Dream mapping

I think it could be interesting to map my dreams , does anybody do that ? do you know some software to do that ? :confused:
(sorry for my english :bored: )

Hi. I don’t know of anyone who has mapped dreams nor do I know of any software that would do it. But then I’m kind of unclear on what you mean by mapping. Are you talking about using something like an atlas and plotting out places you’ve dreamed about or do you mean to create an entirely new map of your dream worlds and experiences? Either would make an interesting dreaming project.

the second proposition , I read something really interesting about this attrape-songes.com/reves-luc … e-onirique. It is in French :tongue:

I don’t read French, but I believe to know what you’re getting at. I don’t have any software for it, but a few years back I’ve mentioned if not attempted to map out my dream world.
Cant remember if it was IRC or on the forum where I talked about it believe Wyvern was there though…
Believe there are some individuals who may have mapped out some parts of their dream world at least. WritersCube is the main person that comes to mind at the moment

That is amazing. I never ever would have thought to do something like that. I use direction a lot when telling dreams and a dream map could come in handy trying to refind my way back to places. I hope there is software out there, this is something I’d definitely try.

I also got to wondering, would different categories of dreams have different maps, normal dreams vs lucid dreams. Or would the purpose be to map all dreams so that when lucid or in another dream state, we use what we recall of the dream map to consciously find our way around?

I think it is better to do only one map. I try to start one without software ( paper and pencil) :smile:
I focus on the place and how i travel from one place to another.
And it could help me to be lucid, because i spend more time thinking of my dreams and because i want to see some part of the place that i have not seen yet, and i need to be lucid to do that. And it could help me because if i see something which is on my map , i will be more likely to recognize the place and to understand that it is a dream.

There were LC60® participants who drew maps for dream art points.

This is still encouraged during LC61, so you might wish to check the challenges (linked).