Done a lot in a few months.

I’ve spent the last few months away from the site and I’ve used about 90% of my lucid time to experiment with operating my brain differently. I have had loads of sucess… and loads of failures. I have fully developed my ability to create false memories and found physical proof that shows they are lost as true memories when they are proven wrong. I have developed a different visualisation thing with my dreams… I say “thing” coz i don’t know howto explain it. It’s the most imprressive thing I’ve done so far. I don’t visualise in real life anymore… I “see” things. I can (at will) see something infront of me the EXACT same way I’d see something real. And it last and doesn’t lose any clarity till I want it to. Visualisation sucks compared to this. How many other people can do this? It’s taken me 3 months. I have a weird theory. Has someone ever tricked their brain into believing they can feel things when they can’t? Like i can with ym sight? If you could do both then technically you could hold a ball… imagine the implications which could occur when you threw the ball at someone…

I managed to develop this skill using many MANY different practices but they all came from one really simple idea I had. When you use your memory you use a certain part of your brain. And it’s the same in a dream… the same parts of the brain are active. So I figured that if there was anyway to unlock new senses and the such then maybe its through lucid dreaming. I figured that if someone tried using a sense in a dream using the most realistic possible factors then the correct part of the brain should be in use. If after months of trying there is still no progress then I would assume the sense or woteva doesn’t exist. This is hard to explain. OK heres one thing I’ve been trying recently:

I’ve tried creating a few DC (usually 3) and making sure that they have their own will… (or at least I don’t consciously control them). They think of yes or no. Whatever they want. I then try to read what they are thinking in their heads. I focus on the fact that they have a brain inside their heads and it works the same way as normal ppl. If someone I focus on thinks yes then i get a hot feeling. No then its a cold feeling. Simple. I figure that if it is possible to do this is RL then the part of my brain should be getting “warmed up” when I do this constantly in dreams. Getting more and more ready so I can use it in RL. And I know this means nothing at all coming from my dream… but I think I know where telepathy comes from. It doesn’t come from one part of the brain which we dont know about. It comes from 2 completely normal parts working together! I get the feeling that is what is happening when I do this lucid. In RL iv had some scary success but then again NOTHING compared to the amount you would need to prove something like this. It’s been wrong a lot of the times and it’s not worked at all sometimes. But I have had my fair share of it working and have really showed off to some mates… But this could easily be put down to luck.

I have also been working with making myself talk in RL while dreaming. I have now discovered that there are two ways of doing it and they depend on the time scale in your dream. I noted that sometimes I spoke SUPER-FAST and other times completely normal! On further investigation I found that in a 10-40 minute dream I speak normally in the RL. In a dream which lasts stupidly long like 4 years… I speak REALLY fast. I didn’t think this owuld be the case as you do not really live out 4 years SPEEDED UP! You live out BITS of 4 years and its enough to make you believe you have spent 4 years dreaming. Therefore the speach should not be speeded up…it should be missing chunks and be at a normal speed. But it isn’t. So I have a new belief, perhaps we do dream out these stupidly long times but they are processed incredibly fast? Maybe.

Oh and I have this AWESOME recording of me sleeping and I say in a weird groggy voice. “i am sleeping but I am awake. Testing”. Lol. My next experiment on the voice thing is to have a conversation with someone. I talk to them and they can answer yes or no. Yes they shine red in my eyes and no they shine blue. I know this last bit doesn’t have much to do with controlling the brain but i had to put it somewhere so why not have all this together!

Sounds like you have some interesting theories. I look forward to hearing more about them.

Anyway, I just wanted to say welcome back to the forums. :smile:

I have managed to “see” things like you. But usually I only manage simple shapes. For me it’s more like imagining things ontop of what I see. And it takes a lot of concentration to make it work.

And could you write down how you practice “seeing” things. I’m very interested in hearing about it.

And the speaking while sleeping it cool, especially the speedy voice thingy. Can you also move other parts of your body.

This is part of a PM conversation between me and JaRod but I thought I’d stick some of it in here as it’s kinda in topic! Oh and JaRoD I should have mentioned earlier, I have had some success with moving parts of my body during sleep but it very rare, speach seems to be much easier. And probably less dangerous!

Anyway, on with the show:

"Hey there! Sorry I didn’t reply sooner! I love your “fear is the mindkiller” quote btw!

Hmm well to be honest… I think you have to have decent visualization skills first to do this “seeing” but… I’m not an expert so who knows. OK first thing is first: we can’t keep calling it “seeing” lol and it really isn’t just visualizing… so lets call it something else. Well it’s taking something directly from the brain and putting it straight into the mind model which is what I’ve been doing. Mindsight? Mind-sight? That’ll do.

Well its kinda complicated. Actually this might be impossible. When I’m doing things with my brain I kinda know what I’m doing but its sort of feeling… you understand me? I couldn’t really describe it exactly without shared dreaming (lol) but this is maybe the most basic form and probably slightly inaccurateL:

I assume you understand the concept of the “mind model” and I have also posted about it several times. Well, I take the mind model into full account during my dreaming phase. You see… what I am trying to do is make my mind model believe there is something being sent to it from the visual instruments… We use the mind model in RL and in the dream (hence the fact that we think dreams are real as they happen usually) and everything works the same. But I thought… the mind model is still created as if there are true objects around us during our dreams… except that there isn’t. Therefore our mind models aren’t only taking data from the eyes or at least not during the dream state. So if a dream can make my mind model witness sight which doesn’t exist then surely my mind model has the capability to do this during RL. My basic practice (in the crappest way I can describe it) is that I stop everything and examine my mind model’s functions. Understand. I sit and understand that everything around me is not really witnessed by me but my senses and given to my mind model to create a virtual version of which I then live through. I then stand and think carefully about how I am touching something and seeing something but even tho I am not really (coz I’m in bed) my mind model still exists in that way… I remember this feeling I have then and I understand that I can do anything with the model.

When I am awake I cannot actually do this mind-sight without stopping and doing the same thing. And I don’t know exactly how I do it… maybe I have good power over how my mind operates or maybe its total willpower… But I cause my mind model to witness something that the eyes are not actually sending. It’s perfect now so I’m going to try practicing with other senses as I don’t see why they should be different!

ANYWAY… sorry I babbled but I seriously can’t explain that there is a lot more to this… I can kind of “feel” what my mind is doing when I’m dreaming and I use that a lot as well. I interpret where the messages are going!"

Thought I should make it into a post. Sure JaRoD wouldn’t mind! If he does then I’ll take it down!


Pedro: if you are serious about this, contact some science people… you can make them understand more about our brains… im serious about this… you are amazing

I’m wondering how you see things. When you use mind-sight do you blend the thing you see with things IRL so you can see for example a person standing in a otherwise empty room. You would only have to use mind-sight to see the person and you get the room from IRL.

Or is it more like only seeing something in you mind? Sort of like imagining things and you have to see everything with mind-sight. You have to use mind-sight to see both the person and the room.

I hope you know what I mean :smile:

No no no I’m seeing everything the same way as usual! The if you visualise you start to see something else over the top… lets say a ball. But coz ur only visualising its crap… and it takes lots of concentration. Well what I’m doing is much more stable, it appears to me that it is really there. But I know it’s not. Does that help?

Ok thanks, now I understand :content:

I’ll practice and see if I can see anything :tongue:

Pedro, would you mind if I tried to ask you to teach me this while I’m dreaming? It’s worth a shot… well, except that I want to meditate lucid but I never remember to despite MILD, but… I bet if I really wanted to I could.

I’ve been working a bit on visualization and I notice that there is a place where the visualization exists, and it is seperate than real life… it exists insde your mind, and if your mind wanders at all it disappears, when it disappears, you go back to “real life” and if you try, you can sort of conjur the object back up.

and it’s like, there is a huge barrier, between the two places, and you can, almost, maybe, just barely, get a “phantom” of what you are seeing to sort of inch onto your eyelids, but it’s different than seeing… than dreaming…

often times this stuff makes me sort of lose consciousness, and that is when I REALLY see… and sometimes it will still be there when I “wake up” but…

I don’t know, it involves me screwing around with that which I cannot consciously perceive, I have to just… feel these memories and try and somehow piece together what it is I’m doing, when I am not even “me”.

I dont’ know how to put it but I think that there is a filter to keep things inside your mind, but if you can hold an image steady in your mind, that you can REALLY see it IN YOUR MIND, like it were a dream, or a movie, if you could hold it sitll for like 20-30 seconds in full detail, you might be able to, in a few tries, persuade it into your conscious line of sight in real life.

But the barrier is kind of like a sleep barrier, it’s like you are in a different mind while looking, and coming back unfocuses you and sort of disorients you, to try and keep you from being both inside your mind and in the real world at the same time, to keep you from transferring the images onto reality.

Or something. The barrier is there with good reason, you wouldn’t want to become schizophrenic, but it should be a lot easier to voluntarily turn off once in a while than it is for me…

hmm… i dunno if this made any sense… i’m kind of just freeform thinking here.

i’m goin to quote tool now.

shrouding all the ground around me
is this a holy crow above me
black as holes within a memory
blue as our new second sun
i stick my hand into the shadows
pull the pieces from the sand
which i attempt to reassemble
see just who i might have been

that’s what i feel like when I try to analyze what happens when I lose consciousness, and try to remember what it “feels like” to be “unconscious” it is a feeling, but it is only perceivable, usually, as a memory.

I’m barely awake and I’m not really here… So i will reply properly 2moro but I’d just like to say I love Tool. I’m a guitarist so obviously I love the guitarist but Maynard is a god… brill lyrics. And if you are wantin some lyrics that might relate to dreaming you should check out Maynard’s side project: A Perfect Cirlce. Amazing, really.

yeah i like APC, but they pale in comparison to Tool, and damn them for cancelling their Tulsa show… at least I saw them 2 times before that… I fail to see how his lyrics relate to dreaming minus Vanishing and a Stranger maybe.