Dreaming and Moon Calendar?

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a topic around like this, I just can’t find it again, so sorry for the spam. :hide:

Anyway, I know the particular kin on each day has a certain “energy,” but does the calendar usually influence dreams as well? A couple times in the past week I’d write down my dreams in my DJ, then log on here to see the very thing I dreamt about in the top right corner!

Example: I’ve dreamt about serpents on “Red Cosmic Serpent” day and I dreamt about an eagle last night. (Blue Planetary Eagle)


Hiya Hunaynay.

I like your examples with the Eagle dreaming on the Eagle day. I’ve had some experiences like that too.

I’ve been mapping my dream diary to the daily energy for a number of years now, and tend to believe that if the energies are affecting my day, they should also be affecting my dreaming.

I feel that the level to which the energy is reflected in my dreams, is in some way associated with the amount of attention I give to the daily energy. I guess that’s like anything. If you study marketing, you are of course going to become more aware of colours/design schemes in the world around you, and how they are used to associate a particular quality with a company or product.

Personally, whenever I go to sleep, I always draw the glyph for the energy of the next day (ie. Yellow Rhythmic Seed). This is my way of tuning in. Along with noting the daily energy, I write an intention for the night’s dreaming, “Give me an idea for the presentation I need to make for school”, etc.

I see the energy of the day, as offering an extra-level of dream meaning. As well as paying attention to the content of the subsequent dream, I will be on the lookout for associations with the energy of the day.

Rhythmic is about balance - what is this dream saying about how I can bring balance to my life?

Yellow Seed is about flowering - what is the dream saying about my targets and goals, and how I am progressing towards them?

Please feel free to share any dreams that you feel were particularly attuned to the daily energy. It might make for an interesting ongoing investigation…


Yeah, I think I’ll start an online DJ just for this purpose. (Considering this has happened twice since I last posted) It’s extra interesting because I don’t even look at the glyph until I wake up.