Do you do forbidden things in your dreams?

There are things that are wrong that i want to do in lucid dreams. does anyone do bad things in their dreams when they are 100% lucid?

That is a good question. My initial thought upon reading the topic headline was yes, of course I do! But upon remembering things I’ve done in LDs, I couldn’t recall anything that was illegal per se. I’ve definitely done things that are impossible, implausible and immoral, but I don’t think I’ve ever done anything that’s strictly speaking illegal. But there are borderline cases. There is no law that I know of that penalizes causing havoc with magic powers, but if this was a concern in real life, I’m sure it would be illegal. :lol:

However, I think legality is absolutely no show stopper for me and in NDs I’ve definitely done illegal things like stealing something or blowing stuff up.
But I guess your question boils down to whether you should or should not do these kind of things. When it comes to this ethical consideration, I suggest you check against your own values. Also, I strongly advise you don’t care about whether your dream actions are legal but about whether they are moral within the social and cultural aspects that you want yourself to adhere to.

Since I consider dreams as free running thoughts in my head, I personally allow myself the liberty to do whatever I want in my normal and lucid dreams since, let me quote one of my favorite bands, “my thoughts are free“.


I just realized i have a dark side. And wanted to know how safe it is to let it loose in my dreams. I am a Christian and care about good vs evil.

I don’t feel entitled to say what you should do as a Christian in this case. But I like to suggest you consult about this topic with an authority of your community, if you have a access to such a person. They can probably give you some idea how to handle this from a religious point of view. :wink:

In general, i think you’ll be able to find some information about bad behavior in dreams could possibly carry over to waking life, here on the forum or the rest of the internet out there.
I am not a psychologist but I would like to believe that engaging in illegal or otherwise questionable activities in dreams rather causes you to not do the same things in real-life. Dreams help you satisfy desires and urges you might feel but have to suppress in real-life. Let me give you an example that might support this claim. I like to listen to death metal and music akin to that. Yet I would never exhibit behavior expressed through that kind of music. In fact I heard from several non metalheads that they feel the music helps us channel aggressions we feel inside in a harmless fashion. I guess dreams could be the same.



List of some topics that discuss morals

This is the most active I believe. Morals in dreams link takes you to my reply in it.

Well, I’ve killed a few monsters in my dreams.

And then there’s all the sex in public places with dream characters. (it’s dream, no need to get a room…)

Apart from that, I haven’t done many things that I thought were morally wrong within the fictional world of the dream.

No, nothing bad at all apart from all the gratuitous sex and violence.

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In regard to Christianity its hard to say, namely because I don’t want to lead you astray. My walk is far from perfect and I have much to learn. I think its normal experience your dark side in a dream, but I feel what matters most is how you handle it. With the anything being possible on the other side, you need to guard your spirit because it can get real dark in the blink of an eye. You may be fine physically but your psyche and spirit are still affected to some degree, of course depending on how dark and how often you are subject to it for starters.

Yes. Offhand I can say I indulged to feed the thirst for the thrill, play the part in the dream, explore my capabilities, or act as an outlet.


Looking through my dream diary, the last monster was a bear in a scene that resembled the movie Chernobyl Diaries. I snuck away, on the reasoning that the bear had no ill will towards me and would be fine if left there undisturbed. This is probably a good plan with an actual waking life bear. It’s less clear that this is a good way to respond to a dream monster - the opportunity to find out about the bear has been missed.

like what if i kill the dream characters?

also i know things can get dark. like demons in dreams spiritual warfare. i once possessed someone in a dream

Okay sounds like you’ve seen some things. What made possessing the DC so bad/dark?

Depends on a number of things. Lets backtrack to what Marvin said earlier:

For starters what do you consider your dreams? Free thoughts, something spiritual, something else…?

Whats the motive; self defense/prep for worst case scenario, malice, sport, or psychological experiment?

i dont know! i guess the closest thing to honesty would be some sort of psychological experiment to learn about myself and my psyche!

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Patrícia Garfield in her book “Creative Dreaming” deals with this theme in detail “Engage in the direct struggle with the images of your dreams and emerge triumphant”. I believe that clarifies your question.


I think everyone deals with this when they LD. No one can judge you in your dreams. There is no social pressure to control what you do in your dreams. This allows your mind to consider doing things it has never done. These ideas are natural, but could be evil. Remember that Jesus says that the heart of people is evil above all else, and so you should still judge your thoughts in the same way you always do. That being said, this is the one place where no one can judge you, so you can really look at your own soul. Jesus died for us all, and to pay for our evil hearts. God loves you without any conditions.


Maybe it is interesting for you to hear other perspectives. I personally don’t believe in God or a higher morality or something or someone I have to account for. I also do not believe that dreamcharacters are or can be real spirits. I am convinced your entire dream, including the characters, are all fabricated in your mind and do not actually excist. So I don’t think its such a great deal.

Furthermore, I think it is normal to have certian “dark desires” that cannot be performed in real life unless you want to go to jail. These desires can be the result of primitive instinctive traits, explained by basic (evolutionairy) biology en psychology, so I am not judging you, as long as you don’t act on them in real-life. They may be related to certain characteristic traits you have, or they are the result of curiosity and creativity. As long as you do not act on these desires in real-life I do not see a problem. However, if you are really looking forward to dream again and go on a killing spree every night, then may be it’s a good idea to see a psychiatrist…

You talk about killing and posession. I never had the desire to kill dreamcharacters in LD’s, I never even thought about it. However, I have done other things which are highly immoral… It can actually be a good thing to blow off some steam.

You can kill dream characters and then revive them again, sounds like fun! Ask about their after-dreamlife!

thanks. thats something to think about.

I wouldnt do things like that in real life! My worry is if im accurate that it is just a dream, what if the 1% chance i think its a dream but its not?

I experiment with many stuff in my dreams.

Do a reality check and you know for sure. I never had the idea that I was dreaming during real-life. Did you?