Does diet affect LDs? ....


A week ago I was eating really healthy food and drinking water alot. I could remeber all of my dreams.


Now I have eaten bad food in the last couple of days and I cant remember any dreams how ever much i try.

Does this affect LDs?

well, it does affect your dream recall, so that’s already not a good sign. You can’t say for sure it affects LD’s (since you can’t remember anything) but you can say it affects the recalling of LD’s.

I think everybody has eaten bad food lately :tongue:
It was christmas.
It didn’t affect my DR, but I have to admid that I missed a giant dreamsign :eek:
So it is possible that it affects LD’s. But I’m not sure. We should hear some stories from other people first.

I have heard a couple of stories before about people who changed diet and started LDing. What kinds of’ healthy food’ were you eating?

Q is pretty right, you could be willing yourself. There is no 100% certainty that diet affect your LD’s and dream recall. But ther are also people like this. I don’t think that you have to be afraid of that, this guy is olny one who seems to have trouble like that. So diet might have affect on LDing, might which doesn’t means that affects. Propably it’s like diet have some slight effect, but most of it is just a willing.

Well I have been eating a lot more, some good, some bad, and my DR is down to 0. I think that it also has to do with all the stress. I have been cooking for the whole family this last week, and normaly I only cook for me, because I have some ( many ) food allergys so most people don’t like what I fix. ( I also don’t care for it much :sad: )
There are just so many things that are different around Christmass that I think it would be hard to pick out “the” one that caused bad recall, or no LD’s. :sad: We just have to suffer till things get back to normal.

Yeh well I couldnt eat healthy at christmas

dont forget its only 1 day in 365.

Ohh well thank you for your replies everyone.

ah, i wasn’t speaking generally, i was just going from what stigler said in the first post - that (s)he doesn’t have any DR after eating bad food. So, if you don’t have any DR then you can’t remember LD’s even if you have them. So you can’t say anything about possible decrease of LD’s since there isn’t any recall.

But since you would want to have recall to know about your LD’s then this is a bad thing ofcourse :tongue:

speaking for myself, i do have recall but i can’t be bothered to write my dreams down :help: I did have turkey last night, it made me sleepy but didn’t induce any LD’s. (Turkey is said to contain something that makes you sleepy. I’m sure we have a turkey topic somewhere in the Pathways forum)

(edit) So yes, generally speaking, it is said that certain foods increase your LD ability, if not aid in having more vivid dreams. Things like: banana’s, chocolate, turkey, milk, icecream, popcorn. orange juice and more.

yes. it affects it a lot. i havent looked into it that much, but i know that vitamin b6 has been shown to increase DR and vividness of dreams.

i take a multivitamin every day, since before i even knew about LDs. personally, i cant recall healthier eating to ever affect my dreaming, altho i have made several attempts at healthier eating for cross country. but my new years resolution is to eat better, so ill see how it goes.