How can I stop having lucid dreams?

I recently started changing my diet from junk food to a very health concious diet. I usually consume 5 peices of fruit a day, oatmeal ceral, lots of pasta, nuts and meat.

Since changing my diet I have started having strange dreams where I feel like I am awake. it’s like having a day dream except your actually there, like a virtual reality game.

When I first started experiencing this I used to have fun with it by doing inpossible things like flying, walking on mars etc etc. Now that I’ve done all the fun things theese lucid dreams are beginning to really annoy me and all I want to do is have a decent nights sleep without being concious in my dreams.

before all this started happening my dreams were just brief flashes of random topics and they’d be over in an instant and i’d be unconcious the whole time.

The problem is I can no longer get a decent nights sleep, I am plauged by lucid dreams and have at least 5 of them every night. The next day I wake up and feel like I haven’t had enough sleep.

Sometimes I even wake up fully and am unable to move for about 5 seconds. The experience is very frightening, usually when I go back to sleep I’ll end up in another lucid dream.

When I have the lucid dreams I’ve tried just doing nothing in the dream, i.e. just sitting down, but then they seem to last forever.

Is there anything I can do to stop lucid dreams from happening? Is there any known cure for this sleep disorder? Apart from changing my diet everything in my life is the same as before, I don’t suffer from any mental health issues and I lead a happy lifestyle.

What an unusual problem! I’ve never heard of anyone trying to get RID of lucid dreams! Have you tried eating junk food again? laughs :happy: sorry, couldn’t help myself, hmmmm, maybe you should try maybe eating some junk food right before going to sleep since everything else you’re eating is healthy I doubt it will affect your health. Have you tried doing something to distract yourself so you become “un-lucid” in your dream? Oooh, or you know what? Maybe in your lucid dream you could make your bedroom appear and go to sleep in the lucid dream! That way you feel more rested, what do you think of that? (I’m pulling ideas out of my hat here, laughs :grin: )

I really dont want to get back on junk food lol

I’m going to bed now so I’ll dream of getting into bed and see if that works. Thanks!

Ok, you’re welcome! Hope it works! :thumbs:

oo, i would like to have a problem like having too much lucid dreaming:/ you some somekind lucky

So what exactly is your daily meals? what fruits exactly? I want to try eating the same as you :wink:
But i sadly do not much other suggestions other than maybe changing your diet again… I dont mean changing it back to stricly eating junk food again though.

Hi cantsleep! Welcome to the forum! :wave:

I’ve to say it’s one of the most funny messages I’ve read. I’m sorry cause it must be an actual problem for you. You are on a forum where people try desperately to learn LD’ing and you say that you can’t help LDin’g and you want to learn how to stop it. Mwahaha! :rofl:

Unfortunately, I’m afraid it’s not a sleep trouble but the natural way of sleeping. Children have often LD’s and it disappears when they grow older. And tibetan buddhists say that when you have a more conscious way of life, you’ll necessarily experience LD’ing. Thus in a certain way, it’s not surprising that when changing your diet to a very health conscious diet, you’ve have such healthy effects. For instance, I just heard yesterday about a person who stopped smoking and had such a side effect (I even believed it was you cause I adviced her to come on the forum). Hence, in my opinion, it means that your diet is very good. Congrats on your lifestyle! :smile:

In such conditions, you’ll understand that I feel some regrets in trying to “help” you. What can I say to you? Eat more junk food and be less conscious and you’ll stop to have LD’s? :tongue:

This is well known, it’s the sleep paralysis trouble. It may sometimes happen when you change your sleep schedule or you change your habits, for instance moving house or are stressed or something like that. The experience may be frightening but it’s well explained and it’s not dangerous at all. By the way, how old are you? People generally experience SP when they’re around 17. If it’s your case, it means that you’re subject to the SP trouble and it may continue. If you are older, it may be explained by your changing of diet which could have temporarily modified some neurotransmitters in your brain. SP may also happen if you try to wake up too much quickly from a dream.

Now do you really have not enough sleep or is it just a feeling? It’s perhaps due to trying to control and modify things in dreams, but I’m unsure. I know that some girls who are natural LD’ers often experience this. I don’t know the reason why. I know this has just been considered to be a sleep trouble recently but I don’t know its name (and probably just sleep laboratories know it).

Anyway, I suppose that all these side effects (LD’ing and SP) are temporary and only due to your sudden changing of habits. By the way, for how long does it last? IMO, once your new diet will have become an habit, you’ll perhaps have no more LD’s. Try to have regular habits and a regular sleep schedule too. Good luck! :smile:

I highly doubt the fact that having lucid dreams makes you tired in the morning. Honestly, your brain is just as active as it would be when you’re awake. I think its the time you’re goign to bed and waking up. I don’t care if you get a decent night’s sleep. Maybe you’re waking up during a very deep sleep where you feel very tired when you wake up. Work at it a few days and see when you wake up, you’re deepest sleep stage is, and what your lightest sleep stage is, for waking up a light sleep stage should lead you to be less exhausted in the morning… :smile:

why would you want to stop, i wish i was you! dreams are more fun when your lucid, your still resting!


I’m not a girl. It wasn’t me you spoke to previously, however I did give up smoking about 6 months ago.

With regards to how long do the dreams last, I can’t really say although it feels like about 20 minutes per dream.

Last night I tried dreaming of going into my room and getting into bed but then nothing happened, i never “fell asleep”.

I don’t really understand what you mean, the only states I feel are dreams and lucid dreams. When I’m asleep I am not aware of anything so unable to tell if I am in a light or deep sleep.

I usually get up about 11am. I finish working about 4pm. I usually go to bed around 1am.

When I was looking on the net trying to find sites about lucid dreaming i read that the side effects of taking DMAE are lucid dreams, so maybe you should try that but i wouldn’t recommend it.

Lucid dreams are not really something to get excited about. Although you can control what happens in them, ultimately they are just dreams and you will get bored of them and eventually just long for a normal nights sleep.

maybe me and you can switch dreams lol

I have LD’s occasionally, without prompt. I don’t find my sleep to be any worse, in fact I often feel better when I wake up. You get bored of LD’s!? :confused:

I don’t think feeling tired and LD are linked in such a cause and effect way as you mention. Most nights, I don’t LD and still feel horrible in the morning so don’t be so sure that it’s the LD that is causing this.

I envy you anyway- not only are you having so many LD’s, but you also get to sleep in till 11.00am! Perhaps you are sleeping in too late? There is some evidence, that oversleeping can make you more tired.

Also, never have a big meal before sleep as this will ruin your sleep. If your new diet includes eating more food at night, then I would try and cut down on this at all costs because this is one of the worst things you can do…[/color]

so your getting 10 hours sleep a night? some people need that much sleep… others need more, others need less… so maybe try sleeping less - there is such a thing as oversleeping (and also undersleeping). So you need to find what works for you.
If you do have another lucid dream, I would suggest trying to “go with the flow” and just continue on with the original plot you were involved with in the dream, you may be consciously aware of whats going on but when you “go with the flow” it becomes very hard to keep that conscious state.

I have found myself a few times feeling tired after a good nights sleep that involved lucid dreaming - i think it was because the lucid dreams were really long and I was using my consciousness to its fullest extent i.e. flying around, using powers, etc etc. So if you try not to use powers and just continue on with the dream story (dont just sit down) it might ease your brain and let it rest more.

There is one other thing you can try which is meditation. Although meditation is linked to increased awareness thus possibly inducing more lucid dreams… it may prove useful in attaining deeper sleep patterns, resting your mind during the day and increased health. I once meditated for an hour before sleep and that night had the best nights sleep ever - even though i didn’t have any LD’s that night I remember having dreams before the REM state - almost directly after initially falling to sleep, and those dreams felt like they went for hours on end.

Good Luck to ya!
If all else fails, see a doctor.

Hey there you go, your probably waking up when you are in one of the deepest stages in sleep. Like stage 2-4. It’s not that hard to really understand, i know of course you dont know when you are sleeping. But if you wake up at different times in the morning, and see when you are most tired, and see when you are less tired as you awaken. If it’s still not becoming clear, just ask again please, I would very much like to try and explain this.

Awwww, darn! I’m really sorry it didn’t work! :cry: Maybe you should go to a sleep lab or something, (a regular doctor will probably think you’re a wacko, laughs) I don’t know, this is just really weird, maybe it IS because you’re waking up at the deepest stage of sleep because when that happens you want nothing more then to just go back to sleep but I’m not sure how you would fix that…hmmmm…I’ll look around… :content:

Hope that helps… and let’s switch situation, shall we? :tongue:

You need to WANT them to stop and they will. To quote LaBerge.

Since when did your mind ever do anything you wanted it too? Sometimes it can feel like: :wallhit: (sorry, I just really wanted to use that smiley!) :wink: