Did anyone's digital watch RC fail b4?

In my LD last night, I looked at my watch as an RC, and became Lucid. I was in the corridor of a hotel, and I thought I was sorta invisible like a spirit or smthin. Anyway, I went in search of my friend and then when I met him I asked if he could see me. He said he could and I thought that maybe I wasn’t dreaming after all, so I checked my watch again. The digits read exactly 9:10 and 01 secs, 02 secs, 03secs…etc

How could that have been true? Dreams have no consistancy.
The failed RC threw me off totally! And I lost my LD.

However, after analysing a bit, I realised that I should have noticed that my watch was blue which was the colour of my old watch which spoilt and I threw it away. IRL, my watch is now black, although it’s the same brand and model like my old one.

Also, I did not look back at my watch again after that.

Anyone failed a similar check?

It may have been because you were ALREADY concious when you checked it. Did you expect it to jumble, or expect it to work correctly?

Archdreamer’s right, if you were already lucid, doing a RC wouldn’t have as much of an effect. In your case, none.

However, there have been a few times where I did a RC with my digital watch and the time looked normal. I guess your brain adapts after a while. :smile:

I looked at my watch when I was lucid and it was all weird it didn’t even show a time, although it is an analog watch.

In one dream I was lucid and looked at some text, when I looked back it was still the same, I did this a couple of times.

I think it is what you expect and how long you look away for.

For instance, computers work fine in my LDs, but only if i expect them (or will them) to…

It’s not enough to look at the watch, if the time is okay, you have to look away and then back at it, and see if the time changed…

I had sometimes, that the time remained consistent after the first look-away… Then I tried again, looked away and then back at the clock, and then it changed.

Digital watches’ not a RC for me…They always work with me, but never computers. The screen’s liquid! I got a high-level LD by sticking my finger into it :content:

One time, I will jump in and make it the computer of my mind! And I can make it do everything :grin:

Good idea on the computer part! The problem was that I suspected that I had “woken up” although the scene was not probable, so I did an RC to make sure I was still dreaming…
And everything was so real as it normally is in a LD, that I “tricked myself” back into a ND. :sad:

I was thinking if anyone could suggest more reliable RC, or I’ll just have to trust myself on whether I’m dreaming or not. :confused:
I suppose if you suspect that you had woken up, then you probably would not have woken up since there’s a very distinct barrier on the waking up part, compared to the falling asleep part… :bored:

Hope I’m correct! :grin:

Yeah and normally you won’t wake up somewhere on the street or at work or at the cinema ore … or … or :wink:

happens with me IWL :razz: i sometimes look at my watch
12:00, 0 seconds

Better use another Reality Check. I use Breathing method, which ALWAYS work. Try to hold your nose and breath. If you can, you are dreaming. It always works for me.

Well, almost always. Once I used it in a dream, and a DC almost convinced me that it was because of the bad quality air in the country I was in!

true true… Thanx for helping, guys!

No problemo, that what this place is for! :grin:

happened to me 2, there was this digital watch on the floor and the time was quite reliable, i only became lucid cuz i noticed i was floating