Dream Reentry Technique

I dont know if you people here at ld4all have heard of this tech but its gotta be one of the best ones Ive ever used and it worked for me the first time i tried it as well. I will give you the simplified version, but the long version is lost at Dreamviews somewhere…
Dream Reentry Technique:
(originally posted by Ev, formerly of Dreamviews)

Have you ever been lucid in a dream, only to have that dream fade and enter a state of semi-waking semi-sleeping? It appears as a black void of nothingness, like blacker than the back of your eyelids black.
This is believed to be a period of non-dreaming between dreams, or just a dream of nothing…
To harness this void and use the technique, you must first go lucid in a dream, using whatever technique for that that you want. If the dream appears to be fading, concentrate on staying asleep and not waking up. You should enter the state i described above, named the void. All you have to do once you achieve this state is think about the last scene of the dream you were just in and tell yourself that you want to reenter it. (this is almost identical to a MILD but its also like a WILD in some ways…)
You should see flashing lights and dream images appear. Just relax and soon you will be in the exact dream you were in before, and if not, one that looks almost identical, meaning you will instantly go lucid since you remember having the same dream only a little bit before. This technique can be reused every time the dream fades.
I have used this technique several times and it almost always works. Using it a few times in a row will help achieve even greater lucidity and a longer dream each time.

Hopefully this is the first time you guys have heard of this technique
(cause i dont wanna repeat already well known info)
and, if not oh well… im just sharing what i know.
I will most likely be staying at this forum if nothing is done about Dreamviews so expect to read my posts a bit.

Hi Dragon(dv) welcome!

Thats very well written!
I know that tech but iam also a lucid dreamer for 20 years. iam sure many and then i mean many ppl here havent heared or experimented with that yet.
I have experimented with that a few times and with good succes.
But most often i use the void for selhypnosis to enter a deep trance stage, witch i just love to :smile:

Pretty Avatar you have Dragon!


Thanks for sharing your experience.

I know of this technique as well but, as jeff said there are most likely many who have not. I don’t think this has been talked about for some time. Thanks for bringing it up again I am sure it will help many of our members.

Happy Dreaming

Neat Idea dragon. i’ll have to try that when I enter the void for the first time.

jeff, mind elaborating on the trance state?

I give all credit to Ev of the currently deceased Dreamviews… I only tested her tech, i didnt make it.

A few times I’ve woken up. I started repeating MILD-style “I will reenter my dream” and as soon as I felt “in” enough I started to move around. Soon I was back in and rubbing my hands. :smile:

Nathan roy i can stay lucid in all sleep levels.
i mix za zen meditation , selfhypnosis and my own trance breathing as one totall tech. from that tech i have observed there are 2 voids!

One small dark void (beginners will call that black to) between waking and dreaming.
Alpha waves rule there.
And one big black void that is under rem sleep and is the deep sleep itself.
Delta waves rule there.
I had my own eeg machine 4 ten years to record it.

when iam in both voids i often do my selfhypnosis trance.
And go then to a deep trance level often deep sleep and stay lucid there.
So i use it as an elevator to travel to deeper sleep stages.

in my lds i use selfhypnosis to for controling them.
Works great!

maybe you want more detail, then tell so.

You seem to have quite a bit of experience Jeff.
I’m interested in more details, too. How often do you meditate?
How would you ‘sink deeper’ once you’re in the void? Do you use a certain technique or do you just sort of “do it” as if you knew exactly what to do without knowing it intellectually?

I wish I read this before the visit to the black void last night. I guess it was the alpha void, because i could easily wake myself up from it.

Yep, that’s a very neat technique if you can have a good (and not very deep) sleep.

The other day I found myself in a void. That was by far the most clear “void” experience I’ve ever had. There was no need to escape or do anything (as I l was placed in a void by a DC to save me from something) I was mentally lucid and decided to explore it…
There was a distinct feeling of entering the void… kinda like passing through energy/force field.

Surprisingly I had no arms or body - just a point of view. There was a dark bluish glow in front of me and I focused on it for a while… nothing happened… I couldnt do anything and decided to enter a dream again

Then I decided to reenter a dream, and a cool thing happened - I turned back and saw the “end” of the void… kinda like it was bordering a room…

I moved towards it and entered a dream this way…

Wow… I know this topic havn’t been read for a while but i just wanted to share my experience about dream reentry… :grin:

This is for me the most efficient technique to have multiple LDs, i do it almost everytime i have one, and i garantee a 100% affectiveness… It always work. :smile:

When i feel i’m about to wake up, i just try not to panic and “prepare” myself not to move, then i can feel myself in the bed. I count to keep lucidity, and just let it all go, usually afetr only a few seconds i’m back in the dream… sometimes it gives weird experiences and a lot of FA, but if you practice RCs with it it is very efficient… There is a lot of examples in my dream diary for the ones who are interested… :tongue:

The dream reentry method is really easy (when it works :tongue: ). I’ve had my only WILD experience with it. I just wonder if it could work when you go out from a normal dream. The only time I’ve tried, it was from a lucid dream.