'Dream Journal' Software

I want to build a software for ld4all.com , to record ur dreams in an XML Database.

What I want from u guys is ideas for the program, what do u expect from such a program.

ex : an entry in the database should have a date, if it’s ND or LD … if it’s LD Lucidity Level.
An archive to show u how many NDs in a specific month, how many LDs … etc etc …

Tell me if u know such software as Dream Journals, I can get inspired from those :razz:

C ya

I can help, but I don’t think there’s a demand.

Oh, ok .
Tell me a good software then :razz:
I want one for my personal use also :smile:

I wanted to make such a program, but my demands were too big for my skills, so now I just use MS Excel… Because I wanted it to allow to save any parameters you can think out, of different types, like dream themes, and levels of awareness, vividness, color, sound, or logic, realism, and sleep position, and some special skills… With the possibility to make statistic from all this. I don’t think no one else needs this, so it was an absolutely useless idea, and unrealizable in addition.

Ok, it was just an ideea … You might be right, ilana :smile:

offtopic : What country are you from ??

Double offtopic: from no country.
But if I have to write my address somewhere, I must say I am from Moldova.

Maybe, I will return to that program some day. But not this year, that’s for sure.

ilana salut mah eu is din Romania :smile: Hai ca ma duc la culcare

:hmmm: …Noapte buna! :smile:
But if everyone here spoke Romanian, we wouldn’t have claimed independence :tongue:

i would like an online dream journal software thingy, that would be cool.

Me too, that program would be awesome.

You think? Better than the forums?

I might make.

you can get inspired from Alchera software:

$40.00 for a dream journal!

Holy monkey! I think i’ll just stick with the pencil and paper.

Im too poor to but that.

it should be able to function like you can type in a key theme and then it will bring up a list of all those dreams you have entered that contain those themes.

I know I would like something like that in making my own personal dream database… but no techo skills to make such magic.

well, if someone was to make something like that, it’d help to include:

  • A title
  • The date
  • What type of dream it was (Not just ND or LD, but their subtypes as well).
  • How much lucidity you had (if any)
  • How long it lasted
  • A score you’d rate it
  • How vivid it was
  • Any key words
  • The DC’s in it (that you can remember)
  • The main theme/s
  • A big section for you to write the dream in

(not neccesarily in that order…)

Sorry I gaved up on that Ideea … cause I found

where I have my dream journal already :smile: and I’m satisfied with it

ok so I got upset , haven’t sleep at all tonight and decided to build the program afterall. So when I’ll come out with a beta version … I’ll post one here and you guys will tell me what is wrong and what do you want changed in the program etc etc

For example, I think of it as being a windows program, but also with the possibility to post dreams online, in a database so everybody could see them. Why windows program and not directly a web page ? Well because I love windows programs / programing :happy:

I’m thinking the program will have 4 big Sections in a button bar ( Outlook like buttonbar )

  • Dream Journal , where u can see ur dreams, add, edit, delete, ur signs, interpretation for those signs etc etc etc . A cool subsection for this would be “Stats” where, graphically it shows, by months or years how many dreams are there, how many are lucid etc (of course, in the online part of this project there will be Top 10 Dreamers, Top 10 Lucid Dreamers etc, based on this stats )

  • World of Dreams a section which includes a webbrowser ( it shows a browser window within the application ) and I want it to direct this to ld4all … subsections like : Sleeping, dreaming, Lucid Dreams etc etc

  • Settings ( color themes , password etc etc )

  • About ( links to a site, check for updates, Report a bug etc )

So what do u think ? More Sections ? Less Sections ? Suggestions for the name of the program for the colors ? I want to build it from scratch directly with ur feedback, so u guys can be a big part of it :smile:

Something like that

Ok , I took Sureal’s (Bob’s :razz: ) suggestions for when adding a dream and I got something like that . I especially Liked his “Rating” and “Dream Characters” ideeas. So what do u think, what should I cut, what should I add ?

  • Do not make unstandard interfaces. Granted, it might look nice, but it causes problems for screenreaders, colourblind, those with limited vision (who have set their display to larger fonts) etc. Besides, it’s distracting. (Imagine waking up with a dream memory slipping and looking at the pretty colours.)
  • Make the text box larger. Make sure that when changing the window height and width the box widens accordingly.
  • Remove the bottom text “Dream Journal Software”. It’s not useful.
  • You will probably want to change the interface based on a side menu, since it’s pretty nonstandard. (Only Outlook uses it, and hey, who uses Outlook nowadays? It’s all Hotmail, gmail or a program which doesn’t let scripts be run from emails.)

I’m sorry to dissapoint you but I admire that Outlook like bar, because it’s very intuitive, come on … I have built several apps like that and no one complained. They even said it’s better than a toolbar with just icons on it. I won’t take that off and also I like the colours … I don’t think it would be distracting. U are right with that text “Dream Journal Software” I took it off … What should I put there ? THe textbox for the dream content doesn’t need to be bigger, because if the dreamer ( aka user ) types in a text larger than it, it automatically brings on a vertical scroll bar.