Cycle Adjustment Technique

Title changed to make it clearer and so that it will be found more easily. Was: “CAT?”


Simple question: Has anyone here tried the Cycle Adjustment Technique? I was extreemely surprised to discover that even after five minutes of searching I could not yield a single thread (that still exists) about the technique. Why?

I didn’t even know what CAT was, but I just searched for it and I found this on wikipedia. I never tried it myself, but it seems as a nice idea to do. Only I don’t like to stand up earlier and don’t sleep after that anymore. It would probably get me tired during the day.

I thought wikipedia made CAT sound very appealing, especially for those who want a systematic, and higly effective approach. It really makes perfect sense.

Very interesting. It seems to be effective, although it requires some thought and effort :peek:

So it is basically WBTB with a twist? It certainly makes sense but some people value their sleep too much! :bored:

If you practice WBTB you go back to sleep after you woke up. Here you just stand up earlier and don’t go to sleep again after that if I got it right. Going back to bed is one of the basic things for WBTB, so it is certainly something different.

Oh, ok.
Even less sleep than with WBTB then! :eek:

i bet it’s also possible to WBTB directly after the 90 minutes of your sleep-time you spend awake every other day. In this way it may be possible to effectively ld once every night instead of every other night.

i knew I had seen it before,

it’s in the archive:


Quote what the method is, it was first posted on the lucidity institute forum:

So far, the other methods aren’t working for me, so I’ll test this for all of us and see if I succeed.

I am very interested in this method, but because of my college schedule, and virtually no regular sleep-wake cycle I don’t think I can try it right now. Too bad I didn’t hear of it durin gthe summer when I worked regular days.

What’s a mild REM rebound effect?

REM rebound occurs when you have deprived yourself of REM sleep for a period of time. This may result in longer rem periods and very vivid dreaming as your mind makes up for all the lost dreaming. This often happens as a result of sleep deprivation or the use of medication/drugs.

Just so everyone knows, I will be starting Stage 1 tonight, if you’re curious how my progress will be going.

Also, I reread the directions for Stage 1. So basically, you deprive yourself of sleep for a week then give it back to yourself, and you should be better at lucidity? So simple, but it’s not a major technique.

Am I the only one who will be trying this?


this is hard. I keep falling back asleep when I wake up. I have yet to wake up 90 minutes earlier and stay awake. I think I’ll just stick to DILD again…

It’s working so far

i am having the same problem :sad:
I also realized that daylight saving time/summer time is going to screw up the sleep pattern I am trying so hard to set!

Then just wait until it comes

Also, I just noticed you can use CAT and other methods together (except WBTB)

I moved this into an other topic about this subject :content:

hello, this is a post about another technique to induce lucid dreams. I copied and pasted it from wikipedia, and it looks like it might work:

The cycle adjustment technique, developed by Daniel Love, is an effective way to induce lucid dreaming. It involves adjusting one’s sleep cycle to encourage awareness during the later part of the sleep. First, the person wakes up 90 minutes before normal wake time until their sleep cycle begins to adjust (Love suggests at least a week for this stage). During this 90 minute period regular reality tests are performed. After this initial period is complete, the normal wake times and early wake times alternate daily. On the days with the normal wake times, the body is ready to wake up and perform reality tests yet remains asleep and dreaming. These sleep cycle adjustments should create favourable psychological and biological conditions for lucidity.

Has anyone tried this and if not is anyone willing to try it?

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I did search this on the website and I didn’t show any matches that fit it. :neutral:
Some of you don’t know what the CAT technique is so here it is.

Stage 1

The Cycle adjustment and intensive habit formation period.
Duration - 1 Week.

The function of this stage is 3 fold:

a) To develop a habitual response triggered by and focused in a specific time period.

b) To adjust the mind-body cycle to promote an increased biochemical tendency towards awareness at a specific time.

c) Preparation for stage 2 of the technique.

For the success of this method it is vital a strict adherence to the regime is followed.

Stage 1 is to last 7 days and in these 7 days you are to do the following:

  1. Clearly define your regular bedtime (BT) and wake time (WT) and alter these only in accordance to these instructions.
  2. Adjust your regular wake time so that you shall be awakening 90 minutes earlier, this new time shall be referred to as the adjusted wake time (AWT.) Set your alarm to awaken you at the AWT for the duration of STAGE 1.
  3. Each night at BT clearly set the intention to awaken at the AWT and follow the task set for this period:
  4. Upon being awoken by your alarm at the AWT you are to get up and do whatever you wish for the next 90 minutes (you will NOT be returning to bed) HOWEVER whilst going about your business in these 90 minutes you shall perform a REALITY TEST every 2 to 5 minutes (use a reminder such as an electronic egg timer if this helps.)
  5. Once the 90 minutes are up (this is your regular WT) proceed with your day as usual. You can if you wish REALITY TEST throughout the day but this is entirely optional(but no doubt beneficial.)
  6. Repeat this task for the seven day period and then move to stage 2.

As you can see you are developing time specific reality tests and adjusting the time at which your body-mind “gears up” (increasing activity/chemicals in the various awareness centers to promote the required awareness for awakening.)

Now we are ready for STAGE 2


Lucid dream induction period.
Duration: ongoing.

The function of this stage is 8 fold.

d) Continue the time specific habitual response development.

e) Create a mild REM rebound effect to increase the Strength, Length and Clarity etc… of the used REM period.

f) Induce lucid dreams.

g) Focus lucid dreams to occur in the longest REM period.

h) Fluctuate the sleep wake cycle.

i) Promote a bio-chemical tendency towards awareness within a specific REM period.

j) Perform the time specific habitual reality tests within REM.

k) Increase the likelihood of awakening directly from and remembering the Lucid Dream.

Stage 2 is an ongoing process, to be repeated daily. It is important not to miss any days practice. If the technique is to be used over long periods (several months) the occasional ‘top up’ of a repeat of Stage 1 may be required. If the technique is stopped for any reason, it is important upon re instigation to start again from stage 1.

Stage 2 is in two parts. Each day you are to alternate between Part A and Part B. That is to say:
On monday:part a - Tuesday:part b - wednesday part:a - Thursday part:b etc. etc. ad infinitum


This is simplicity in itself.

At bedtime clearly state the intention to follow your time specific habitual reality tests at the AWT.
HOWEVER set your alarm clock to awaken you at your REGULAR WT.

As far as your mind is concerned you have set the intention to awake at AWT and intensively reality test. You will however not be awoken by your alarm (as it is set for your regular WT)
Hopefully the following should occur:
The AWT arrives, your mind has geared up for awakening but receives no external cue (the alarm) so remains asleep - however, your body-mind clock is primed to increase awareness and perform its intensive reality tests at the AWT. This coupled with a mild REM rebound (from the earlier wake time of previous night) should result in a long period of REM in which your mind is set at increased activity AND in a time period that you have designated and installed as the habitual intensive reality test period.

Alternatively you may awaken naturally at the AWT - if this occurs remain still, remind yourself of your intention to intensively reality test and attempt to induce a WILD with your preferred method.


This is identical in all respects the method outlined in stage 1. Simply awaken at the AWT perform intensive (every 2 to 5 minutes) reality tests for 90 minutes. The only difference is you only perform this on the 1day rather than the 7 - as tomorrow you shall return to stage 2 part A.

each day henceforth alternate between STAGE 2 PART A and STAGE 2 PART B.

Due to the odd number of days in the week you will find that each consecutive week part a and part b shall fall on different days (one week monday is A next week B etc…) Also you will notice within each fortnight one week shall contain 3 potential lucid dream periodswhilst the other shall have 4.

And that’s it. the CAT method. I do hope it is useful to you.

One Last Thing
Occasionally you may like to extended your regular WT (such as at the weekend) and have a longer sleep.
Of course this is not possible if this falls on a PART B day (and potentially negative for the whole method)
However the occasional WT extension on a PART A day may allow for longer REM/Lucid dream periods. Even so it should still be kept to a minimum as to not upset the sleep wake cycle too often.

sounds good but i need my sleep :content: