Imagine the Feeling

People always ask what technique I use and I always have to tell them I use willpower. I expect the LD. I will use the odd technique here and there though. Whichever’s more convenient.
One thing that I do do frequently though is imagine the feeling of getting lucid. Imagine that feeling of realization when a ND turns into a LD. Imagine the excitement and get into that state of mind. If you’ve had a LD before, you’ll know how it felt. Well, remember that feeling before you go to bed. It’s giving your subconscious a very clear idea of what has to happen that night. I find feeling is a ton more effective than repeating some words over and over. Your subconscious works better with emotions anyway.
Obviously this will only work if you’ve already had at least one LD.

Hope this was helpful. :smile:

I usually use a mix of words, visualization, and feeling before sleep. Best to cover all corners, right? ; D

wow thanks :happy:

I’ll try this tonight

I’ll try this tonight [2]

Sounds good, worth a try :smile:

Simple yet powerful. It is actually one of the best techniques, used by LD’ers who can induce at will, together maybe with confidence and visualization (and you may or may not cram LL in too :razz:).
Even by itself, it still works wonders, and it has served me well so far. Lucid dreming is all about getting into the right frame of mind, and what could be better for this than your emotions? :content: This is indeed a ridicously powerful technique, i really wonder what i was thinking back, when i tried meaningless mantras :tongue:
Have fun with this technique, and dream on! :wink:

I couldn’t agree more! :smile: Sometimes I have problem getting to that state of mind, though… it’s like I forget to put in all the “emotional efort” or maybe I get distracted, not sure :neutral:

But I think if I can reach that state of mind where I almost feel that excitement of being lucid while still awake it’s a 99% chance I’ll get a LD

Sounds good :smile: will try tonight.

So KingOmar, what were your results? Were you able to LD?

The feeling is the same for me as when i go shopping for food, and suddenly remember something i was supposed to buy. It is just a lot stronger when it is in a dream. :cool_laugh: Sometimes i imagine being lucid while i for example walk form work, and imagine what i would do if it was a lucid dream right now. It gives a LD in almost 9 out of 10 cases, but it could also be that the same situation that gives a LD in the night gives that feeling in the day.

Wow, that hit me pretty profoundly! I was just shopping an hour or so ago, and as I walked by some envelopes, I was hit by that, “Hey, oh yeah, I need these too” and reading that ^^ , I agree it is the same feeling, just not as intense! (or maybe just not as rewarding :lol: ) That could be a good intro for the beginner who has yet to experience their first lucid dream :smile:

I imagined getting lucid last night…
But just for like 2 seconds.

I doubt that’s the reason I got 2 lucid dreams :tongue:

I think that this is a technique that works pretty well for me too. It seems more reliable than a lot of the other techniques out there. I suppose it makes a lot more sense and is a lot easier though if you already know what its like to become lucid! :tongue:

I wonder if the feeling of being thankful for the lucid dreams while falling asleep falls into this catagory? Maybe even saying thank you included with a lucid affirmation before sleep? But saying it with a confindence and patience in your subconscious mind that’s unsurpassed. I read a line here somewhere that said the sub mind deals with emotion.

Welcome Bellcross! :wave:
All these things can certainly raise the possibilities of a LD, but in order to talk about a technique, it must be some time-consuming :tongue: and by that i mean techs are mostly geared to acheive a certain state of mind (mainly intent, concentration, and inner peace) and keeping it until you fall asleep.
And yes, subconscious does not speak in words, but rather in images, rememberings and emotions, so it’s easier to influence it with this rather than mantras (of course, if you really mean that mantra, it’s a completely different story).

This sounds like a really good idea Wyvern!

I’ve decided to start practicing that moment of realization ‘the Aha! moment’ in waking life, see if I get more LD’s.

actually i had my first LD by the described by Wyvern,now i use it with WBTB and had 4 LDs in 4days :happy:

I gotta say this struck a familiar cord in me. I haven had a controlled LD yet , just a brief 1 second “AHA IM DRE-” wake up. But as i study “mantras” I feel silly because when i say the words over and over the phrase becomes a meaningless scramble of phonectics.

When i do what u suggest like “imagine the feeling” not “say word” i get an emotional tatoo that just kinda hangs out in my mind. will let you know if i LD

I will try this today!!

Just wanted to chime in and say that I have tried most of the techniques on here and none of them gave me an ld, except imagining the feeling. Sometimes I’ll just imagine myself doing something and realizing im dreaming, I didn’t do it that often but it is what caused me to have my first long lucid dream, it took 4 months or so but I finaly got my wish and what made it awsome was that I got it without trying to have one and on christmas morning, i was pretty ecstatic great christmas present. In the dream I looked at a light switch and told myself when i turn it on the light is going to be green, I flipped the switch and the light wasn’t green but definaltely wasn’t it’s normal color I didn’t even reality check i instantly knew i was dreaming, it last for about 30 minutes rl time and while i wasn’t able to fly i did quite a few really cool things.