Corona situation influencing your dreams?


I had to laugh when I read the cartoon, because of the joke, but then I realized that corona has influenced my dreams already! I have had 2 dreams up to now where I’m in a crowded room and slightly panic about it, one is in my DJ, the other one is a vague memory.

it shows how the corona situation has entered my dream (next step is ofc to make it a dreamsign and become lucid from it, and who knows, may even be a relief for lucid dreamers to be able to be around other folks and hugging people, in a dream :slight_smile:

Which brings me to my Question: have you noticed corona related dream themes/dreams? Please share :slight_smile:

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Two weeks ago I had a dream where classes had been suspended for some time, and were finally resuming. The reason was not specified, but this was a reference to the corona situation.

No corona influence in my dreams so far. Still, it’s been kind of a stressful streak of dreams lately.

Both the opening hours of the shop and my hours have been cut because of this. The news situation itself doesn’t get into my dreams, but changing my work schedule is the most effective way to kill my dream recall.

Last night actually, I dreamed that I had to go out to the grocery store to resupply. I became very nervous after I got there and realized I had forgotten my gloves and mask. :fearful:

Yeah, that xkcd is pretty topical for me at least.

Had one where I went to the shop and a DC started touching my forehead asking if I was ok. I was yelling “Get off me!!” and wanting to get away from him.

Daughter has had a few about visiting / socialing and realising she shouldn’t be doing it.

In waking life I worry a lot about corona, because I’m in the risk group. Strange that it still hasn’t shown up in my dreams. I should be glad I guess.

I actually dreamt about it this morning, but I can’t remember what I dreamt. All I remember is waking and thinking, “huh, I should put this dream in that topic”. And promptly falling back to sleep. :eh:

I’ve noticed having plenty of apocalyptic dreams lately but they have been fun for me. No dreams related to the real-life pandemic we are actually having right now.

It shows up fairly clearly in my dreams:

2020-04-08 Fear dream.
2020-04-18 Dreaming of food shortages
2020-04-20 Places marked out with social distancing tape
2020-04-26 Set in a hospital
2020-04-27 Fear dream.

Well, had my first corona influenced dream last night. Coughing up dried blood, being unable to breathe etc. Fun stuff.

I also had my first mention of the virus last night in my dream, titled “Z’s Dad”. It was only a dream fragment, I had poor dream recall this morning. It was just a DC reminding me of the virus and social distancing, nothing too crazy haha. I’m surprised it hasn’t influenced my dreams way more though ! :no_mouth:

I’ve had a few dreams where I’m in a public place (like a store or something) and think something like “this is odd…I’m not supposed to be in a public place like this, so close to people for some reason…right?”

Should really trigger me to do an RC but, alas…

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Of my remembered dreams, I think I’ve only had one that vaguely referenced the virus and that was one where I was waling home from the grocery store on my day off from work vaguely remembered as being a holiday for my students, and talking to my parents who encouraged me to buy ice cream from the man who sells ice cream on the street near their house as an extra sign of support because the economy has been hard on him and he isn’t making much money [vaguely implied because of the disease]. None of the details by the way reflected my WL truth other than the fact that I have and live close to my parents. And the virus.

I read this before sleeping yesterday and i became lucid in a corona dream!

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Daww hehe :blush: that’s great! This made me smile, -and you did the quest! Great!

I had one the other night about watching three performers rehearse for some kind of benefit concert to raise funds for COVID but that’s the first time I’ve noticed it appear directly in my dreams personally… I wonder if the change in routine because of the whole situation is impacting my recall somewhat though. Last few weeks it hasn’t been as reliable as usual…

I just had one of those school dreams again. It was the first day of the new year and I was moving from one class to another. Then I realized that I forgot my respiratory mask in the last classroom and went back to fetch it. Next class was biology, that would be too ironic to forget it in that one.

I had one of these dreams this morning. In the dream, I’m walking along a logging road and see a jogger coming up the hill from the other direction. I step off onto a trail that goes into the forest to keep my distance from him, but somehow end up inside a convenience store. There’re people trying to get to the shelves and the refrigerators at the back, and they all have to get right in my face when they walk past me as if they are unaware of the world situation or just don’t care about inconveniencing others.

Meanwhile, I’m just trying to stay far away from them while making my way to the front door as directly as possible, which actually means having to go way out of my way because everyone is right in the middle of the store. Then I step outside (the door opens toward the logging road again) and see a man lying on the ground.

That’s the first time having this kind of “crowded place” dream for me, but the graphs that have been in the news with the case numbers have shown up in my dreams a couple of times already.

Last night …

‘Room on Top’

RL buses have announced bus limits and strict social distancing. Double decker limit is 20 passengers.
I’m waiting at the bus stop with my eldest sister, we are holding coffee cups. The bus arrives. Lower deck is ‘full’, all the authorised seats are taken.
The driver says, “There is room upstairs.”
I hand my cup to my sister. She goes ahead of me. When the steps turn, she morphs into my eldest son.
I reach the top deck the bus is packed! :nuu: ALL the seats are taken, my son is sat on an aisle seat. He is looking forwards and not moving. I have a false memory of people being randomly frozen in ice… I rush to him and hit the ‘ice’ releasing him.
I shout, “We have to get off at the next stop!”

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