Do know that feeling?

Do you know that feeling when you know you’ll be lucid ? I’m so sure I even don’t why!

There is no need for the mind to answer the workings of things for them to exist, like you don’t have to (and probably can’t) explain in detail how you breathe or walk, even if you can do it with extreme ease.

Believing you can is enough.

Well it was kinda retorical question, but did you felt ever the feeling?

A few times, yes. It brought amazing LD’s ^^ although I tend to base myself off some more reliable source for LD’ing, like actually inducing that feeling before bed.

Oh great! Thanks!

Heck yeah! If I’m able to induce that feeling before bed it’s almost a 100% garantee I’ll get lucid :tongue:

WOW I’m so glad! I’m going to sleep in half an hour and I have this feeling 3 hours in a row for now !

Weird…I had no LD , I believed so much! it’s not make sense, is it a dream?

I’m not fully understanding what you’re saying, but are you talking about the feeling of excitement just before becoming lucid? It happens to me and then I find it hard to stay asleep.

Also but not just that.The feeling that you know that you’ll lucid dream, you’re so sure!

Oh yes, i know that feeling. :cool_laugh:

I usually get it while walking home from work. It is as if i remember and imagine what it feels like to be lucid. It has given me a LD almost every time.

:yes: Ive had the feeling :happy: I few LD’s were induced by this feeling :tongue:

However I have hard to control when to get this feeling :meh:

You should check my idea then. :tongue:

Oh yeah it’s Great!

i felt pretty tranquil before sleeping the night i got my second. less urge more silent belief.

Exactly! Good job :content:

Don’t let this get you down! The fact that it might not work every single time doesn’t mean you should stop believeing and feeling like it will!

You right! Anyway I found what my problem was…I was over excited and stressed myself! Which I shouldn’t do!