hehe being a driver myself i know what you mean. Its like as speed increases, the danger of swerve seems to increase exponentially (that is, at a ever-increasing rate). Probably because when you swerve its a small-mini-turn and if ur going fast you’ll turn faster as well as cover more ground along the new direction youre headed. I.E. a tree, reminds me of a crash i saw this morning.

Okay heres a funny little story for y’all.

I used to live near a school which during the summer would get HORDES of crickets. I had a blast grabbing these things and keeping them for a pet or feeding them to spiders (ironic), etc.

Well one day im talking with my friends and i forgot about this cricket as it crawled about my hand. Then i feel this sharp pain and lift my arm up really fast to get a look at it, and see the cricket there on the top of my hand. I look closer because i didnt think it was causing the pain. At first i thought ‘oh s@@@ its those razor barbs on its legs’ and then saw that the thing was BITING me! And there was this black substance too! I freaked out thinking ‘POISON!’ and swung my hand around, that didnt work. I had to stop my freaking out and flick the sucker off. God, lol.

So now here i am today more afraid of friggin’ CRICKETS than SPIDERS. I have no qualm with a 3-4 cm diameter (about) spider sitting on my shoulder, but if i even see a cricket jump up and fly off, clicking all the way, my right hand starts to itch. (in a manner of speaking) :tongue:

:lol: This almost made me pee my pants.


here’s an update

i’m not confronting my fears… heh

i was lucid and these spiderwebs were in front of me and i summoned up fire via energy manipulation and burned them away, but then more showed up so i said “okay well i will confront them” and so i touched it and got stuck to it (a really horrible feeling…) and I forced myself awake… and I tried to divert the dreams to something plesant when i went back but i couldn’t.

so then i just said “no more of this tonight” and it stopped…

damn… i’m such a coward… i wish i would have corrected this fear when i was younger. it’s easy to sit awake and think about confronting it but it’s another thing being vulnerable in the depths your mind…

the funny thing is once i was confronting an “angel” and it said i needed to get over my fear of death, so i figured it was going to turn into a spider and eat me, well, it turned into something alright, what it was is hard to say, and yes it did eat me, and it wasn’t as scary as it hought it would be.

but it didn’t help remove my fears any.

Holy Reality I truly feel for you. I am petrified of spiders. I try to be brave in dreams but I just can’t find it in me. The very thought of them while I’m in my dream that one is just watching me sends me over the edge. In RL I can’t even watch Animal Planet when they show them.

Last night I was so scared. I was in this small room. One which I couldn’t even fully extend my arms in. It was so dark. There was just enough light for me to notice that my head was in the midst of spiderwebs and I could sense there was a spider near. Just then I became lucid but unable to control the fear, I made my hair turn into fire which burned the spiderwebs and shot straight up through it. I ended up outside two huge chimneys and went back into a ND.

Spiders just give me the heebie jeebies.

damn i’m a coward… i’m in SP and … worried about spiders so i let one appear, of course, i’m blind… so that’s okay… it’s kind of attached to me… then it turns into a person and … eventually she persuades me to look at her… she’s sitting atop me… and she doesn’t really necessarily look human, maybe like an elf or something, but anyway we talked and stuff… and she was like something about showing me something yesterday that scared me “shitless” (i don’t recall this at all… ) and… i don’t know i don’t remember the conversation now dammit… but i told her we should be friends and cooperate…

and that she shouldn’t be trying to scare me… so i don’t know… i woke up from that and i didn’t want to go back to sleep but i started using some songs about Jesus as a mantra (yeah i’m not a christian anymore but it’s a good way to prevent nightmares and is symbolically helpful) and then by the time i was falling back asleep i was too relaxed to care abou what i was about to dream about.

I had another spider dream last night… This time I thought I was ready to confront my fear once and for all. I had super natural powers (gotta love those dreams) I was walking into this huge room and a friend was with me. He was standing right behind me and kept urging me to go forward. I was okay with moving forward as long as he was standing there. The room was green with super high ceilings. On my right hand side I could see it. It kind of looked something like a black widow with it’s creepy big hind side and long disgusting shiny black legs. She was hiding I could tell. My friend was like okay don’t be scared and take a step forward. As I took a step forward, she started to move her legs one at a time and my friend just up and left me. I was paralyzed. I couldn’t do anything else but just stand there and watch her move out of her spot. That was when I chickened out and puffed out like what nightcrawler does in X-men.

Still can’t face those spiders, how about you? Any luck?

My goodness… I saw a huge spider in my room yesterday… And I freaked out… I thought to my self, I’ve never seen one this big (which wasnt actually that big), so I didn’t know I had a fear for spiders, cause the little ones dosen’t actually look so scary. But that big one was fast and wicked. It’s the first time in my life I’ve asked my mom for anything of this sort, I’ve never had ‘‘fears’’ before.

Today I saw another one in the room besides mine, I freaked out, my mom and dad was asleep, and it took me 15 minutes to kill it. I first pointed my soft gun at it, and shot once (missed), and shot twice (hit), but it only moved a little… I freaked out. I then took a sylinder with an end, and locked it in it with another end to it. And I got so mad for letting myself be intiminated by a fucking spider, that I shaked it in that sylinder to death, I shaked it so hard and angerly that some of it’s guts splatted inside. I then put it in the toilet, and flushed it down.

I never realised I was afraid of spiders, It can’t hurt me, cause in norway there are now poisenous spiders. But it just kreeps me out like hell, just if it touches me, I would want to kill myself.

How can I use lucid dreaming to overcome this unnescacary and really lame fear? It sucks being afraid of something that is in my house all the time in the summers.

Please, I need help…

First of all I need to learn to lucid dream again (haven’t had one in a long time), then I can try.

Poor little spider :cry:

Well, when I find a spider, I leave it alone, cause they eat the mosquitoes which get into my room and are oh so annoying, so you could try and look at it like spiders are your friends, then maybe you wont fear them as much…oh, and have a lucid dream and make friends with some spiders to :content:

heh I also have a “fear” of spiders…well actually I’m not affraid but grossed out by them…I hate spiders… :grrr:

Well try this…When you have a lucid dream , vissualise a big spider in front of you ( that would be an embodyment of the fear ), say to yourself: There’s a huuuuge mallet ( hammer like thing ) in my pocket,take the mallet out and BLAM!!! KKND the spider :content:

hope it works :wink:

KKND - Krush,kill n’ destroy :content:

I throw most spiders outside, unless it is poisonous and has bitten me. I don’t like flies, ants, or bees though.

Good luck with trying to overcome your fear of spiders through LD. I hate spiders with a passion.

I’m sorry to offend any of our insect friends but if I see a spider it WILL die. There is no chance that the flippin’ thing is going to have a chance to walk on me while I sleep. Hell no!

I have tried and tried to overcome my fear of them when I go lucid but seriously I don’t know what happens that they creep me out so much that I panic and Wham! it’s a normal dream.

If you do something that helps let me know. Please!

Aww… come on. I actually like spiders the best out of all the creepy crawlies that come in our house. I’d let them stay if it were up to me, but my mom FREAKS OUT if one is even in the same room. I’m the Official Bug/Lizard/Snake/Frog/Everything Else Smaller Than A Cat Catcher. :razz:

In LDs you can just let them crawl on you a bit to get used to the feeling I guess. (I can sense readers of this post shivering.) Or just watch them a bit and see that they mean you no harm. I dunno… best of luck with that! :mrgreen:

I don’t have a “fear” of spiders. I have this huge omg this horrible phobia of them. Ahhh literally shakes. Horrible horrible. I can’t even catch em or kill em. Im like the woman in cartoons when she sees a mouse! Except i run like a little girl in the opposite direction cursing! Its official that i cannot enter a room that has been infected for atleast 3 months! #@!%$ mother &%@~# errrrr. Im sure Fix was showing me horrible pictures of spiders on irc…i nearly nearly wanted to scream!

Is there something wrong with you Lobo?! I’m ready to throw up. :thud:

Heh I love lizards especially iguanas ( they are so cute ) but i hate bugs and that sort of shit :grrr: