Do you ever wish to stay in a LD for an hour or longer?

Do you ever wish you could stay in a lucid dream for an hour or longer?

Every time I have one, I think of so many things to try and to do, but wake up after 10 minutes (being the longest amount of time).

I’m at the point where I can have a lucid dream any morning I choose, but they just don’t last long enough.

well i think it depends on will power.
U need to have loot of will power to lucid dream and even more will power to keep it continous.

Well, they last long compared to what I hear others tell me, like 10 minutes.

However, I feel like I need to do it for an hour or so. It’s just so thrilling.

There is a guy that had one - week lucid dream. Gimme a sec, i’ll find that topic…


got it ! … ht=#316075

Interesting thing, a week lucid dream, he spend it on creating his own world.

Thank you. :smile: This is interesting. I just wonder if it was like a “movie” year, or a REAL year in length.

Laberge managed to record a 50 minutes long LD (a full REM phase). I’ve had a 30 minutes one, a 25 mn one and some 15 mn ones. It feels very long in a LD cause you’re more aware of the environment than IRL.

The good technique is focusing your attention at the begining of the dream on something, for instance your hands. Then when you start to lose consciousness, you stare again at the same thing.

Thanks for the helpful tip, Basilus! :smile: How frequently do you have to keep looking at your hands to make the dream last 50 minutes though?

That would be PLENTY of time for me.

I think I’ve had hour-long and longer LD’s before, the longest I LD I ever had was when I went to sleep and I recognised I was falling asleep, (I was imagining myself climbing stairs and saying, “One I’m dreaming, 2 I’m dreaming, ect, ect,”) and eventually the noise in the next room faded away and I started seeing colors at the top of the stairs and I kept counting and going towards them and I got there and just kind of “stepped into” the dream. I still heard some of the TV noise for a while but it eventually went away. But I kept control and awareness the entire dream up until the point I woke up, (and I did really wake up, I did a bunch of RC’s,) man was it ever fun! But I wonder if it is possible to have a LD for that long, did I just think I had it for that long? What’s the deal? :confused:

The best method I’ve found for staying lucid longer is to not move at all when you awaken. Don’t open your eyes or anything, and just let the dream come back. Sleep is sorta like a trance, where it breaks if you move… This easily doubles the time I’m lucid, and I can often do it more than once. The only problem is if I get too greedy and end up forgetting that I’m dreaming. :ack:

It’s certainly worth a try (or two).

This got me thinking about hypnosis, and how highly suggestible people can be made to have vivid hallucinations (with eyes either open or closed)… I wonder how long these can last… It seems like a similar mechanism to lucid dreaming - and I know mental health patients sometimes suffer from continuous hallucinations… Maybe there isn’t really a physical limitation as to dream length, just a habitual one…

[color=darkblue]Excessive or artificial lengthening of REM periods while lucid has some connection to depression.

Scientists found that those with the greatest depression had the longest REM periods. Of course this doesn’t mean one causes the other and it may just be coincidence but take that into consideration nonetheless.

I have had dreams that seemed to last hours, but like you have only managed around 10 minutes or so while lucid.

I used to wake up at around 5.00am everyday (naturally) and when drifting off to sleep, would often have lucids then. One time when I didn’t go lucid I woke up at about that time as usual- went back to sleep and had a dream which would cover two full sides of A4 with the detail and I look at the clock and it’s only 5.05am!

That still happens occasionally- I suddenly get the urge to wake up because I feel I am going to be late for work and then I look at the clock and find out that hardly any time had passed at all. [/color]

yea,that happens a lot with me,usually in the morning around 6:30,cuz that is when i have to get up.

Theorically, I would have said to look at them every 30 seconds or every minute. As for me, my lucidity decreases rather quickly so it seems that I would need this. Now practically, it seems it doesn’t work like this at all. When I’ve read again my DJ, I noticed that my longest LD’s occured when I focused my attention on something at the beginning of the dream. In one of them, I was obsessed by a strange golden stone and I observed it attentively during many seconds. The following LD lasted around 20 minutes without me looking at my hands.

But it’s also possible that I don’t remember and write down every time I stare at my hands too. :bored: Anyhow, looking at your hands from the beginning of the dream is a good tip.

What is important is the way you manage your dream attention. But I’m not experienced enough to understand how it really works. I manage once to have a long LD just by observing things in the very way I did IRL. I don’t know if you notice it, but we pay very more attention to things in LD’s, far more than IRL. IRL, we don’t believe things will change or disappear but in LD’s we have the feeling that we need to stay more focused on things. Just by taking the dream for granted, it seems that it lasted longer. I just managed to do this just once.

dunlar’s chaining LD’s method is a little different, but it’s very efficient too.

I don’t think that lengthening lucid dreams means lengthening REM periods. It would be at least curious if it was possible to lenghten them at will.

It’s also nice because you’re not constantly thinking about waking up - with other techniques it seems that I have to constantly rub my hands or count or whatever, and that makes me constantly aware that the dream could end at any point. And just thinking that makes it more likely to end. With chaining (like I described in my last post), I can concentrate more on actually dreaming - and only deal with waking when I start to lose visuals. I don’t need to fear waking, because I can (usually) have another one.

You guys probably get tired of me talking about it though… :tongue:

Nope. Chaining helped me too. :grin: I tried the spinning method many times without success :cry:

Just staying still and letting the dream resume has given me some additional LD time. :smile:

But I also want to Extend T… i… m… e

I have had experience of long ND that seemed to take less than 1 minute of waking time, hope to have same experience in LD. (Any hemi-sync users have luck with focus 15?)

My Lucid Dreams are never too long, but never too short. They will go on for at least 30 minutes in dream time. Or maybe its shorter and my perception is just a little messed up :eek: I guess I’ll never know :tongue:

I have had this problem every time I recall having a LD. It seems like every time I was about to get somewhere or do something important, it was time to wake up. Granted, I’ve only had one LD where I knew what lucidity was and what the potential for experimentation is, but even still. I like Basilus West’s idea of repetitive focus, seems like the type of thing that would work for me.

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