consciousness between lucid dreams

Often, when my lucid dreams fade, I think about waking up and can feel mysef in bed but am in a black void where I can’t move or see. Here, I have a choice of waking or continuing sleep. When I dont awake, I find myself in a new dream that is usually lucid because I remember being lucid in the dream before. This cycle can repeat several times, and when I finally awake, I feel as if several days could have past when it has been less than an hour. I am wondering if this is a common experience and, how to OOBE from the in between dream state. I apologize if this has been previously discussed.

Im afraid i wont be of much help here.All my OOBEs were totally spontanous and due to my lds preparation practices.
As to your first question…it is very common.Actually its even more than that.Time here and there feels different.Nobody really knows why theres this disortion.But ppl usually report that it could be similar to watching a movie where an action take place in a period of few years but we actually see it in 2 hrs.Might be that,might be something unolved about nature of time.
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The first question was mostly refering to the in between dream state, sorry if that was confusing.
Time distortion is indeed a very strange thing. Its a good feeling, especially when it’s strong enough to last for an extended amount of time.

So nobody else experiences this consciousness between dreams?

I have experienced that level of consciousness. I believe that it’s in level of NREM. You go into NREM and REM often during the night. You climb down and up on the REM cycle pattern (1, 2, 3, and 4… REM level).

You can use NREM stage to induce this type of OBEs. It also is helpful to WILD and reenter your dreams again.

That’s what I do and I end up having 2 or more LD’s because of re-entering technique.

Hopefully it is helpful to you. :wiske:

If indeed it is in NREM then maybe if you got good enough at it you could stay conscious the whole time you were asleep. Very interesting, I’d like find out more…

How exactly do you OOBE from this state DM7? I have gotten close a few times, but other times I find myself in another dream before I can really try. Any more info would be appreciated. Thanks!

Yes you can use NREM to be conscious through all night. I do that sometimes. It’s a nice tricky technique.

I think NREM as my opportunity to take a break and reenter when REM cycle begins again. You also sometimes can dream in NREM too. So, keep that in your mind when you’re conscious… just don’t move. Be very still and you’re mostly likely to jump back into REM as I call it, re-entering technique. It is useful if your dream ends prematurely and that you happen to stay in this deep NREM stage… you always can re-enter. You know what I’m saying? :wiske:

Anyways, to OBE in this level of NREM, there are many different techniques for that. Let me refer you to The BIG OBE topic part II. It has many good information. You also might want to look in part 1 too. It’s the common way… OBE’ing from NREM stage (or even REM stage too).

Hope I’m making sense here. :biggrin:

Sometimes after a lucid dream I’ll go into the “black void” type thing. I can feel the dream fading, and I only stay in that situation for a few seconds before… Well, I’m not sure what happens next. It’s just black and I can’t remember any more.


I know just what you are saying. The way it first happened for me was that my lucid dream was ending and I told myself I was waking up and I could feel myself ‘surface’ into my body but I entered the black void instead of reality. Then I re-entered like you were talking about. Do the NREM periods feel like they last a long time to you, or do they feel short? I will indeed check out the OBE topics. Thanks again!

NREM periods are where time is very distorted. It either can feel very long or short to me. In fact it seems that you can control that time distortation in this stage as well. You can speed it up or slow it down, but it requires some practices and a lot of concentration sometimes.

That’s where meditating experiences with deep trance(s) are useful for that. :biggrin:

Please let us know if you have any more questions. :smile:

I haven’t experienced the NREM for what seemed like a very long time, it only feels like a few moments that I am ‘surfaced’ before going into another dream. The feeling is very strange, being conscious in a dreamless sleep. Next time I will try to concentrate and make it last longer.
I looked through the OBE topics and I didn’t find any specific techniques for achieving it through NREM. If you have something that works for you I’d like to hear it. Im very interested in this. There should be more talk in the ‘advanced lucid dreaming’ thread! Thanks a lot for your responses DM7.

The time distortion must be similar to that of fainting. When I was between 14 and 16 years old, we used to faint all the time. Some times we would faint 10 times in one day. We used to sit in the sofa doing this, hyperventilating between our legs, head down, about 25 or 30 times, then rush up sitting and pressing all the blood up in our heads. (I am not advicing anyone to do this, it can be very dangerous they say, to the brain or the heart.)
When fainting, we would usually enter a false reality replica of the real world, where we said: “Damn, didn’t faint this time either. But I was so close!”. Then we would have a dream that could last for hours and hours. When coming back awake, we would wake to everyone laughing at us, because when fainting, your fase gets all mongo and you can look very stupid.
Anyhow, when fainting like that, you’re gone between 2 and 10 seconds (10 seconds being dangerously close to something bad I guess). This is a major time distortion, and would make us feel tired by the end of the day.

Another interesting thing is that when fainting, you are definately NOT in REM sleep, so what’s up with the dreams???

When my LD’s stop, everything goes black and I wake up instantly.
Is that the same black actually?