Dream realated objects, symbols, gods, artefacts and more...

Hello all,

i tried to search the forum but couldn’t find anything releavent to what i am looking for. Either it hasn’t been discussed yet or i din’t use the right keywords :smile:

I am lookings for anything and everything that might be related to dreams in the waking(??) world. Like Indians DreamCatchers, amethyst crystal, colors that are supposed to help dream. And other exemple i collected some pictures of the breastplate of the Sphynx wich tell about the dream on of the pharaoh had about cleaning the sphynx from all that sand.

I don’t have time now but i’ll post what i have collected so far it’ll show you more what a mean and look for.

So maybe people could either help me in finding the right keywords to look for such things here or on the web. I am not that lazy that i what people to do the work for me! :wink:

Or post what you have or know.

The final idea is to gather loads of stuff to make a collection and make a theme for my bedroom and for the fun of it!

Read you all soon,

I just found Dream Catchers FAQ & How To Make Them and Dream “Guatemalan Worry Dolls”

/me wonders if anyone else can find hidden treasures :smile: