Darxide’s EFT Lucid Dream Induction Technique

I think this one works because you sort of … influence your mind with that you will have a lucid dream, which is great! Then of course you’ll remember it in your dream because you’ve done it so many times. :smiley: I am going to bed right now actually, so I’ll try it now and maybe I will have good results straight away.

Thank you so much for sharing this.

No problem. :cheesy: Just remember to not try too hard. I’ve noticed I fail on the nights where I really try to exert ‘force’ of my will to ‘make’ it work. Instead I treat the affirmations as a sort of ‘suggestion’ to my subconscious. I feel like I don’t really care whether I succeed or not, but I expect to, and at the same time my mind is focused on how it would feel to become aware I am dreaming in various dream scenarios while I do this.

This has to be one of the easiest, yet most effective techniques I have ever done and I have ADD! :razz: If I can do this, anyone can.

I have been trying for about two weeks now with the technique WBTB but no success so far. I have also started to record my dreams and I have noticed that since I have been doing that I am remembering dreams better, usually one or two per night. Your technique looks promising. I am going to start using it. Hopefully I’ll have my first lucid dream soon.

Dear Darxide,
I knw EFT techniques as i hv learnt in a seminar. One query is that is it OK to tap on both sides of the eyes (Tapping Right side with right hand and left side with left hand) simultaneously? I learnt it that way.
One more query, i usually affirm in my meditation that i am more aware in my dreams. Is it OK to Switch over to Future tense ( When i am dreaming, I will realize that i am dreaming) while doing EFT? Wouldnt it be conflicting?

I sort of got into a lucid dream, but I suddenly came right out of it into a SP.
I’ve never ever had a SP before, even if I’ve done lucid dreaming for over 10 years. I heard this woman from my dream talking and singing happily while dancing around on the floor in my bedroom. I managed to open my eyes a little but there was nobody in my room even though I could hear her right there! It was strange and scary at the same time. :lol: I also remember that everything looked pink/purple. Hahahaha, I’ll try it again next night, this technique seems to be the real thing.

WBTB usually takes time to start working. That’s the technique I learned lucid dreaming with years ago. It wasn’t recently till I came up with this technique that I started having lucid dreams effortlessly and as consistently as I have been.

Please share your results with us! :cheesy: Good luck.

I’ve never tried that, so I can’t say whether it will work or not, but if you’d like, I’d be grateful if you could give that variation a shot and let me know if it still works. :cheesy:

Hahah, glad to see you’re already having results on your first night! The trick is to stay persistent with it. I found at first if it didn’t work one night, the next night I didn’t feel like doing it before bed. However, I made myself do it anyways and then it continued to work.

SP is pretty amazing isn’t it? :happy: Just don’t let yourself get too scared.

Ok, my first night went very well… I didn’t had any positive results with tech and I couldn’t remember any dreams in the morning…

And why is that very well? Well I was out with my friends and we drank and you know the story… I didn’t puke and I didn’t feel sick, so that’s why it went pretty well… :grin:

I used tech but I know why it didn’t work, it couldn’t work not even if it can… :grin: Tonight I’m home and I’ll try it more seriously this time… :shy:

Hahahahaha being wasted can definitely impair results. :tongue:

Dear Darxide,
Yest night i tried ur technique Ditto , as it is mentioned. I did 2 times and as i began to lay myself in bed, had some strange sensations, mild vibrations and a felling of disassociation from my body. I was scared to the core and shook myself off, even after that the vibrations continued. I determined to continue with it but constant biting by mosquitoes spoiled the fun…I ll try again tonight and post the result…Thx

I tend to bounce back and forth from almost no effort (and by almost, I mean none :content: ) to taking things a bit to far, I’m not sure if a pattern exists… :open_mouth: Experiment time!

EFT… I’ll go look into it :smile:

/me runs back to vampiregame :bat:

^ it really works!
i have been more rellying on WBTB but not much luck, using EFT more ofte now along with EFT and a glass of milk, works like a charm.

Three Doubts:

  1. While tapping body points, whether to keep eyes opened/closed?

  2. While tapping Gamut Point, whether to say affirmations and visualise u r LD?

  3. Whether to also tap ring finger (u did nt mention in ur post)?


Night #1: 20.11.2011

I wen’t to bed around 10 pm. Sitting on bed I preformed EFT tech and wen’t to sleep. I only used mantra for dream recall. I woke up at 3:15 [that’s my time for WBTB but I didn’t feel like getting up] and I remember 2 dreams. Not very long, just few scenes and I fall asleep, thinking on EFT technique.

It’s morning and I’m waking up, it’s around 9 am and I remember one more dream. I record it and get up after 10 more minutes of lying…

So this is first try and I’m satisfied with results… I have to say that I don’t remember much but the parts I remember seems like I had some kind of awareness, they weren’t just like any other mindless dreams…

Night #2: 21.11.2011.

Basically the same story as yesterday but this time from 3 dreams one was very detailed and more vivid then others…

Night #3: 22.11.2011.

I remembered 5 dreams, 3 were medium vivid and detailed 2 were just some fragments that I get because of constant waking up by ma parents! :cry:

Night #4: 23.11.2011.

Too much alcohol - I think I don’t need to say anything more… :shy:

Night #5: 24.11.2011.

Ok, this night I had around 3 dreams, one I remember but I lost the memory of other 2 because I had to wake up pretty early and didn’t had time to record the dreams, but that one dream was strange, very strange…

Night #6: 25.11.2011.

I don’t remember any dreams because I didn’t had time to record them and by now when I post this there is nothing let of those dreams… :neutral:

Night #7: 26.11.2011. :lucid:

Strange… After all week of using this tech and after the most exhausting day in whole week I had 2 LD. But I had some problems, which were described in this topic, if you are interested take a look and post your opinion. I prove to myself that this tech works and I will use it as add on to all other techs I was using before and I hope to have even better results! Thanks Darxide!

I’ve only had 1 real LD so I think I’ll try this tonight, sounds pretty cool.

you know, you should have figured to put up a link to the old topic for the people who have never read it (like me). how am i supposed to find it now, eh? :tongue:

should put it in your sig or something.

Sorry to say this, but each time I read the topic it sounds like:
Touch your fore head, touch your nose, hum old mc donald had a farm, stand on your hands, look left,bend your knees, look right, say halleluja, drink some water, open the curtains, close the curtains, stand on one leg, wave your arms and sing the national anthem, while continuously repeating in your mind “the next time I’m dreaming I’ll realize it’s a dream”.

I don’t say it doesnt work, but to me it looks like the real trick behind this technique is basically doing MILD, but additionally you’re overloading the conscious mind with tasks to allow the mantra to reach the subconscious.

I agree. I am curious to read the original topic. Link pls?

I just noticed the two topics were talking about the same technique so they’ve been merged together. Just read back to get an idea of how it works :content:

nice, Rhewin!

actually, i found the topic yesterday, but… i also tried it, and had no effect whatsoever. in the end, it’s just really overloaded MILD. it’s a variant of MILD. i’m happy it works for some people. but if MILD generally doesn’t work for you, you probably don’t have what it takes to convince your mind to have a LD. i think i’ll try again tonight, but i don’t know about it… i was pretty hopeful yesterday, but no result…

then again, i have serious trouble imagining becoming lucid while i’m tapping the points. that’s essential for MILD and probably this exercise as well. it might have only worked for you and your friends because they can vividly imagine it and plant it in their minds, and i can’t.

so basically it’s just MILD with a few props… however i think all of you who haven’t tried it should try it. everyone should try anything new that’s offered, and if it helps some people, it means it’s effective. i just don’t want you calling it some “magical” technique though… (cause in your posts you have said a couple times that it’s so effective, but then if you read the answers, you will notice that it did not work for most people who tried it, same as me)

still, congratulations on the new variant of MILD.

I think you’re missing the point BeRightBack, because the main part of this tech is EFT tech and if you do a research then you’ll see that EFT is basically for emotions and what lucid dream is then controlling your feeling and emotions… Doing MILD mantra and visualization is only add on to EFT. At least I think that, but like Darxide said it takes some time to see results of this tech…