Dream Pets

/me is just wondering who has dream pets.

I got horse from a previous dream into an LD, It’s now my pet horse :smile: It’s a white horse like shadowfax from LOTR.

If you haven’t got a pet maybe you should, they can follow you around in your LD and help you out. Like reminding you that you are lucid.

(I’m confused about mine) A blue jay.

There is a small blue catfish that turns up now and then in my dreams, but that can hardly be called a pet. It sounds like a good idea, Inch! Now I want a LD so I can get a pet! :cool:

hehe, I have a little orange frog with a blue jacket :grin:

Oooh, sounds like a good idea. That will be my next project. I want a snake or a white fluffy cat. :smile:

My (dead) dog has appeared in some of my LD-s (and in many ND-s), so i have talked to him few times in LD-s and he has given me at least 2 times some deep philosophical ideas. I don’t consider him (yet) as my dream guide, but he appears to be very smart in my dreams anyway :wink:

Very interesting idea! I’ll have to try this out! :cool:

i once had a bear named Steve the Bear…

I’d use him for trying to fight out demons and such…

I had a LD last night, where I saw a black kitten which would be my pet later! It was too young now, but I hope it will turn up again later. :cool:

I stroked a super-fluffy cat in my first LD last night…

Good idea using it as a pet - I’ll work on that! :happy:

This is unreal… you people have pets that appear in each and every of your LD’s??? Are you concioussly aware that this being is by your side (or even there) at all times?

Like anything else in LDs you will them to appear or call them and they should come. I had just thought of the idea when I posted. The first time I tried it I whisled and my horse was there straight away. A couple of LDs ago I called for my horse but she didn’t come.

I don’t have much success with making things appear in LDs.

just thought i would share something interesting. My last 2 lucid dreams, which have been in the last 3 nights have been oridanary,except it seems I have taken on a Lucid pet… sounds a little strange but 2 lucid dreams ago i was walking along in a forest when a hawk came by and landed on my shoulder and ever since then, every lucid dream I have had hes there with me jsut sitting on my shoulder. Its pretty cool actaully this pet of mine who for some reason is a hawk is highly intellegent. For example I can ask him to preform tasks like bring peopel into my dream, and basically anything that I want to happen in my dream that I cant do, he can do. Anyone eles have this sort of pet? if do plz share.

Maybe he’s your spirit guide?

I think that’s a cool idea. I’d love to have someone with me in my dreams. Maybe a dog or a wolf. That’d be so sweet! :mrgreen:

i merged “lucid pets” into this one.

Nope definatly not my spirit guide still looking for that one

I’ve never had a dream or LD where there is one pet and only one. I can’t even recall having a pet. I’ve seen a golden retriever not too long ago.

But what I can’t get rid of and they will NEVER be called “pets” in my life time are those damned disgusting spiders.

makes me cringe just typing the word.

I once read somewhere that spiders are supposed to represent money and wealth (don’t ask me why) - so maybe it’s a good thing!

Or just creepy things that show up and scare you. :razz: