Dreamless for a long time need help with dream recall..

I used to have fair dream recall, one or two dreams… its been 6 months since i havent had a dream… i started taking melatonin and b6 the other day, but still nothing, going to keep at that, but seriously… anyone got any good tips that will help with my recall… 6 months, and im really getting frustrated…
Also does anyone know a good way to just get to sleep im a cronic toss and turn-er, and im really getting tired of lack of sleep.

When you awake, are you awoken suddenly? By like a loud noise or an alarm? It seems that whenever I wake up against my will, I can’t remember my dreams that night. Which is probably one of the reasons I have crappy recall during school. Now that I’m on break, I just sleep in without an alarm and wake up naturally. This way I have great recall. Also, the natural method seems to result in more lucid dreams for me. I just set a mental timer before I go sleep. I drowsily half awake during mid sleep and then I can fall asleep and enter a lucid dream.

This topic has been locked, there is a topic centered around recalling dreams, “the BIG remembering dreams topic part V” and there is also a discussion about how to deal with insomnia called, “Insomnia - Can’t sleep! Part II:dragon: