Distance healing

That sounds like an amazing experience! I am into holistic healing and other alternatives so I would like to hear more about it sometime.


I read about distance healing in The Eagle and The Rose by Rosemary Altea and was quite intrigued, so I also find it very interesting to learn that you are a healer. And like milod, I would love to hear more about it! :content:

uhm yeah, ok what do you want to know?

When i do distance healing i basically tune in to the person, i was sent a photograph, and then i tune in, and close my eyes, and the rest just happens. I see the energy and i know what is needed or i ask what is needed and then i give that. give is not exactly the right word as it passes through me. It is hard for me to put it into the right words. It is also hard for me to talk about it as I still have a feeling i have to hide this. But this topic may help me to get over that feeling.

I’ll split this into a healing topic, since it doesn’t have to do with coma.

do you have to LD or go into an altered state, or do you do it while awake and can feel it working?

no, i do it when i’m awake.

i think i go into an altered state, but i don’t know. It’s maybe like meditation.

It’s maybe a bit like daydreaming/visualisation/meditative state. But i’m ‘away’ so to say, bc when i’m doing that i can’t do anything else, or react on ppl around me.

Please explain more about this, like did you learn it totally or is it something that you were born with a tendancy towards. Does it have to do ith being an empath? And what do you think about that? Do you think it exsist? Is all you need a picture? How do you find the person?

“How do you find the person?”

I was wondering this too. Does it have to be someone you know?

“i was sent a photograph”

Do you mean this figuratively or literally? When I first read it, I thought you meant you meant you met a little girl in a lucid dream or originally knew her IRL and were praying for her. I’ve never heard of distance healing, that’s why I sound so stupid. :tongue: Sorry, but it sounds interesting.


I can understand why you are not comfortable talking about your gift. I think the more people talk about things like this more research will get done. Have you helped a lot of people like this? How is the girl doing now?

I discovered I could do this when I met my husband. I just put my hands on him and his pain left him, he felt totally relaxed etc. At that time I also begun a course in intuitive development/healing, that has given me some tools too. (you learn to meditate, feel chackra’s heal, etc. But differently than how I do it.)

If you mean by empath: you can feel other’s emotions? Then yes, it can have to do with that. (I’m an empath then). But it is more than that, because you have to tune in and do the healing, than just sitting and feeling other’s emotions.

Yes, for distance healing a picture makes it easier to tune in. Mind you, I didn’t do much distance healings. I mostly heal my husband and my stepdaughter. I have healed other’s too, but i still have feel i’m not stable enough myself to really go out and heal other people.

So, if i have a picture (this one was send to me digitally), i sat down across the computer. I just look at the picture and say ‘hello’ in my mind and ‘feel’ that energy. Then I feel the soul energy and i communicate directly to that. I get an image that I work with. In that case I felt the girl and got the image of the bed with her family around her. I asked her what she needed (If i remember correctly i believe it was ‘love’), and I send her love energy. She also told me to tell the others that they shouldn’t be so sad or worry about her because she was there with them (or something). So I mailed that person back and told what i saw and did.

I have done it once without a picture but it is really hard to keep being tuned in. When it is ppl I know well I can do it without picture.

see above :wink: No it doesn’t have to be someone i know.

Yes, literally, a photograph. can be digitall or ‘analog’ but i need image of the person.

I know i will help a lot of ppl with this in the future. (actually i can’t wait until it is that time, but i have to be patient). The girl, i have no idea, as it is someone i don’t know and i did it as a favour for someone who helped me.

thank you for asking the questions, i feel i really love to talk about it :smile:

I didn’t know you’re a distance healer… well are able of that. :smile: It’s interesting for me to read that post because mm I have some things that I don’t tell because I don’t want to become more busy with that and I’m afraid that I’ll be mmm teased. I want to be free. :smile:

I just wanted to say, Q… you’re not alone with that being uncomfortable about telling. :smile: I still can’t tell… I’m a wimp I guess.

I do feel comfortable telling that I’m empathic. I don’t mind, but other than that… I don’t unless I trust somebody and is in private. Know what I’m trying to say?

i totally understand you DM :smile: Thanks for sharing :smile:

i don’t have this feeling i don’t want to become more busy in this, rather the opposite, i have this longing inside for when that time will be…

Thanks pasQuale for answering my post. I’m going to see if I can find a class on chakras and such. It’s definitely something I’m interested in.

I’m not ashamed or uncomfortable about anything related to spirituality, thus I can say that I have done this as well, and that I’m pretty sure it actually works because I helped heal people I know pretty well.

The only people that will not believe it are those who did not experience it (I used to be like that too… lol).

/me teases DM7 :smile:

Hey Q, I’ve got arthritis… and there’s an image of me in the photo gallery… why don’t you try to heal me from a distance? :smile:

You know I was thinking, if you can do this for healing you can probably hurt someone like this too. Not that I would ever try! :eek: Does the person have to allow you to do this for them? Or is my overly paranoid nature coming through? :eh:

yes. before starting a healing i always ask if i’m allowed to do healing. If person doesn’t want it (even though he says he wants it, but subconsciously/soul level it can be a ‘no’) then i don’t do anything. If somebody asks me for a healing and i tune in, and i ask on soul level, and i still get a yes, then the healing will start.

dePerc, i have to think about that. I’ll get back to you.

LOL well, I think I feel uncomfortable because I’m in a state where it’s considered a work of devil. :razz: So I am kinda living 2-faced life… know what I’m saying? So I’m still kinda paranoid when it comes to online unless I trust somebody. :smile:

Oh man, thats too bad :sad: , I only worry about people thinking I’m crazy…they do anyway so I just go with it…but I would have the hardest time with people trying to tell me what’s evil. I would be out on my lawn first thing going skyclad in a circle with altar and all. I just hate that s*** :grrr:

Distant Healing… < that sounds so nice. Espeacialy since most of the peolpe I am emotionaly close to are far away.
We are all connected, no doubt.
I myself have learned how to heal people when they are infront of me, using energetic visualizations and hand placements…but I have not tried distant healing besides praying(which is also a healing thing)

I learned that we are all healling tools. Like we are not specificaly The
Healer, but we can learn to channel Healing energies through our bodies and out to the one who needs the healing.

Some people can do this easily(pasqual), but I am sure that healing in this manner is something that is natural to all creatures, though it has gone unconscious to most of the human race.

If anybody wants to start ‘remembering’ how to heal, remember that Love and Intention are the most important guide lines.

Distant Healing… < that sounds so nice. Espeacialy since most of the peolpe I am emotionaly close to are far away.
We are all connected, no doubt.
I myself have learned how to heal people when they are infront of me, using energetic visualizations and hand placements…but I have not tried distant healing besides praying(which is also a healing thing)

Do you mean Reiki? I wonder, they must be basically the same thing, right?