Counting Fingers Technique

I was wondering. When you count your fingers in your dream…you have more than 5 or less right? So i was wondering if you have more which finger is doubled on your hands? I always have two thumbs or two middle fingers or pointy fingers. Thats all. How many do you guys have. If you have less than 5 then which fingers or finger is missing? :shy:

I have only tried that once… I had 7 fingers, but they all looked the same except for my thumb I’m not helpful am I? :tongue:

I had about 6 fingers, They were all different lengths and in different places, so my middle finger wasn’t where it should be exc. I did only have 1 thumb though

mine are normal :eek: is that normal?

My favourite RC, very quick and (to me) effective.
I usually have 6 normal looking fingers.I can´t really tell which is doubled, since I don´t look at my whole hand at once but at each finger, one after another while counting.And then there is simply one more than there should be, so perhaps it´d make sense to say that my little finger is doubled, also it doesn´t look that little.More like the ringfinger


I personally find this RC technique really scarry! I’ve never had more or less than 5 fingers on each hand in my LDs. If I realized I had more I’d probably start screaming and wake up… what a nightmare! :panic:

I have 8 or 9 fingers every time I do the RC. (not in RL of course)

I have fingers growing out of my fingers, twisted everywhere. But I’ve never counted, I will. This is my frav RC.

lol, light switches don’t work for me, and reading also doesn’t work very well. But trying to remember the past is exellent.

I had 7 last time I checked, they kept duplicating to the right!

exactly. my always duplicate to the right. never the left. and i think that when people dont have more or less than 5 fingers in a dream…they expect that they wont so they dont. like me i expect to have 6 fingers…but i dont expect to have 2 thumbs :peek:

When I tried to count my fingers in a LD some time ago, they changed into little snakes. Two of them melted together, so if you take snakes for fingers, I had 4 of them :smile:

Oh my God! :eek: Yeah I’m affraid something like that might happen… no ‘fingers coutning technique’ for me then! I just couldn’t take it! :bored:

When I had LD not long ago I slowly looked at my left hand and I had 5 fingers! I just thought ‘Thank God’ and went flying out through the window.

My hands/fingers are usually normal now, so that reality check does not really work anymore

I take back what I said in my previous post… I’ve tried this many tomes… don’t know what I was thinking… anyway sometimes I only have 5

my Dream Self is a doofus… one time I dreampt I pulled into a parking spot at school in my car, then thought “gee you know I don’t remember leaving home today… weird… I remember you can’t remember the past if you’re dreaming… hmm my hands are normal I’m not dreaming”

among other things in that dream that should have given me a clue I was dreaming :

A huge roundabout where the first intersection in town used to be
When I looked at myself in the mirror, I appeared to be someone else
I saw my cousin and he didn’t look like himself and had lost all his hair
my car wouldn’t rev past 2500 rpms(mechanical failure… classic dream sign… duh!)

anyway yeah I was having an especially dumb dream that night… woah how did I get off topic?

I find I have more than five fingers, although I try not to count individualy, because when I do I always find five fingers and any extras look like they are a consequence of being crosseyed or something. But a quick look taking in the whole hand rarely turns up one standard hands assignment of fingers.

My fingers are always normal, but I normally lack the scar I have on my left hand in an LD…

When I used to use this RC, before it stopped working for me, I’d usually count 6 or 7 fingers. I tended to have another one somewhere around the middle of my hand… It was usually longer than the others, and kind of crooked and bent… Kind of gross, I know, but I didn’t care because I had realized I was dreaming :cool:

Then this technique abruptly stopped working for me. In my dreams I only saw five perfect little fingers, and would no longer become lucid… So I switched to the watch technique a few days ago. :grin:

hmm, the nice thing about it is that it doesn´t seem to depend on my attitude towards the test.It doesn´t matter wether I believe that it might be a dream.I did this test when I was fully convinced to be awake, I did it without expexting anything special, without even really concentrating on it.Just like you do with habits.
But to my surprise I wasn´t dreaming…


The counting fingers technique is my main RC. It works for me all the time. In fact…all my LDs were possible because every LD i had i used the Counting Fingers RC. Maybe one day it will stop working for me…I dont know. My backup main RC is the clock thing :shy:

Yeah… When the counting fingers technique stopped working for me, I was really surprised. I had been using it successfully for months and then suddenly it didn’t work. I tried it again in my next dream – no luck. It was really strange… Hopefully it won’t stop working for you.