Dang! That was obvious!

In my dream I’m not lucid yet and I’m outside playing with old friends outside where I used to live. I walk back inside and someone is using my old computer. Now in RL I had unplugged the entire thing to make room for my new computer but this guy had put it back! I was angry and told him to move so I could turn it off and when I looked at the screen everything was right, it had the right amount of icons, it was windows 98, etc. I look back up at him and ask him why he turned it on and when I look back there are only 3 icons on the screen! Like small print in dreams, my computer screen had become unstable! That should’ve been an obvious one for me to become lucid, but for some dumb reason I didn’t! ARGH! :grrr: :help:

we have already similair topics so that’s why this one has been locked…