Crazy Clocks

I’m not sure if it’s the right part of the forum (change it, if necessary :happy: ), but there’s something weird that always happens to me:

It apparently started last year. Every day, almost every time I look at a clock, it will be either with a double number (such as, for example 13:13, 22:22) or it will be an interesting number combination or palindrome (21:12, 13:31).

Does this happen to anyone else?

The one that happens mostly is the double number, though, of course, I also get “normal” number combinations.

The strangest part of all this is that say, at least 1 in 3 looks to a clock (I mean, if I keep looking repeatedly on purpose it won’t happen… I mean the “accidental” looks), one of these will happen.

The chance of that happening is 1/60 per hour, and if you consider that in some days I get this over 5 times, it’s something to pay attention to. Sometimes it’s just a few seconds away from changing to the right number, or it changes when I look.

Makes me wonder… Do I tend to look at clocks every 61 minutes? Strange thoughts :razz:

Hasnt happened to me, it sounds too weird to be real :razz:

What my problem with the clock is that the clock is 13 minutes after the REAL time, which is annoying :wallhit: my problem is not as crazy as yours, but it still goes wrong.

Too strange if you ask me, maybe your SC wants to see these combinations, often on the evening my alarm clock shows 11:11 when I look at it or 1:11 But it hasnt ever happened on this forum :razz:

lol hasn’t happened to me tho sometimes the minute changes when I do a reality check so i do it again to make sure

How odd. I don’t know, nothing odd ever happens with clocks around me. Even in my dreams they are normal. The only thing that ever happened was a good while back, and I looked at a clock and it said 11:00, then blinked and it said 5:00. I was in a position where I couldn’t have fallen asleep (without sore muscles at the very least, which I didn’t have) and I got up and sure enough it was 5AM. That only happened once though.

I didn’t pay much attention to the forum clock really, it usually happens to other clocks :smile: Still, makes me wonder what my SC would want to see with the doubled numbers. Ideas?

o_o wow… Never happened with me. By the way, I don’t remember looking at clocks in my dreams… I think once, around a year or more ago (I remember it vaguely) I looked at my cellphone clock in a dream and it was normal, but other than that, no clocks ever show up in dreams… I guess next time one shows up I’ll surely become lucid :razz:

Err…sometimes :smile:
I can’t explain it…

This actually happened to me for a while, only in a different way. It was interesting because it was a little before they started advertising for the film, the Number 23.
I never actually saw the film, but it seemed to me that that number was “haunting” the character in the movie.
One of my friends told me about this strange coincidence that kept happening to her, and it was making her paranoid. Whenever she looked at a clock, digital or otherwise, the same number kept appearing, or the reverse digits of the number appeared. And not only was she seeing this on clocks, but all over.
When she told others (including myself) about it, the numbers began haunting us as well, and when we told others, they saw those same numbers all over the place too.
I won’t tell you the number, because I’m sort of superstitious about that, but I’ll tell you one thing… the number wasn’t 23.

:razz: interesting… I looked around for 23s after watching Number 23, but mostly for fun. Didn’t find as many as the guy from the movie, though :happy:

Jim Carrey isn’t a good character for thrillers :sad:
I didn’t see the movie.
Just watched the clock a few secs ago: 21:30


You probably fellasleep, but forgot that you fell asleep. Once I was in my bed at around 8:45’ish. (I go to sleep early so I won’t be tired at school.) I could here people downstairs. I was just lying there, thinking. I could still here people downstairs. Suddenly my alarm went off. :eek: I was so confused! It was already 5:30!

double digits are suppose to mean something when you see them. I see them quit offten. It may be your spirit guid is trying to talk to you.

I thought that might have been the case, except for the fact that I was squatting on the balls of my toes when it happened, so I think I probably would have fallen over. Could be, because I have no clue what happened. :look: :shrug:

Im going to start seeing 9 everwhere. Ive noticed that in the past 2 years I start seeing that number like. Last year I was seeing 8, and having amazing coincidences around the number 8. Allso around spring Ive been expirancing alot of strange things happen. Its like a flood of the paranormal. Maybie its like the Mallinoum is a clock. 12 numbers on a clock, 12 months in a year. I have a feeling about the year 09, because 9 is the strangest number. It realy is a very fasinating number. You can do alot of things with that number. Have you ever seen like magic tricks using the number 9. It really is a magic number. I pay close attention to numbers. Im allways doing numberology, adding diggits up and all. I cant wait to see what this years holds.

I often see number 1 when I look at the clock, I dont mean the first 1 between 10:00 and 19:59 :tongue: I mean the other 1’s that show up :confused: and it comes often when I randomly look at clocks :scared:

I sometimes notice when the clock shows 22.22 for example. But that does not happen very often.

But twice it has happened that the clock I looked at almost literally exploded :content:. No, I didn’t have anything to do with it, I just looked at them and then BOOM :tongue:. I suspect a “practical joke” though, the main suspects haven’t confirmed my suspicions yet so I can’t be sure either.

I have already considered the “guide” approach, but if it’s a guide, what’s he/she telling? Am I doing things right or not? :razz:

I just must say this, often when I randomly look at clocks their last numbers often are 7 :confused: I dont know why, but this has happened lastly and besides I dont care about number 7 :sad:

i sometimes see triple/quadruple numbers on clocks (at this exact moment right now the time is 11:10 >.> one minute away from 11:11…) usually i see the exact hour eg. 9:00, 10:00, 5:00, etc.
haha once i looked in the mirror to see the time on my bedside clock, i read it as 5:25 but it was actually 2:52 because the 5 looks like 2 backwards and vice versa. of course i did a reality check just to make sure

Hmmm I suppose I’ll use clocks for RCs, then. :happy: Maybe that’s the point of seeing those numbers.

Hey Guys,

During my waking life when I walk past a digital clock and look at it I never see the clock say something like 21:32, it’s always 21:21 or 1:11. When I am on the computer and typing away or reading the net, I would just look suddenly at the clock in the bottom right corner of the screen and it would to read 10:10 or 5:55, it’s never 20:05 or 1:32 but always the same digits 21:21. When I do look at the clocks always it’s not like a conscious decision. I mean if I look it now and I just did because I am thinking about why this phenomena happens there is nothing unusual at this point as the clock reads 17:53. But when I am not thinking about this phenomena and tend to look at the clock everyday about ten times a day the digits are always the same. Never in any of these days has the clock reading been 21:53 or 22:51, like I said above it’s always the same digits. or sometimes 12:21 as you can see that’s back wards. How is it I am able to do this???

I really would like to know?

I have had this ability for many years now and I think I did mention it a long time ago on here but never really got an answer.

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