Dream control excercises!

:content: hey everybody, sandwich here, thinking out loud about many people (including me) that are having problems with dream control, but have gotten past the first step; having LD’s.

A lot of people say that once they get an LD, they have troubles either doing the things they want, going where they want, conjuring up objects, or have troubles waking up after they realise they’re dreaming.

What about thinking of dream control as something that will improve with practice? Instead of wanting everything to go absolutely your way in an LD right away, and getting frustrated when it doesnt, why not do some simple excercises and build up your skill first!

From what I’ve read on the forums so far, these simple excercises should aid in LD practice. I’ve spent entire LD’s working on one of these aspects, and I can tell you I’ve only had positive results so far. It may seem a waste, but you’ll truly benefit in the long run. :wink:

Keeping the dream alive:

  • Remain calm
  • Rubbing hands together
  • Focus on objects in detail
  • Focus on the senses you feel at the moment
  • Spinning :tongue: (thx Zero)
  • Various reality checks

Practicing abilities:

  • Use the force on various objects, levitating and manipulating them, starting with small objects and moving on to ones of bigger size. - Try levitating first, then floating around, then move on to flying.
  • Try teleporting a a few feet, then a few yards, then into a nearby room, and keep increasing distance

Controlling the environment:

  • Try to make things appear out of thin air, starting with simple objects like a bouncy ball and moving up to more complex. (for a good start, try cupping hands together and expecting a small object to be there when you open them up)
  • Find a mirror and try to change various parts of your appearance (very fun/funny)
  • Controlling the time on a clock
  • Controlling the time of day
  • Finding doors, and expecting something specific to be in the room when you enter it then move onto two objects, then three, etc. until you can predict/create the entire layout

The winning formula here seems to be starting small then moving onto something bigger as you GRADUALLY master control over your mind. Feel free to add to this list or improve on it.

Remember, frustration is your enemy. Sometimes slow and steady wins the race, don’t try to rush things, take them step by step, and practice :wink:

In the only lucid dream I had, I expected something to happen, and it would immediately. You just have to have confidence that you control the dream.

that sounds like a great idea, i usually have problems in controlling dreams once im there, i will try this one tonight thanks for the post chris :cool:

btw when you say start small then go big do you mean all in one dream? or do you spend a whole dream, doing small, then the next one bigger? thanks

Well, either way would work fine, I personally spend the whole dream starting from small and going to big, it seems to work fine for me, as long as you master the smaller step then you’re allowed to move onto the next one.

Great post HaM_SaNdWiCh, congrats!
What you’re saying is certainly gonna help some peeps, to add something Id just say that spinning seems to be more efficient for some peeps rather than rubbing hands; so everybody has to find HIS technique :wink:

I added your suggestion to the list, Zero!

And you dont have to practice things that you can already do fine - for instance, I can fly just fine in my LD’s, but have trouble conjuring objects, so I would spend my time practicing that instead of flying.

Hi HaM_SaNdWiCh! :smile:

That’s a great post and it may be very helpful for beginners! :happy:

From my experience, I have the feeling that there are two different problems about keeping the dream alive:

  • losing lucidity
  • dream fading

Losing lucidity may be overcame by repeating an action in LD’s, for instance performing a RC or staring at hands from time to time.

When dream fades and you lose vision, the main techniques are rubbing your hands, trying to touch something or spinning.

Another common problem is having a low lucidity level. Then you can’t remember your dream objectives for instance. The main techniques are shouting “More lucidity!” or something like that or performing a RC.

A less common problem is having a blurry vision or being in a very few realistic dream. You can shout “More clarity!”

In a general way, the most useful techniques are looking at your hands or rubbing them, which can be used in many purposes and shouting commands.

I never thought about doings gradual. I’ve had trouble flying, but I think it’s because I start so big. I’ll try to be more patient next time. Spinning also has worked for me very well in the past. I also need to work on keeping the dream from fading, I’ll definitely take these tips to good use.