Dream Time

I was thinking, does time still take place in dreams? Could i have a dream and live a dream life for say what feels like 5 years then wake up and have it only be 7 hours?

I believe that time still flows at a normal rate during dreams, but I’ve heard on the internet of people claiming to have had dreams that seem to last for days or even years. I’ve always wanted to try a verbal command like “Stop time now!” in my dreams, but I haven’t had a lucid dream for some time now.

Yes, I started a thread about this ages ago. There was a guy that claimed to have an OBE that lasted 2 hours in real life but to him it lasted 100 years. I think it was Robert Bruce or something like that.

Of course its not actually time changing in any way, its simply our perception of time that changes, which is quite understandable since when we’re asleep our brains obviously aren’t working like normal.

Stephen LaBerge has actually done a study to show than unless otherwise intended, dream time flows like normal time.
A subject, once lucid, would make a left to right eye movement, count to 10, and then make more eye movements. The time it took to do that was compared with an actuall reading of 10 seconds from a clock. It was found that dream time passes very closely to acual time.
But there is a thing called time distortion. Remember that time is reletive to each person. There are excersises you can do with clocks or metronomes to actually slow down your preception of time, and I have heard more than one story of this happening in dreams. If it is ypour intention, I beleive you could make dream time flow faster than real time, making your dream last for days, while it only actually lasts as long as your REM cycle, allowing you to get more out of your LD’s.

I read about that same experiment, very thought provoking and revolutionary. Didn’t it also mention dreams use the same techniques as movies ect. to make it seem like more time has passed than actually has?

yea it did, i think it was in EWLD btw. They said how alot of times you’ll like fade out and then it will be the next day

If you emerse yourself in your task at hand whatever it may be, LD or in RL time seems to move faster… The less you think about time the more it adapts to your perception of it… Persay Your at work and your are constantly thinking about what your going to do when you get out of work your day will move by very slowly. Counter to that you go about your workday with only the thought of the job you are working on time will flow by like nothing… Kinda funny how when you spend your time in the present it moves faster than if you are constantly planning for the future

Like Einstein said, “Time is relative.”

From what I can actually remember of my dreams, they don’t seem to last very long at all and perhaps due to an untrained memory I can only remember certain images or happenings with dream characters…short but sweet. :neutral:

My dreams are kind of lengthly, but because they jump from scene to scene, they always seem quick as the go by.

lol dont bother it dont work :smile:

i tryed it all it did was stop my dream time but the real world time went on.

How do i know i could still fell myself breathing and i i stoped time i would b frozen.

oh and a small note. if u did stop time and u woke up would it start again or would you b the only 1 unfrozen and u could only un freez it when u got 2 sleep, but u couldnt cause u didnt get tired cause no time went by. wouldnt that be sad

that would be awesome. I guess more expirimenting needs to be done.

Yeah, there was this guy, and I think I read this in EWLD. But he went to sleep one night and somehow time slowed down in his dreams. He lived like five years in his dream life, he had a wife, and a daughter, and he even went to sleep in his own lucid dreams, and when he woke up he realized he was dreaming again and just continued on with his life. But then one day he actually woke up and it was the next morning in RL. I think I posted this somewhere else before … anyway. I think slowing down time in your dreams is definitely a possiblility, because your not slowing down time in RL, your doing it in your own head. I mean, in dreams you can control all other dimensions, why not time? I think it’s definitely worth testing, and don’t give up on it because it doesn’t work for other people.

Ok, I´ll also try an approach:

Time is movement.If nothing moves, time stands still.If you cool down the universe to 0 Kelvin, there will be no time anymore.
I think you could perhaps do that in your dreams, just stopping the time.But you wouldn´t even take notice, since you can´t percept time while there is no time.
So, what we need is not to stop time, we got to slow it down.But we don´t want to slow down our dream time, we want to slow down the external time, and a way to do this would be to fasten dream time.
Faster movement means faster time.
I don´t think that our brain is fully used in RL.So, perhaps it can work faster than we think.
It it could store perceptions twice as fast, you could double your dream time.
Just make everything in your dreams happen with double speed, percept it like it was normal speed, and you are able to dream twice as long.
We don´t know much about the brain, perhaps it isn´t only able to double it´s speed, but to 6 times faster or something.Imagine how long such a dream would be…

Even more interesting this whole thing gets if you don´t think that your brain is actually the one who is percepting reality, but something else, call it mind or whatever.Perhaps your mind could pick up things in unlimited speed, that would mean that you can have an eternal dream.

I am already wondering how many logical mistakes you guys will point out to me :wink:


Couldn’t find it on EWLD… and for 5 years? BS. I believe it’s possible to make it last for day or 2 but for years? Maybe those dreams where you spend “years” you see your dream go past in scenes.
It would be funny tho, to wake up now and realize it was year 1999 etc. and continue with it :content:

Thats how they thought he dreamed that long. The illusion of such a long time was given in the same way movies work. You go to bed, a few seconds pass and its morning, or even next week. You accept without realizing that a few days or hours have past, although they really havent.

I’ve been wondering this myself. I mean RMonroe goes off in the ‘There’ where time doesn’t exist, yet he is still urged to come back for uhm bathroom calls. I guess what is meant by no time is a place where all time takes place in the present, and relative to realtime, time still passes while there. :bored:

btw what happened to Robert Bruce’s astralpulse.com/ ? If I’m not mistaken about the address it seems to have just gone down…

lol yea great a dream that lasts a few years and lets hope it is lucid, but can you think about how long it would take to right down?!?!?!?!? lol

a site or somthing ?
if it is can u give me the adress please

Time and Space is not conditions in which we live, but modes in which we thing - Albert Einstein

Why the eyemovementthing “prove” that time moves the same in waking life as in dream is because you adjust to the same wavelength.

People talk about that you think 1 year has passed because events happends fast and your out of focus somehow.
That you experience one sequence like beening in usa and then you move to spain, even tho this took 10sec you still think that it took 2days.

This may be true for the brain when you have been dreaming this and wakeup and the brain tries to makeup a logic explainination.

But hey, i dont thing you move away from focus and then end up in spain and believe that 2days have passed.
When you are Lucid you are more in the moment.
You know Exactly what happends around you, you are more focused.
If you would end up in spain in 10sec you would know that it cant take that short time.

I can agree that you can experience 3hours as 8hours.
That can be a accepted.
But thinking that 100years experience would be missunderstood by the dreamer is strange.

Lucid Experiences is not an experience where you are not in the moment.
If you would be off then you would move into a dream and suddenly wakeup in the dream again getting lucid and saying “hey w8 a minute,damit fell asleep”
You are more aware.

This REM check is funny, its an amazing test, because it prooves that you can communicate with the “waking” world.
But it doesnt proove that the timesync is the same both in the “waking” world and the Dream world.
It only provves that communication is functional.

But i think its only a sync.
Its like meeting up with a friend and adjusting your clocks so you can do the same stuff at the same time.
I think you as a dreamer sync with your waking body movements when you communicate with it.

Here is a dream i had as a kid (i think i was 6 or 7) :

I was dreaming some dream about doing stuff with my friends, then i moved away taking my bike.
When i was riding my bike in an alley i thought that i wanted to do stop and check where i was (i was not lucid).
Then i wokeup.
The next day i fell asleep and i suddenly ended up at the same place where the last dream ended, i instantly got lucid, i knew that it was a dream because i remembered the dream before.
This made me jump up in the air and i was flying.
A very nice feeling indeed.
I moved down to a hill because i saw some black tubes in the hillside, it must have been like 40 or .
I moved closer to one of those and bend my head down to look into one of them.
When i put my eye to it i suddenly opened my left eye in my “Waking” body, looking around the room totally paralyzed. It was fun to look around my room like a spy, then i moved my head away from the hill and i was back in the dream again.

Thats my version of REM stuff ;D