Does anyone have experience with the Shakti device?

Well, learn to write with your right hand real quick, then think about buying the machine :tongue:

Heh, call me crazy, but Im pickin up the 8 magnet set :grin: im just too damn curious to wait. ill tell u all whats up when i get it. check this out as well, i got a lot o mula to spend and decided to do some searchin. gonna have to get me some of that as well(i love free government money. my lazy ass just meditates and dreams all day and they pay me)

Since youre spending hard working peoples money we hope its for a good cause and we hear the reports soon:)
Good luck.

I don’t think we’ll ever hear from them again.
Here is why:

  1. They’ll get such a good results they won’t come back from the dreaming realm, or
  2. They’ll get so magnetised they’ll get stuck to some iron fences, or
  3. They’ll kill themselves for wasting a lot of money on these scams :smile:

I hope the reson is no 1 :smile:

Oh, Ill be spreadin the word. I figure itll help me out with my photographic memory, because the way it looks to me is that it kinda puts you back into the state that you were when you were a kid. That is usually when people get their special traits, so if it does what it says than lots is possible. Ill definitely be makin a topic on this site if I start gettin wild mental abilities from it. Dont worry I wouldn’t forget about all of you :smile:

Sounds cool… now all I need is a way to smuggle it into the house past my parents… and, oh yeah, $100. ROFL!

I have more faith in the shakti device than those pills, even though that sounds like a big scam as well.

Ok, well be skepticle because money doesn’t come to you too easily. I just have a feeling about it because if it does work than it would be coming in at the right point in my life. Besides, Im getting money to go to school and live for free so I dont really care either way. If they do work though, itll be crazy. Besides Im plannin on giving up all material possessions when I get out of another 3 semesters of college so what do I have to lose, its only 1 life out of 6 billion, why not live life by chances and risks, itll only make it more interesting.

ill be more than happy to take it off your shoulders…err head…off any part actually:)

Well, maybe dude, I figure Ill have a friend in need of some brain powers by then who would love it, but in any case I dunno about giving things away to people who just ask. Of course there is always the possibility, so dont give up yet wait about another year and a half to ask me, Im not goin thru with giving up everything just yet. :content:

Here’s a quote from one man’s experience:

“…the Persinger/Shakti experience was both subtler and in a way more profound than I expected - much more like meditation than like taking a drug, more even like having stabilizers on while meditating. Look forward to further experimentation, and to trying the newer waveforms.” SOURCE:

It has been given scientific study -
The international Journal of Neuroscience, no less.

Persinger IS involved in this, and it looks like he licensed some of the signals developed in his lab, and that he has done studies using Shakti for a few years. Persinger has an open letter on the Shakti site. SOURCE: I don’t think he’s a business partner, though.

As far as it’s effectiveness is concerned, there is the testimonials page on the Saakti site: I doubt their faked, either - the variety is pretty broad, and sometimes specify what signals are used, and where the coils were put.

It’s not a scam.

indra is very right, not too skepticle but very correct. The testemonials alone give you a good idea on what to expect. Now that I have gotten mine in the mail I have to suggest buying one if you have the money. The business with having the correct soundcard was quite a b**** but after all that was cleared up(you can get a usb soundcard on ebay for 99 cents that works) Ive been sorta dumbfounded by how well it actually works. I didn’t think it worked till after I took it off. After it I seriously felt like I had eaten some mushrooms or smoked some weed. But it turns out its been like a week since any of that so I was kinda shocked at the magnitude of the effects. I dont have much else I can say since I didn’t really follow the guidelines for it, but it still worked briliantly so Ill keep you all posted on any more improvements, I mean I did 1 session, there are still like at least 10 other sessions to try and 5 different areas to put it on over my brain. Which also means that with the ability to mix sessions and choose to only do one portion of your brain I have a long way to go before I experience everything that it has to offer. Hope that opens any skepticle minds.

So it is a scam :grin:

HaiScai, I have a question for you, can you read? I just said that it has been doing wonders for me and somehow you got that it is a scam out of it. So far Ive done 3 different sessions, and well my dream recall is what I would call perfect now because of it. If anything its almost worth it for that because its like I live 4 days worth of dreams every night. Id say that deserves the Not a Scam award to me. But be skeptical if you want, that is a lot of $$ to be spending on anything. But trust me, I didn’t think it would work as well as it does.

I’m sure it was just a joke :smile:

Haha, guess I was fooled. Just dont want anyone gettin the wrong idea.

Azurescen, would you mind keeping us up to date with your progress? I would like to know if you get something more than good recall -OOBE, LD, etc. Cheers.

I made another topic for that, of course Im on my down period so Ill be waitin like 3 weeks before any more usage. I have more info on it here though … +conscious

Is this like, just pulsing electromagnets on the head at frequencies to ‘force’ your brain to match those states?

Is that how it works?

If this was true it’d be pretty easy to make a fair large series of electromagnets and pulse them with a loop of EEG REM data (of which i had around here somewhere) to WILD easier, or something.

Hmm, I dunno dude, what you do is up to you, but personally I would at least want the right kind of magnets and the right kind of eeg data. Its not like they just play an eeg recording through the magnets, more of a short burst that does the job. Of course Im not gonna stop you from savin money. I just dont think it would work the same, unless you could get like instructions from them or something.