darkness ;c


Ok so this is killing me lol.

So far i’ve had two of the most vivid beautiful looking lucid dreams of me soaring through the sky uncontrolably i don’t know why i’ve been so lucky judging by my experience with lucid dreams, and getting an OBE on the go.

Alright so here is the nagging problem i was “soaring” through the sky peacefully
Then suddenly evrything just snapped, literally. Almost as if I had shut my eyes inntentionaly. Like if my lucididity was sucked away by immense darkness.

Ok so here’s where i woke up, happy and sad at the same time. [/center]
Does anyone know how to get back into the dream from this state? :help:

So you actually woke up after it became dark?

Chaining may work. link to a topic Also called DEILD.
Basically don’t move when awaking and attempt to re-enter the dream.

@Clust: Yea, i was then it became dark :u wich made me wake up instantly.

@Moogle: oh, thanks il definitly try tht!