Does anyone have LONG lucid dreams?

I had my first lucid dream last night, it lasted about ten minutes(i think, not sure though).I was kinda amazed at the fact that it was bassically my first time trying.Although i didnt really try, it
just happend, I noticed I was dreaming and what not.How long do you master LDers go for.Is it something that only lasts a little while.Or is this something you can prolong for hours?.

im not a master but my first and only ld ever was like 5 dream hours i dont know how long it was in real life but i woke up because i wanted to… i was getting boared because in my dream i couldnt make anything to apear etc…

if you wana know more go to quest of lucidity and in the Lucid or … you will found somo of the things that happend to me

My wife has long lucid dreams. She’s been lucid dreaming all her life and didnt realise most people couldnt do it!! She can pick up a dream from the night before and go back to it again. She says she can dream days in one night and remember it with vivid detail, she even relates the dreams to me. The longest lucid dream I have had is about 10 seconds, I wondered what to do now I knew I was lucid, looked at my hands and woke up!! The worst thing is I now find out my 15 year old Step daughter lucid dreams most nights. I’m waiting to see what happens with my 3 year old son!!

heehee! Lucid dreaming must run in the family! Anyway, my only LD lasted probibly about 8 seconds, a lot longer than my first! I hope to have a LD lasting at least 5 minutes soon, but we’ll see! Good luck with lucid dreaming!

It’s hard to say how long some of my LDs have lasted. The longer ones have felt like 10-15 minutes, but time is so messed up in LDs (just look at the clocks :wink: ) that I can’t really say.

I still consider myself a beginner with fourteen lds. I believe that the longest one that I had was a couple of minutes.

I think the amount of time in a lucid dream is relevant to the person. Studies show that lucid dreams last only during rem sleep which gets longer during the night.
So if your rem is 45 minutes, that means that your lucid was 45 in real time.
I think dream time depends on the person. Try incubating a drema that lasts for ten years and see what happens.

I’m not sure if your loosing your lucid dreams in one of these three ways ?

1.Falling back into a non lucid dream.
2.Loosing the dream state completely, and returning non dreaming sleep.
3.Waking up.

It might be all of these ways, but if it is number 3. I noticed that allot of my lucid are cut short by FA’s. Just keep in that in mind. You might not actually be waking up. If you can notice an FA as a DS. You might be able to prolong your lucid dream that way. I have done this before. More then two times in a row. It is possible, to have many FA’s in a row, but that’s anther topic. :eh:

GL. hope that helps a bit

After more than 1 year of practice, the longest LD I’ve had lasted about 15-20 minutes irl. The longest LD in dream time lasted 1.5 day (night-day-night). Their length has substantially grown since my first LDs.
I hope one day I can have LDs which last about 1hr irl :smile:

If a dream lasts a long time in dream time, are you just estimating that it’s ~15 minutes IRL? My LDs seem to be in sync with RT, but I don’t know for sure. :eh:

fyi its not possible for a dream to last for more than 90 minutes unless the scientists are all wrong, which is pretty unlikely at this point

I think Ive only had 3 LD’s and 1 like 4 or 5 years ago. One half a year ago. and the last one about a week or two ago. The most recent one lasted about 10-20 seconds.

The LD which lasted 1.5 days in dream time consisted of several dreamscapes. Each lasted about 2-3 minutes in dream time/irl. In total this dream gave me the feeling as if it lasted for 1.5 days.
It’s the same as when you watch a movie: if you see someone going to bed in the evening, and 10 seconds later he awakens in the morning, you simply know there went by about 10 hours, while it’s actually 10 seconds on the screen. That’s why sometimes dreams could last like years, while irl they last 1 hour.
When I try to calculate how long a dream lasted irl, I use the fact that there’s no main difference between dream time and waking time (1 minute of dream time has the same length as 1 minute irl), as shown by experiments done by Stephen LaBerge.

I mostly have lucid dreams lasting around 1 minute, but I’ve read of someone recording a dream that lasted over a year, I’m not sure if this is actually what happened or if there were just some illusions that made it seem to be a year.

The longest I’ve had was a 4hr dream, but that was when I first started to LD. My very first was maybe about/nearly a minute.

It seems as if I have longer and more LDs during the summer. (more sleep :wink: )I usually average anywhere from 10-30 min.

Can’t remember where I read it on here, but some guy (well known?) made a dream last for 100 years, obviously not IRL. But there is a technique you can do to stop time in your dream. A good thread might be: [Slowing Down Time in Lucidity) though it’s not the one I’m looking for. I guess it has to do with the theory of relativity. :wink: It’s something I plan to do next time I’m lucid.

REM rebound can set you up for a long LD. Your regular sleep cycle (8 hours) will produce a REM5 of about 70 minutes, whereas a REM rebound sleep session (est 10-11 hours) will have a REM5 of up to 120 minutes :smile:

Shooooooooot… That’s huge!

While I have had normal dreams that seemed to last a long time, my longest lucid dreams only last for a little over an hour.

In a normal dream that is possible as Labarge explains in his book. It is like watching a movie and if you see someone go to bed. Then, one second later you see them waking up to an alarm. You will accept that a day has passed even though it was only one second. It is the same for your normal dreams as well.

I have not yet mastered this with lucid dreams yet. Even with chaining dreams the effect feels artificial. Just like watching the movie you may accept that a day has passed but, you know it was only seconds.

Unfortunately I can’t keep myself concentrated for more than 5 Minutes. Most LDs are covering 10-120 Seconds of time. After my LDs i’d simply fade back into a non LD or wake up.