Dreaming during full anesthetic

Don’t know if this thread has been done before, but…

Just a thought popped to mind when I was reading up on some stories about WILD technique.
Have you ever had full-body anesthetic? You know when you have to go to the hospital and operate and u have to be under for like 2 hours?

I can remember twice I had to be asleep for tonsil operations when I was like 5 and once when I was 12. Just that the experience BEFORE losing consciousness was very much like what you would get when using WILD technique. Hypnawhatsit images plus a buzzing feeling or ringing sound. Just the few seconds before I was knocked out I could hear ‘beautiful harp music’ .
3 seconds later and it was dark, 5 seconds after that I woke up and 2 hours had past.

The first time I had to do this, I remember having a really weird and frightening dream during anesthetic. Which I think could have also been a mix between my eyes being half open or something. Because I saw an image of a man in doctors coat. but he had a huge bright spotlight as a face. Then he shoved a huge frying pan through my mouth. (could have been one of those surgical scalpels)
Which reminded me of something I have recently seen on TV, about people who get full body anesthetic, yet not enough to knock them out. They actually wake up in a half-dreaming state and see what is going on to their bodies when they are under the knife. Some also have had traumatic experiences where they felt and saw everything, but could not warn the surgeons.

Anyway. So my 2 questions are:
Have u ever had dreams while having full anesthetic,
and before nodding off have u had a forced WILD moment. :content:

I have not had a full anesthetic and I dont know what you mean by forced WILD moment.

However I think that you shouldn’t try WILD before boing under the knife cuz if you force yourself awake you may have to stay up through the half the porcedure or something. Just a thought. Don’t think it is likely to ever happen.

Yep. :content: Not a very solid and rewarding LD, in fact I didn’t have a dream body and I could see very little, but I was aware it was a dream almost from the beginning.

I’ve been under anesthsia for dental surgery (cavity filling, I was young, so the dentist had problems controlling me with just nitrous oxide), while I don’t remember it that well I don’t think I had any WILD moments in it beyond the usual dizzyness from it all. It was kinda funny though.

Dentist: “Here, drink this. It’s like Kool-Aid!”
Me: drinks
M: “Ugh, that doesn’t taste like kool-aid at all!”
Lead into dentists’ office
D: Ok, which toy do you want when you’re done?
M: points at the rack of tows
M: crawls out of the lobby, into the car (yes, on all fours. I can only imagine what everyone else was thinking, lmao)
M: looks around, sees the interstate
M: “Hey mom, I have to go to the dentist today, remember?”

I heard something pretty scarry about how anestia works…
While you are under you actually feel the operation going on, cuts, and all, but you just dont remmber it when you come out.

Have you ever had an operation Kavaa? Your post could terrify someone who is due to have an operation.

This can’t be true for most dental work since it is possible to remember dreams that took place during them.
In hospital operations, time just jumps from when you go under to when you come around, so there is nothing to fear.

Well, they do ask you to count from 20 backwards.
No issue to put in an “I´m dreaming” between these :razz:

But no, i can´t remember really.
I only had a full anesthetic once and i was very small.
Only remember before and after but nothing else.

That is total BS! From my Biological knowledge and personal drug related experience, these things are built not only to render you unconcious but also very effectively inhibit the pain reception.
While your primary nevers might still “feel” a thing (think sending electric impulses, they are not relayed and thus never reach your brain (“You feel”).
Its the same why you don´t remember anything, the part of your brain that would record stuff are simply dissconnected and can´t relay any information.
Its simple neurochemical processes inhibited.

I would hope its not true, because now if I ever do need one, Ill be excpecting to feel it.

ell it won’t matter if you are expecting to feel it or not, you will not feel it. I can speak from experience, I have had several OP’s with full anesthetic. It doesn’t really matter how the anesthetic works, you do not have any pain.
I know a doctor, who says that during a full anesthetic, you can’t feel anything. You can’t even dream because the anesthetic turns off too much of your brain. They only keep the parts awake that are needed to keep you alive, that they don’t do for you. For instance, they can even turn your heart off if they want, then they just have to pump your blood for you. That or only turn it off for a very short time. They do that for some heart operations.
So don’t worry. The doctors do have an idea of what they are doing.

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