Could I have your Number?

2222 I didn’t see it on the list

This is a pretty good idea…

I’m 1565…

I just randomly pressed numbers one night on my computer… (I was bored) When I just pressed 1565. I liked the feel of it, since 5 is the key after 4 which is torn out of my laptop. I kept pressing 1565 until I just couldn’t get it out of my head!

(It’s also my private server on AQWorlds… SHH!) Oh, and please call my number… I am having 6 month LD withdrawals!

2222 and 1565, you are soon on the list :cool_laugh:

Too bad it isn’t sticky’d… it pretty much died after the 26th…

My number would be 4605 :tongue:

I checked the list and the number is your since I didnt see another having it. Soon the number is on the list, as soon as a mod puts it in there :cool:

It’s the last 4 digits to my REAL phone number!!
/me says "shhhhhh… :wink: "

Heck, why not. Make my number 1021. :grin:

:yes: its yours. Itss going into the list soon.

I hope that these numbers do get on the list soon…

It only comes in to the list as soon a mod reads this thread and put the numbers in there :wink:

EDIT: They still havent put the numbers in the list :sad:
EDIT 2: Nothing new in the list yet :wolfbite:


Feel free to call :wink:

3575 :ok:

I’ll give this a try one of these days.

I dont get the point of this? Who is seriously going to remember peoples numbers. Hell, i cant even remember my own!

Either way, can i change my number to 1000? Thanks. :tongue:

im 4652. its my bike locks passcode. dont tell anyone

:woo: A little bit of madness never did no harm to noone:
I choose 6507 :content:

/me goes to California and tests every bike lock… MWAHAHAH

oO kt4all called me and sayed he wanted to try out the functionalityof this methodx…
also sent a password :. . anything ?

What was the password? and has my number been changed?

did it get you lucid Sakoda?

My number may be 7847