Dream Signs Question.

I have a list of common dream signs (Schools, water, co-workers, celebrities, forest) These thing occur in my dreams all the time. Yet, I have had 2 lucid dreams and neither were triggered by these signs. I seem to over look them in my dreams and RC them in real life.

What triggered my RC in the LD’s was; 1st I looked in the mirror and my face didn’t look right & 2nd I was trying to “will” things to change and realized that I can’t do that in real life.

The dream signs I have chosen, are they the right type of things? Or am I choosing things that are too “normal”?

Good question. :wink:
I’ve made a similar comment in another thread. Some dreamsigns are very common in my dreams, but they don’t trigger lucidity. Other dreamsigns are rare, but they very often trigger lucidity. What to do then ?

First, to have a look at these two different topics…

It seems that effective dreamsigns (I mean DS’s which trigger lucidity almost automatically) are somewhat similar. It’s often something which is related to focusing attention, like flying (I have to concentrate), looking in a mirror, be chased, fighting, etc.
It’s my opinion, I’m perhaps wrong.

I’m under the impression that, in order to transform a non-effective DS in an effective one, a specific effort has to be done. Perhaps you could try the Laberge’s method (described in MILD) : you remember a recent dream, visualize it and when you meet a DS, imagine that it triggers lucidity (“Waw ! I’m dreaming!”) and imagine that you make a RC and do what you planed to do.