Dream Recall help???

I’ve been having trouble LDing, but I just started recently. I understand now that keeping a dream journal / dream recall is the most important first step. And I am just now realizing that I can’t recall dreams as well as I thought. Any suggestions on how to recall dreams cause I can’t seem to remember much in the morning. Thanx.

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I have that problem too. I only remember fragments of dreams a few times per week. :help:

I don’t know if I am telling you anything you don’t know, but from my experience, WBTB helps a lot. I woke up at 4:00 last night but stayed in bed and was only awake for a few minutes, and in the morning I didn’t remember any dreams. But when I actually get out of bed and do something for about a half hour I can recall better in the morning. Also, when you wake up, immediately write down everything you can remember, even if it is just fragments, and throughout your day you might start remembering more and more. Don’t get out of bed right away in the morning, though. Try to let the dreams come to you. After practicing for a while, you’ll probably get better naturally.

But I work, and that’ll get me tired if I do that everynight. Don’t you think? Or is that a must so that u can recall dreams?

I wouldn’t say that it is a must, it does seem to help me but if it won’t work out for you then I do not know what to tell you, sorry.

There is a sticky "Remembering Dreams " topic in this section.
I find you need to lie still for a while when you first wake up and try to capture any fragments of dream and then slowly capture more of the dream. If you wake in the night, it’s important that you write down the main parts of any dreams that you remember otherwise you will probably forget them by the morning.
Good Luck. :wiske:

Thanks Mike716 and Moogle for helping another forum member :wink:
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I still find my coffee smell testing very very good for remembering dreams.


Thanx… I checked it out, and it’s pretty helpful. I gotta start somewhere I guess.

I know it’s nasty to post such an impersonal reply, but you may find this resource useful: https://wikibooks.org/wiki/LD_Dream_Recall. If you have anything to add to the page, go to the “lucid dreaming guide” sticky in the Lucid Lounge forum.