The Shakti device and other mind machines

Well, I decided since I get free money from the school to put all of it into things that are supposed to enhance creativity and create altered states of consciousness. So far I have recieved magnurol direct link removed, please don’t link to product vendors/ and it has had some subtle effects like: a clear mind, and more in tuned sences. I have found that my meditation practices have been improved because I no longer have to focus on silencing my mind, it just shuts up.

Im also getting these two in the mail soon:

A Light & Sound Machine direct link removed, please don’t link to product vendors

An active brainwave modifying device
direct link removed, please don’t link to product vendors

Im still seeing what exactly those pills are all about and am going to keep you all updated on those high dollar relaxation devices. Peace till next time.

Let us know how the Shakti works :cool:

Those pills do wonders for having a clear mind. It seems to just be getting clearer and clearer. I find myself just puting myself to sleep at night instead of just lying down and losing consciousness. Heh, I know Ive only talked about the WBTB method but with these pills(I think) it is a lot easier to fall asleep consciously and thus have an OOBE. Joy for me.

I also got that Light and Sound machine and I have a few quick words about that now. Intense, its like artificial halucinations. I was listening to some Hendrix which Ive seen a dvd of and I got to the point where I was just watching the dvd in my head. Maybe that Ive seen that movie way too many times, but Im gonna have to say that those flashing lights did put me in the perfect mood to just forget about everything else and simply visualize. Im stoked to be gettin that Shakti thingy cause everything else is turning out the way I imagined. That, in my mind, is gonna change my life. :grin: Happy Happy Jim.

Alrighty, another word on that Light and Sound deal. Its like a sleep/meditation/focus/visualization device all in one. I can now do an hour long meditation in what feels like minutes. I also put on the good night session before bed and its like I just close my eyes and go out. All my friends also dig the idea of artificial halucinations because to them its like a free drug. All good so far.

And I got my an 8 coil shakti. Just tried it tonite for the first time, and well I didn’t do anything right because you are supposed to be in sensory deprevation. But even with this not being perfect I feel some definite effects. Its like if I focus on the effects they just get stronger, Im stoked to see how dreaming goes tonite because I feel way more focused. Well Ill keep updating this thing alot more now since I have everything.

Ok, well, lastnight I had some of the most vivid dreams of my life. I was very conscious durring the dreams, but when I chose to smoke weed that totally went down the toilet and I sorta just wondered around worrying that I was going to miss class. Never the less I remember a total of 4 dreams lastnight and its like I just cannot forget them. Im gonna have to wait and see if the Shakti was the main reason for this because these effects are very intense and Im kinda skepticle on wether it is That Powerful. BTW if anyone decides to get a Shakti, I used the hippocampus signal over my tempral lobes for 30 minutes. It suggests that for the best results to do it in sensory deprevation(no light/sound) and like an hour before bed. I didn’t follow these guidelines but I still was effected.

/me goes green with envy

heheh…good news,keep on writing:)

Some of my friends decided to give it a try and here were the results.
Kurt: Did the modulated 40hz signal on his temprals and after 30 minutes he started to feel a floating sensation. He said that it didn’t last long and when he got up it went away. But none the less he did say it felt very weird(in a good way) and that he was stoked to try it again.
Dillon: Did the same as Kurt and said he got nothing. Of course a bit later on he was quote-unquote freaking out. Not really in a bad way cause he seemed really happy. But in the kind of way that you are just overwhelmed with energy and do what you feel like doin.
Gabe: Did the hippocampus/amagdalla(<sp?) signal and said that after 20 minutes he felt like there was a tital wave going in and out as he breathed. He also said that he was fealing it after the session and that he was experiencing a state of bliss as a result. The signal he put on was designed to make you feel enlightened so that seems pretty close to me.
Two others also tried it but had no noticable effects. They were also not very focused on it and were probably a bit skepticle/cautious about how it was going to effect them. It does say to just relax and let it work, so Im thinking that their kind of a mindset will cause it to fail.

Edit: O yea, and everyone who tried out the light and sound machine confirmed my claim that it is like artificial halucinations. They also seem to walk away quite calm.

Its like I have to remember reality every time I wake up now. This morning I could have sworn that I was going over to my friends house with him, in fact I expected him to enter my room. But then I was like wait a sec, I was dreaming.

So far, So good.

Edit: O ya, and Ive only used it once on saturday and still have subtle effects. Im way too excited.

Ok, I did my second session last night. I used the hippocampus/amagdalla signal over my tempral/frontal area. I didn’t get the best effects from it, but my guess is that the hat was holding the magnets a little too far off of my head. Ill definitely have to give this signal another try. For a plus side the world does seem a lot more beautiful right now, but in the most subtle way. I also had 4 very long very vivid dreams last night so I guess Im down for just those effects alone.

BTW ever sense I used the Shakti Ive been having way vivid dreams, no LD’s, but then again I havent been trying. I dont really care to have LD’s when my regular dreams are as intense as theyve been, besides Ive been having so many OOBE’s that it kinda evens out.[/i]

Heh, well I just found a signal for Shakti that takes you into the level of deep sleep, in which you can stay aware. I guarentee that if this thing can induce an OOBE, that is the way to do it. Im gonna bend the rules a bit and give it an hour session this weekend to test that theory out, cause in my mind if it only takes you into that deep state, than it will have no after effects. In which case this thing is gonna be like a miricle meditation tool. Damn it just keeps gettin better and better.

Woahahaho… I need some of those things… if only i had some money. Well keep us posted :grin:

So far no negative effects?

/me keeps on saving,keeps on saving…only 90 dol to go:)

yep, so far. I got my lobes figured out now, so Ill definitely be doin more intense sessions here asap. Though, I think it is actually training me to use my brain differently because I have had none of that metabolic snapback, and when I take a walk its like the world is just massive. It almost messes with my depth perception, but I have control over what it does so its like I can literally zoom in on a scene if I want.

That is awsome jack, I know your gonna be stoked on it when it arrives, its like a monster, lol.

Did the modulated 40 hz and the hippocample signal to a friend and he said that at firest he felt like his body was getting lighter and lighter. And than he could actually see the particles of his body rize into the air and that caused him to have a very quick OBE . Im definitely gonna be using that signal here after my 3 week break. Lol, I dunno how long Im gonna stick to the rules, because I feel I could handle it, but I guess Ill get a little more experienced with it till then.

Oh, I wish I had the $100 to buy this device :content:
It sure sounds like it produces some interesting results :smile:

Ya well its more like a shortcut through years of meditation in my mind. My theory right now is that the more impressive signals make you more like a kid and able to learn at the level of one. Im gonna be working on my photographic memory a lot more with this thing and try and mix music in there somehow.

I also think that it kinda gives you back the parts of your mind that you usually leave dormant because of fear. Like when you get into a visual state and then say something in which makes you feel retarded so that you start to hate the state your mind was in in order to not feel retarded any more. Now you have the chance with this machine to fall in love with those visual states because in the end who cares if your retarded.

Lol, and if anyone is really interested in mayan mythology, I asked my higher self what the shakti ment to me. Then went through my mayan oracle deck and randomly picked out the new myth card. Which in essence means that the shakti is the doorway into the new myth, or higher octave of life. I was stoked that even the cards were telling me to go with it.

Those pills have a lot of advertising, but their content is severely lacking. Why don’t you just take a B complex with DMAE and any of the *racetam drugs? It’s the same stuff at a cheaper price. Also, meditation is a wonderful way to expand your mind. I suggest making it a hobby.

Heh, well I actually feel like a complete imbisol for buying those pills now. The ONLY real difference was the magnetitum and well check this out direct link removed, please don’t link to product vendors
Now Im just gonna be a man and drink the herb with some water, because I do enjoy its benefits. Only now Ill be spending 5$ for a pound instead of 40 for a bottle. :wallhit:

If you keep reporting good news Azurescen, then ima take my money and buy it. :happy:
(Hopes for good news.) :scared:

Edit: I mean i’ll buy the shakti thing.

Edit Edit: I’ll be getting the 8 coil one because it’s supposebly faster (according to the website). Again, this is only if I keep hearing good news. :scared:

Eh, I guess I forgot to post my use of the Thalmas signal(sp?)

Well, I placed it over my pariental lobes(sp? again) and I basically was asleep but conscious of it. I just meditated and focused on my breath and it was like easier that you could believe. I tried staying in the slumbery state for a while and when I took off the set and looked around it looked and felt like I just woke up. Was different. + side, I did fall asleep instantly :tongue: